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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dohko: Chapter 04


Chapter 04
Sad Eyes of Feiyan

Chapter 49 Total

After winning Mudan, joins the fight the same Bai Ze. The strength of Feiyan is devastating because of the power removed from the White Dragon and put a strain on the heart of Dohko ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dohko: Chapter 03


Chapter 03
Mudan Sparrow

Chapter 48 Total

Hui defeated and conquered the trust of Liu Xing, Dohko is firmly decided to break in Jing Xian Taonia to free from the tyranny of Bai Ze. But on the way the two intractable foes not ended: Mudan Sparrow, in order to please his brother Feiyan, is willing to do anything to stop them ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dohko: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
Hui Nine Tails Fox

Chapter 47 Total

Liu Xing is not willing to change his opinion on Dohko, until it reaches a mission to Bai Hui Ze. Anxious to redeem himself with the Fierce Tiger shows its improvements that have led him to reach the highest spiritual level of the Fox, the Fox with Nine Tails of being started from Wild Fox. But not only that, Hui was also able to wear the Robe Ink, called Tattoo, and can not wait to confront Dohko donning the armor of Libra ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dohko: Chapter 01


Chapter 01
The Xian Jing

Chapter 46 Total

Years have passed since Dohko he returned to China, but has not yet become accustomed to its new condition. His times have become longer, are now marked only by the visits of his friend Hao. But soon have to prepare to receive guests less friendly, even coming from Jing Xian, World Fairy Dohko that himself considers his second home. Even more amazing when you hit the Knight of Libra will see the features of their ringleader, Liu Xing-..

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