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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 05


Chapter 05
Acute Pain and Sensations Royal

Chapter 14 Total

Nahualpilli confirmation of a character to be interesting from several points of view. Thanks to him, has been an official entrance on the scene a new category of armor, Nahual (for more details read the notes in the chapter). His sudden attack seems to surprise Cardia, but Skinner has poorly thought to be able to put to compete with the Golden Knight in a race of sadism. Sasha intervenes to protect the integrity of Cardia, but only then discover the true intentions of the Scorpion in the meantime began to suffer from the Fang ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 04


Chapter 04
The Skinner

Chapter 13 Total

Huesuda plans seem to go as long, but among the ranks of the Jaguars there are those who do not like to wait, the Skinner. The Priest of the Sun then directs him to Cardia, who, meanwhile, is trying to recover and explains his situation to Sasha and Calbera ..

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