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Lost Canvas Anecdotes 02 - Cardia


Anecdotes 02: Cardia

They make me just laugh! The Vita has a deadline from the moment it starts. It applies to all men: there is no certainty in the future. E 'for this reason that I burn my life here and now, regardless of when it comes to its end!

Cardia on Living Fully

We propose Gaiden of the Cardia in tankōbon format, similar to the one released in Japan recently. In addition to the ability to read the chapters in a single volume, this edition provides an unprecedented Chapter Bonus and extra high quality, including the schema of the Nahual of Tezcatlipoca.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 09


Chapter 09
The Birth of A Goddess

Chapter 18 Total

This chapter concludes the second Gaiden, one dedicated to Cardia. The Shiori offered us a hatch sublime personality of Scorpio and the training of Sasha, mixing it with engaging battles that took place in exotic places from the gods. We can only thank you for this latest gem to be embedded in our memories.

Follows a fairly detailed summary of this final chapter, do not read it if you do not want to be spoiled.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 08


Chapter 08
Overcoming the apex

Chapter 17 Total

For Huesuda the heart of Cardia burns sufficiently, then, with extreme violence, leading to the presence of Tezcatlipoca. There he gave a demonstration of the enormous power that God is developing thanks to the warmth of Scorpio. Calbera however, still subject to the elderly, can not resist the tears of Cardia giving opportunity to redeem the fight and show the Priest of the Sun the true warmth that his heart can reach thanks to the technique of Katakaio, all while Sasha begins to take awareness of its responsibilities.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 07


Chapter 07
I have no more Cold

Chapter 16 Total

Huesuda Cardia explains its mission: the world is periodically destroyed and rebuilt so that the man himself is not the cause of an irretrievable disaster and since industrialization began in England is spreading around the world, the time has come to find destroy civilization and then restart it. Worn Nahual of Tezcatlipoca, engages in battle with the Scorpion to be able to absorb heat through the brand tlacotli. When Elder orders Nahualpilli skinning Sasha to ignite the maximum heart of Scorpio, he discovers that the young man had already been released from the blows of the Golden Knight that she thought were unsuccessful and that Nahualpilli was no longer willing to obey. .

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 04


Chapter 04
The Skinner

Chapter 13 Total

Plans Huesuda seem to go as long, but among the ranks of the Jaguars there are those who do not like to wait, the Skinner. The Priest of the Sun then directs him to Cardia, who, meanwhile, is trying to recover and explains his situation to Sasha and Calbera ..

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