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Canvas Lost Season 2 - Character Song Album


Character Song Album
Lost Canvas - Season 2

We propose a special Audio CD released with the second season of Lost Canvas OVA in which there are songs dedicated to some of the characters performed by their voice. The archive contains the full Track List and cover everything in HQ!

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 223


Chapter 223
The Future Begins

Spend the right words to give greeting to this manga is not an easy task. Probably the best way is to let you enjoy the chapter .. bearing in mind that this for the Lost Canvas is just a goodbye.

Thanks for everything Shiori Teshirogi, all of us fans are indebted to you. ;)

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 217


Chapter 217
In Feet

Yato bravely continues to spur Tenma, fell into a deep lethargy of spirit because of the blows of the words of Aaron and the people of the Lost Canvas.

When Aaron wants to do away with the Bronze Saint is Yuzuriha along with other veterans and to stop inciting the young to continue Unicorn. Their desire is to live, do not believe in salvation offered by the death and returned to fight for their choice.

The deadly power of Aaron starts to hit them, but their voice reaches that Tenma is finally able to get to his feet.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 216


Chapter 216

Aaron has caused a terrible wound that Tenma asks that the spirits of the Lost Canvas have sought to defend the one who is the cause of their condition. When Aaron tries to complete the old canvas on their children, Sasha is blocked by the same spirits that grasp and Tenma together to make their voices heard. Theirs is an appeal to the Knight of Pegasus that he should stop fighting against Aaron, that they see as a benefactor because they're actually saving them from the suffering they are forced to suffer from both living and dead.

But thanks to the Ship of Hope, the survivors of the army in place of Athena come to their aid: they have disobeyed the will of Sasha because they could not turn our backs on the plight of their comrade.

E 'Yato same that tries to resume Tenma, before being interrupted by Aaron. The young Knight of the Unicorn is all his courage to ask ourselves who is the guardian of Hades and accused him of not knowing Tenma, as he will rise again. But Aaron is well aware of this character and want to end it ..

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 215


Chapter 215

Aaron and Tenma are ready to do the final blow: the first is certain that the outcome will be the end of the world or its own end, the second is sure to be able to save both humanity and the soul of his friend. The Knight of Pegasus concentrates in his own hand all his will, giving rise to a new technique, the Pegasus Suiseiken Kiseki that seems to be overwhelmed by Aaron.

From Ship of Hope, Cait Sith, Yato Yuzuriha and feel the amazing puissance of the cosmos of the contenders. The Knights, who have not followed the counsel of Sasha, can not but be moved by the deeds of their fellow Pegasus. Yato is pleased that the cosmos stubborn and protective Tenma has not changed despite the desperate situation.

But there is a twist! The Suiseiken Kiseki is stopped by Lost Canvas himself who stands as a protector of Aaron, approving and encouraging its creator. Aaron, refreshed, with his sword gives what seems like the final blow to Pegasus, announcing the conclusion of the battle. With the blood of Tenma is about to complete the Lost Canvas, which will mark the end of the world.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 205


Chapter 205
The Sortie of Athena

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Lost Canvas - Chapter 205


Lost Canvas: Chapter 205 - Spoiler

Cheshire, led by Athena in areas near the entrance of Lost Canvas, fears that the goddess wants him out. Sasha reassures him, saying that he decided to go to that point of the fortress to free his comrades. In fact, from the sea of ​​clouds, reappears the Ark of Hope, carrying the Army of the Sanctuary still in a state of petrification. The goddess says in Cheshire that his warriors had violated the law imposed by Aaron as a condition of entering into his fortress, or abandon the feelings of the past. Yato, Yuzuriha and the others are let themselves be swayed by the voices of their loved ones, and turned his eyes back, they became stone. However, strong Armor of God and its newfound powers, Sasha is finally able to break the curse. His universe enfolds the whole boat, and with a single touch, can depietrificare Yato and all the others. Happy to see his goddess wearing the sacred armor, Yato encourages his classmates to lead the decisive attack against Aaron, Sasha brakes immediately but his enthusiasm, asking everyone to leave and return to their peaceful lives. Unicorn is believed that the goddess of all of them feel weak, but simply says that Athena has already asked too much to them and want to continue only with Tenma, the only one with her, can hinder the ambitions and plans of Hades. At Sasha's enough to know that his beloved army is safe and continues to live peacefully on Earth. Meanwhile, Shion continues to climb to the Temples of evil and lies on the path that leads to the palace of Neptune. Misled by the fog, is not aware of the presence of Yoma. The specter Aries calls out of the way and not ruin his plans for the holy war, but to defend Sihon Tenma that comes with wearing the divine armor of Pegasus, has decided to close the deal with Mephisto parent.

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