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Lost Canvas Gaiden Shion: Chapter 1


Chapter 1

Those who dream Aries


Chapter 75 total

In the darkness, the gold cloth of Aries breaks up composing him to Shion, but something happens and the guy is hit by something dark.
Yuzuriha and Tokusa awaken Shion, concerned about the companion heard him cry out in his sleep. Shion, who has already done this nightmare, reassures companions walked away, leaving the two brothers only to wonder what's going on, with Yuzuriha assuming that everything depends on the armor of Aries which, for some reason, the master Hakurei continues to refuse.
Outside, Shion to calm down a bit ', he trains with psychokinesis moving rocks, feeling ready to become a knight, when someone is complimenting his strength; is Manigoldo of Cancer, now in Jamir by order of the Priest Sage.
Shion, coming in contact with his armor, sees the fight against Greedy Black Altar, sensing for what came to Jamir. Villain is surprised by the ability of the boy and confirmed that one of its missions is to report to the Hakurei battle against the Knights Blacks.
The tower, Manigoldo ends their relationship to Hakurei, handing down an order of Sage to his brother, his second mission.
Sage Hakurei order to confer the gold of Aries Shion in order to complete the ranks of gold in sight of the holy war, but Hakurei opposes, believing the student unsuitable. To the grievances of Shion trying to reach the master, the silver altar intervenes in its protection by passing out Shion. Hakurei says a worried Manigoldo that Shion has the rare ability to see the memories and feelings of cloth, and it is just seeing the silver ones who fainted unable to bear his sad memories. E 'for this reason that Hakurei denies him the gold of Aries, to avoid an unfortunate fate that struck even his previous owner.
Shion, found, continues to plead his case, feeling ready to assume the role of a knight, Hakurei, irritated, hits him knocking him out of the tower.
The wise man does not want to give in and still affects the student under the concerns of Manigoldo. Even Shion, however, does not want to give in, and decided to go ahead even if it means breaking their relationship teacher / student shows him what he learned by observing the memories of the cloth.
Hakurei recognizes the laying of the boy; Stardust is the Revolution, the previous technique knight of Aries, that Shion spear against his master.
Hakurei revokes thanks to Sekishiki Meikai-Ha, which then uses against Shion and cut off the soul from the body. The timely intervention of Manigoldo resolve the situation, with the rider that the soul returns to the old Shion scolding for his excessive ways. But Hakurei replied that he was sure that the boy intervened and adds that his assent to the order of Sage. However, Hakurei reveals that his concern is not diminished, because the cloth of Aries conceals a curse, a curse that struck the former owner and his companion; Avenir Aries.
Later, Shion gleans on the shoulders of Manigoldo that is taking away from Jamir, revealing that his teacher has finally consented to the order of Sage. Shion turns wanting to thank and greet the teacher, seeing him in the distance on the tower seems to notice the shadow of a smile, so he too smiles, thanking him for the trust given to him.

Lost Canvas - Yuzuriha Gaiden released in Italian !!

Yuzuriha Gaiden

Yuzuriha Gaiden

Complying with the thirst for quality and quantity of the fans, the talented Shiori Teshirogi achieved a Lost Canvas Gaiden, dedicated to the character Yuzuriha Crane.

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