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Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 18


Chapter 18


Sigurde warns the two knights, because now that he wore his armor, the battle will not last long. While Shiryu does not move an inch, Sigurd prepares again his shot, which still amazes with Shura of his power, but the gold is also known that a shot does not work twice against a knight.
Unexpectedly, however, the dozens of blades launched Sigurd, begin to turn in a swirling on themselves, becoming faster and more lethal and making it difficult to determine their trajectory. Under the astonished eyes of Shura, the blades should be scored against Shiryu disappearing amid the rubble. Now Sigurd is ready to eliminate the other opponent, but Shura stops him; not yet his turn.
Meanwhile, Yoshino remained in the city, complaining of how Shura has disappeared suddenly and thanking Dr. Shun to be there in his place. Shun replied that it was the same Shura to ask him to be her escort in his absence, and that as a saint never rests. Yoshino praises him as a representative of justice, but Shun replies that any human being who is committed to someone is a representative of justice as much as him, while having no power.
Returned to the battlefield, Sigurd is surprised to revise Shiryu again stand before him, protected by a new, shining armor; the armor of Libra!
Shura is always safer qualities of the man who sits in front of the Golden Knight of Libra!

Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 14


Chapter 14



In the district Chukagai, Yokohama's Chinatown, a male scolds a monstrous snake, wondering if the "Faceless" are still reliable after failing twice. But the monster does not accept criticism and claims to take the matter personally.
Also in the neighborhood, Yoshino Shura asks why they came to that place with Shura that ignores the question talking about food and the fact that the girl will go soon to live with Aiolia. But Yoshino insists so Shura explains that wants to meet a male, a man who also owns a sacred sword ...
In the District, the monster spreads his poison gas to fulfill its task when a man planted himself in front of declaring that he had come to meet a person. The monster reacts by attacking with its poisonous tail, while from afar, Shura perceives move the cosmos of the man who came to meet.
He congratulated the monster that has within it the power of a Dragon, but he also has the same power if not more, and destroy the monster with his Rozan Shoryu Ha!
Such is Shiryu the Dragon, the other owner of Excalibur!

Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 13


Chapter 13



Yoshino is appalled at being in front of the strange girl who claims to have long looked for. The girl again confirms this and adds that Yoshino is special; is a valuable treasure for the winner of the competition between gladiators.
Yoshino still does not understand, but the girl, still saying he had traveled to many worlds to his research, recalls his armor in the form of sword which then make up on her body, then appearing as Alice, herself a gladiator.
Alice tries to take away Yoshino coveting the prize itself, but someone intervenes; Aiolia is, come to the rescue of Yoshino!
The rider takes Yoshino before it disappears into the vortex created by Alice and then hit it with a quick Lightning Bolt!
Alice disappears into thin air, making Aiolia to understand that she was a gladiator and that Yoshino should be in some way special for them.
As she thanks him for saving her, Aiolia asks her to move in with him, so that it can protect dignity by gladiators.

Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 12


Chapter 12



Orlando, seriously injured, is still standing after the coup Shura, while the knight lies unconscious. Orlando congratulated him for being able to wound him up to that point but in the end the victory was his. Decided to honor the opponent, Orlando draws his swords black to finish it, but lightning destroys them all; Aiolia is, come to the rescue of Comrade!
Orlando, amazed by his strength, is preparing to face it though does not like to face opponents without swords, but Aiolia stops him, saying that it is not yet time to deal with it, because Orlando is injured and not able to use the maximum of its forces, having also lost the use of his right eye. If you have to clash, will be at the limit of their capabilities.
Orlando is the kid very arrogant, but accepts the invitation, leaving a message for Shura declaring that he was very honored in facing a duel so hard.
While Aiolia recalls a still unconscious Shura that he is in debt, Yoshino called to inform her of the incident.
Yoshino, lagged behind, urges him to get back in fearful to be alone and, in fact, a strange hare the speaker appears before inviting her to drink tea. Besides she also appears a blonde girl who claims to have crossed ages and sizes to its research.
While Yoshino wonders if she is a sword fighter, you realize it already known in the past; who will?

Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 9


Chapter 9

Orlando Furioso


Shura, observing the transformation of Orlando, recalls the legend of the character; paladin of Charlemagne, had superhuman strength and a solid body like a diamond, a poem narrated his amazing feats, the Orlando Furioso!
Orlando, loaded the shot on the now deformed right arm, throws his Holy Sword Embodiment!
Shura is still stunned by the power of the black sword, but senses the trajectory, thinking of being able to avoid it. Suddenly, however, the sword trajectory changes, dividing into several parts, hitting the knight without hesitation.
Further, Aiolia observes anxious trends of the struggle, to inform the authorities that the duel has moved within the city of Kyoto, wondering if they can truly protect all the inhabitants.
Yoshino is concerned about all these enemies with swords sacred, because Aiolia told that only one in possession of such a weapon can deal with them, so she is worried that Shura has to do everything himself. But Aiolia replies that the sanctuary is another rider in possession of a sacred sword ...
That moved in the city of Kyoto, Orlando compliments Capricorn, the first man who ever managed to avoid his sword.
But Shura, emerging from the rubble, replies that he was not able. Durlindana a sword is really amazing and it is impossible for him to read the trajectory, but despite this, he un'asso sleeve. Orlando challenges him to use it, with Shura disappeared from his sight before he could strike.
A surprised Orlando, Shura, reappeared, he explains, because Golden Knight, is Enlarged to move at the speed of light, thanks to which you can anticipate the blows of his sword.
The clash has just begun!

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 7


Chapter 7

Lama Indestructible


At the entrance of the temple, Yoshino is surprised that people, instead of entering, is coming out of great vigor, wondering what happened. Aiolia, however, has already figured out, having felt a cosmos burn suddenly and warns the authorities to create a security perimeter.
Meanwhile, to the temple, Orlando attacks with his Drawn Sword, a terrible blow that destroys everything around him. Shura is surprised by the strength of the shot, feeling all the blood and the power contained in the sword of the gladiator.
Orlando goes on to say that the shot was just a greeting and that from now on he would seriously to launch their sacred battle to enact the strongest swordsman. But Shura replies saying that the search for greater strength is worth nothing without a higher purpose. Words thrown back from Orlando to the search for greater force is just what most sacred there is. That said, attracts tens of swords of light, coming together in the Holy Sword Tower blow that knocks down all that is around him!
Shura is ousted on until the Golden Pavilion to seven kilometers away, surprised by the strength and speed of the attack.
Orlando is quick to reach complimenting be managed to avoid the attack and, on his arrival, found the Capricorn with finally wearing his armor. The real battle can begin!

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 6


Chapter 6

The Sacred Land

Lancelot speaks with a man, describing his clash with Capricorn, he still calls his King Arthur. The man does not comment except that he can not wait to face it, declaring it to be himself a gladiator. Lancelot proposes therefore to face a duel at the time, but the man, see, more interested in this knight whose comments curious meaning of the name Shura; warrior god.
At Kyoto Station, Aiolia accompanies Yoshino who does not want to leave alone as an objective of the Faceless. Yoshino accepts it, but does not understand why they had to come to Kyoto. Aiolia responds that Shura sent him a message telling him to go there, Yoshino who is surprised that the Saint you should send phone messages like normal people.
Meanwhile Shura is to Kiyomizu-dera, the sacred ground of Kyoto, with Kokuto, annoyed by having to travel by train in a cage like an animal any.
Shura is approached by a man who recognizes it as a tourist. Man offers to show him around, speaking of the history of the place; built 1200 years ago, the place was originally a burial place, where many people have died in more until it becomes sacred ground, just like the 12 Houses of Athens ...
Shura, alarmed by that last statement, intimate man to show up, realizing it is another gladiator. Kokuto confirms him, reminding him that it is for him who went to Kyoto. Shura congratulates the man to be able to hide his aura, but could not even conceal his gaze, the gaze of a murderess.
The man smiles at that, because the man in front of him broke many lives with his blade, a blade of tainted blood as his Durlindana, the blade indestructible.
Kokuto understand who it is, a knight of the European myth once in the service of Charlemagne, holding a sword imbued with four sacred relics that make it indestructible.
He confirms the words of the owl wearing their armor and presenting himself as the knight Orlando, ready to begin their duel!

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