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Aspros Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 1


Chapter 1



Chapter 71 total

A boat approaching a ship at sea, on board there are two people, a frightened girl and her servant, directed towards those who can help them.

On the ship, in fact, is waiting for Aspros, Golden Knight of the Twins, who immediately offers them the rest. For the mouth of the servant, Aspros learns that the young man named Chris Walden, youngest of the family Walden climb to the nobility because of their enormous wealth. The problems for the family were born when the older brother Chris has disappeared as a result of this, the sister Ursula has changed eventually seek help from the forces of evil; spectra of Hades! Thanks to them has murdered his father and tried the same thing with the younger sister, in order to take possession of the assets of the family. The young man managed to escape and is now asking for protection to the sanctuary by his sister.

Aspros heard everything calmly, but is not satisfied, the young Chris, in fact, he never opened his mouth, and Aspros has decided not to fight for her until she is just ask her.

His answer, however, is stopped by a boom, one of the soldiers of the ship called Aspros because of nothing came out of a pirate ship, the ship that is attacking them.

The pirates are driven by Ursula in person, which sends her in search of her sister. Pirates collide with so aspiring riders on the ship, who are defeated and drained of energy. Aspros, just Came To, defeat them quickly, noting that the pirates are able to absorb energy by the touch of the hand. Determined to learn more, climb aboard the pirate ship, face to face with Ursula Walden.

Ursula admired the strength of the gold, so as to offer him a place among her, but refuses Aspros, is not for sale for very little money, and urges her to show her demon. Ursula smiles, even more eager to have him, announcing that Airheart Vampire star in the sky has already lived there.

At that moment, you feel Aspros grab the back on the neck, feeling the energy drain. Surprised, recognizes the specter that, admiring the strength, he asks politely if he can step aside in the family dispute. But Aspros there is, will have many flaws, but always brings out a mission, and so saying he opens the Another Dimension in an attempt to get rid of the specter. Airheart compliments again for his power, but he will not be defeated so easily. Suddenly, a cross appears in the sky, tearing the dark dimension of Aspros, then release slashes of light directed to the ship, with the rider that is thrown towards it trying desperately to save the occupants.

Returned to the pirate ship, Ursula laughs for easy passing of the rider. But Airheart warns, because a knight of gold can not be defeated so easily. Ursula did not listen to him, reminding him of their pact that will help you to grab the legacy of Walden and not only that.

Meanwhile, on the shore, Aspros managed to escape, taking with him the young Chris. And while you sincere in his condition, Aspros discovers her secret; the girl is dumb!

Lost Canvas: Chapter 204


Chapter 204
However in Side

After witnessing the desperate act by Rhadamanthys last chapter, the scene moves to Cait Sith and Sasha. The friendly specter of Cheshire, after getting caught by doubts and he swore on Yoma, resolves to take advantage of the situation and kill Athena who is unconscious and without his powers. But at that time the effects of the destruction of the framework of Aaron they show: Sasha recovers his divine powers, along with his full head of hair. At this point, the chapter returns to look back at the lab, where we find that Pandora confesses to what remains of Rhadamanthys his feelings. Aaron, however, is not going to forgive what was done by his former General and wants to give him eternal damnation, nor does it show any scruples when Pandora is willing to share their fate. Before the shot is thrown, the Wyvern, with the last spasm of life, is opposed to the attack and pushes Pandora to save the woman's life as well as being important for the Army of Hell, was personally dear to the Spectre. Pandora, revived after the glow of the shots on Earth, it is discouraged to be left alone again but in the name of sacrifice and zeal of Rhadamanthys want to trust that he will come back to see the colors of the world.

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Lost Canvas - Chapter 203


Lost Canvas: Chapter 203 - Spoiler

Aaron welcomes the unwavering determination of Rhadamanthys, who arrived in time to save Pandora from the attack of the boy. The reincarnation of Hades known as the specter of even private heart of the divine powers and then, try to equally hinder it. Admitting that the obstinacy of Rhadamanthys is equal to his own sadness, Aaron draws a cross on the painting of his subject and, instantly, the body already tried the Giant iIfernale is sliced ​​in two parts. Despite everything, Rhadamanthys claims his only reason for living, that serve the god of the Underworld and, in this case, delete Aaron, an impostor who plays with the powers of Hades. Pandora please the specter of abandoning the fight, while Aaron, while impressed by the fervor of the enemy, does not have any fear. Rejecting a loud voice, Salvation to which the artist claims to be the bearer, the Wyvern says it will fight again in the next Holy War as a Spectre of Hades, then launch a desperate attack which, surprisingly, is facing the painting with which they were sealed the powers of Athena.

Lost Canvas: Chapter 201


Chapter 201
Someone to Look

Last exchange between Rhadamanthys and Regulus. The Wyvern congratulates the young lion to the firm as soon as accomplished, finally succeeded thanks to the hit that had first learned from his father. Regulus, before leaving his temporary form, finds similarities between himself and the Divine Dragon: both distracted by a wrong connection, both eager to find those who seek it. Moments later comes Shion learns that the events and mourns the death of his young comrade. But there's no time for her pain: Rhadamanthys seems to be still alive! But instead of engaging in battle with Aries, flies away saying he wanted to find those who are looking for all my life. Meanwhile Pandora is about to reach Aaron ..

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 198


Chapter 198 - Far

Chapter masterpiece of Shiori Teshirogi that in these twenty pages, with six of the splash screen, probably produces qualitatively higher moments of the entire epic saintseiyana. The opening is entrusted to Aaron who introduces us to the eternal dispute between man and God, between the finite and infinite. In the clash between Regulus and Rhadamanthys, from his laboratory, he sees the romantic recur challenge of man to the divine, as was the Tower of Babel, as it is for science substitute for the faith.

Perfect the two contenders for this historic appeal: the Wyvern is like a god in the blood of Hades; Leo is the human genius that strives to exceed their limits.

Given the failure of his previous attacks, Regulus is ready to use what he calls extreme technique, the 'Athena Exclamation, even if alone. Improvising a pose to complete the Technical Trina, manages to throw the shot against Rhadamanthys, but they can defend it and, while recognizing the merits of the opponent, says that is not enough for the power of a god and gives him proof with a terrible attack. Regulus start to believe that it is impossible for a man to defy a god, frustrated to be powerless in the face to those who have vowed to kill for so many years. But it still does not want to give up, is convinced he can push your limits beyond what has already been done and invokes the entire zodiac to assist him.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 197


Chapter 197
New Star

Rhadamanthys mocks Ilias for wanting to fight despite his physique was tested to the limit because of illness and Ilias says, picking up the speech in Rasgado, that his star was already dead and therefore not in a position to shine. At the sight of his son rushed to him he realizes that Regulus is the star created by the turning off of her. Rhadamanthys, however, is not going to stop even if he has in front of helpless father and son, but Ilias, reassured by his epiphany, he explains that the Order of the Wyvern Celeste decrees that Regulus will continue to live. The specter is ready to challenge the words of Ilias trying to gore with the Lion and his son, but Ilias with his valedictory attack breaks the horn that was supposed to pierce Regulus, ran away, and off a forest fire. The reasons for Ilias damage Rhadamanthys think that seems to give up the mission. After the recall, Regulus tells Rhadamanthys that he had prepared for this clash constantly reliving that day and that, even if the Wyvern had now transcended the human condition, it still would have passed.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 194


Chapter 194
The Memory of Leo

Rhadamanthys tries to prove to Regulus, being a man, will never exceed the power of God instilled in him by Hades and attacked him with the Greeding Roar. But the young lion, while bruised, he survived and is ready to emulate the technique just observed. The Wyvern sees in him the face of a man who had already met and is hit by the blow of Regulus who takes away his helmet, breaking a horn. The man in question is in Leo Ilias, who in the past had caused the breakup of the helmet of the Wyvern Surplice. Regulus Rhadamanthys accused of being the cause of the death of Ilias, his father.

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