Chapter 210
The curtain falls

Kairos seems to underestimate the intention of Aspros to use the rosary to neutralize it, but it's still smarting from the Genromaoken suffered and wants to punish the Spectre of Gemini with Real Marvellous, disregarding the role of men in the stage of life comparable to that of puppets prey to the whims of the gods. Aspros however, reduced very badly in the physical, yet not yield the will to carry out his intentions. Responds in kind to Kairos claiming the absolute value of the uniqueness of human life, which was not to be despised by him condemned to live countless lives as a man. Therefore opens the Way of the Gods, and, with the help of the Rosary, compels the soul sealed Kairos to rejoin the body of the host star Maleficent Mephistopheles: his plan is the specter of falling in Superdimensione to capture the soul a grain of the Rosary. And so, after countless lives waiting for the right opportunity for revenge on his brother Khronos happened in this era thanks to the Star of Mephistopheles, just because of this cycle of life and death to which he was sentenced Kairos is broken, will remain jailed at least until . The last thoughts of Yoma, marked the last chimes of a clock, go to a game, the one that made ​​him forget his revenge, the woman who had loved him at the bottom.

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