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Lost Canvas: Chapter 205


Chapter 205
The Sortie of Athena

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Lost Canvas - Chapter 205


Lost Canvas: Chapter 205 - Spoiler

Cheshire, led by Athena in areas near the entrance to the Lost Canvas, fears that the goddess wants to kill him. Sasha reassures him, saying that he decided to go at that point fortress to free his companions. In fact, from the sea of ​​clouds, reappears the Ark of Hope, carrying the Army of the shrine still in a state of petrification. The goddess explains in Cheshire that his warriors had violated the law imposed by Aaron as a condition for entering his fortress, ie abandon the feelings of the past. Yato, Yuzuriha and the others are let themselves be swayed by the voices of their loved ones and, gaze turned back, they became stone. However, strong Armor of God and its newfound powers, Sasha is finally able to break the curse. Its cosmos envelops the entire boat and, with a single touch, can depietrificare Yato and all the others. Happy to see his goddess wearing the sacred armor, Yato encourages his teammates to lead the decisive attack against Aaron, but Sasha brakes immediately his enthusiasm, asking everyone to leave and return to their peaceful lives. Unicorn believed that the goddess consider all of them weak, but Athena says he simply has too much to ask all of them and want to continue with only Tenma, the only one with her, can hinder the ambitions and plans of Hades. A Sasha just know that his beloved army is safe and continues to live peacefully on Earth. Meanwhile, Shion continues to climb to the Temples of evil and lies on the path that leads to the palace of Neptune. Deceived by the mist, is not aware of the presence of Yoma. The specter calls Aries out of the way and not to spoil his plans for the holy war, but to defend Sihon Tenma that comes with wearing the divine armor of Pegasus, is determined to settle the score with the Mephistopheles parent.

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