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Next Dimension: Chapter 68


Chapter 68


The Emissaries

At the Seventh, Dohko rejects attacks Tenma and Shun, determined not to retrace his steps, but something else is going to bother him. At his house came, in fact, a snake, and the rider understands what it means; Suikyo fears have come true and he does not know what to do now!

Meanwhile, Ikki goes along with the Fifth Death Toll, still tangled up in a ball and enjoyed the stay in that state. Even in their way intrudes a snake, carelessly deleted from the Phoenix, under the fear of cancer, who knows what that being represented.

But Ikki does not care and is presented to Kaiser, the keeper of the Fifth House, scaring her lion Goldie.

At first, in the meantime, Shion feels that something is happening and, in fact, a snake is also present in front of him. He is an emissary of the Golden Knight Ophiuchus, about to return to take Athena's head and takes the help of Aries, which rejects with indignation. But the serpent insists, because the knight of Ophiuchus is a god as much as Athena and will stop at nothing!

Next Dimension: Chapter 66


Chapter 66


The horrible torture of Cancer!

Death Toll is unable to move, a thread of Cosmic Marionation Vermeer has remained attached to the neck, forcing him to vacate the court of the coffin in which he had locked up.

Vermeer, now free, is furious at the attempt of deception on the part of the rider and, determined to make him pay, tortures him with the Cosmic Marionation Change, torturing him in a deadly ballet where the limbs of the poor Cancer twist on themselves causing pain atrocious.

Meanwhile, the Seventh, Shun reveals the location from which to Dohko, who understands that is a companion to Shiryu, revealing the rider the arrival of his companions. But despite the scale you find in the right, does not intend to go back on his decision to betray Athena, so that Tenma decides to challenge him.

In the Mouth of Hades, Death Toll finds himself in a twisted tangle of limbs and bones revealing his secret. Vermeer mocks him in the door to discover that a wig (!) That the rider wants it back to die with dignity. But the judge did not want to give it to him and prepares to head to revolve 180 degrees as the last execution. But something is interfering in the technique of the Griffon, is a thread that does not respond to the court but to another individual it is Ikki of Phoenix, returned to the mouth of Hades in aid of the Golden Knight!

Celebrating 40 years of the career of Masami Kurumada


This month, the journal dell'Akita, Champion Red, have consumed the celebrations for the fortieth anniversary of his father's career of Saint Seiya. For the occasion, was launched a new manga "Kurumada Suikoden - Hero of Heroes" a crossover with the characters of the most famous works of manga, along with two special chapters of the spin-off the most famous, or Episode G and Lost Canvas, which there let's briefly summarize.

Lost Canvas

We are at a time prior to departure for the army Jamir, where Aiakos and his troops attacked the saint in defense of the Ship of Hope. Tenma rushes by Sasha, spurring it as soon as possible, but she lingers watching the sanctuary, wondering when you'll see him again. Understood this, Tenma slows down, looking at her and remembering all the past moments of childhood in which both fought for what they thought was right. And I'm ready to do it again, this time to save Aaron, whatever the cost!

Episode G

Lythos anxiously awaits the return home of the Fifth Aiolia, who has prepared a snack. The knight appears suddenly and asking where they can enjoy the other. The reason for this, and his absence is a mission that has just been assigned, must go to Japan to take care of some riders who rebelled at the Shrine ...

Next Dimension: Chapter 63


Chapter 63

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Deadly battle in the Underworld

Death Toll, annoyed by the presence of Ikki, because very busy, lets go surprise the phoenix. When asked about why he does Ikki pass so easily, Death Toll answers to be engaged and not recognize it as an enemy. Not wanting to be in debt to him, Ikki offers to help carry his coffin in Hades ...

Here the two lead many coffins, Cancer has prepared for the specter that many are trying to get after the disappearance of the barrier of Athena. In fact, some specter Death Toll attack them and imprisons them in his bare, soon helped by Ikki.

Meanwhile, the seventh, Tenma tries to reason with Dohko, which hits him violently refusing to give up the idea of ​​betrayal, as long as Shun not the para is from before.

Even Hades, Cancer would like to thank the Phoenix aid, continuing by saying that they will still need, because now it is the turn of the best troops of the underworld headed by one of their giant, Vermeer of the Griffon!

Next Dimension: Chapter 62


Chapter 62

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The standard of rebellion

Shun and Tenma reach the seventh house, where they find a Dohko in tears holding the corpse of Suikyo arms. Tenma while also mourning the death of his master, the surplice of Garuda abandons his body, so that, under instruction of Dohko, Tenma can dress him up with his real armor, the Cup!

At the castle of Hades, Vermeer and Pandora have the confirmation of the death of Suikyo with the arrival of the surplice of Garuda. Noting that Pandora orders Vermeer to attack the shrine with his troops. Meanwhile, the Seventh, Dohko claims to have perceived the feelings of his friend and he is ready to follow in his footsteps. Stripping himself of his armor, said to betray Athena and the sanctuary, because, as the armor of the scale shows, now the sanctuary is no longer in equilibrium on justice, but on the strength, therefore betray other riders.

Meanwhile, the Fourth, a new visitor comes to his guardian, is Phoenix Ikki!

Next Dimension: Volume 8


Being rolled out at home, we summarize here the chapters on the last volume of Next, remembering that in Italy has just released volume 5 edited by J Pop.


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Lost Canvas Season 2 - Character Song Album


Character Song Album
Lost Canvas - Season 2

We propose a special Audio CD released with the second season of Lost Canvas OVA where there are songs dedicated to some characters performed by their respective voice actors. The archive contains the full track list and cover everything in HQ!

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