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Shion Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 7


Chapter 7

The Vice


Chapter 81 total

Kairos, before the High Priest Shion, which stands in defense of the altar of Athena, mocks a mere human that nothing can against a god. But Shion moves him to put him to the test, creating a powerful Stardust Revolution!
Kairos is amazed by the force of the blow, not recognizing the priest the same boy who had faced a time, unable to hit him with his black blades. Shion, flashing armor, replies that it was not for fifteen years sitting on a throne, but has been enhanced to protect what was left.
In a flash explosion, Kairos manages to block the shot just a second before being hit with Shion who compliments for his temporal powers, adding that it will try to be faster with the second attack.
But Kairos malicious smiles, confirming that after all, he is not a man. Suddenly, the universe of Kairos swells, encompassing everything; Rewind is the World, the blow able to push back the time in the environment.
Teneo, at the foot of the shrine, seen disappear Offshore Athena and then gradually the 12 houses. Concerned about the priest, approaches to his students, but also disappear. Realizing that the cause is an attack of Kairos, Teneo rejuvenates increasingly to disappear, hoping that the High Priest to save them.
Kairos, amid the rubble, laughing, strutting his power, being able to do anything despite living a mortal body.
A voiceover, confirms his words; Shion is survived by a shot from teleporting to another dimension.
Kairos is amazed that he managed to do such a thing, wondering how he did it. Shion says she has seen in the memories of the armor of Gemini, where Aspros had moved their clash in the Another Dimension to cancel his temporal powers.
Kairos, again annoyed in remembering the knight of Gemini who had managed to imprison him, says that is not the limit of his power and, still puffing his cosmos, is finally able to hit with his Shion Rewind World.
Shion, hit, he finds the rooms of the priest, with his master Hakurei and Sage which make you enter. There Shion sees all his friends, knowing that it was they who put into his hands the future, the first of which Avenir that makes me go on.
Reassured by this sight, Shion Free Rewind World before it does regress to the fetal state and attacks from a distance with a powerful close Kairos Stardust Revolution!
Kairos, fatally shot, sees his jail time and destroyed the shrine back to its original state, but also has another vision that cheers him; the return of Athena and Tenma dressed in their armor of God.
Kairos is happy to see his son deicide and invited him to join him in attacking the Heavens, so to take revenge of the gods and, why not, to review the beloved game.
The two, however, not fiatano, but Athena raises his shield in the air and the light falls upon Kairos, uprooting his darkness forever.
Shion came, which includes the shield of Athena, able to destroy all evil, Kairos has permanently deleted, so that the Shrine is returned safely.
Reassured, reviewing Teneo and its safe and sound, Shion turns Altar, now again host the statue is Athena and with his feet on the armor of Pegasus, and thanks them hoping that now they are in a better place to rest in waiting for the new Holy War, and promising them that will prepare the shrine for their return!

Shion Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 6


Chapter 6

Those who resist


Chapter 80 total

Teneo, including the danger posed by the return of Yoma, is preparing to stop attacking, but Yoma easily avoids the attack mocking him.
Meanwhile, the five peaks, Dohko perceives something and informs telepathically Sion, in front of the chests of gold that are resonating. They understand it immediately; Tenma and Athena are returning to earth. Shion now understand why Kairos reappeared just then, thanks to the memories of the cloth has learned its history and informs Dohko of his wish to use the power of deicide Tenma to wage war to the gods.
Dohko, even more concerned, is about to reach it, but Shion stops him, reminding him of his duty to guard the 108 evil stars, assures him that he'll Yoma and defend the Sanctuary and the Earth.
Meanwhile, Teneo cashing shots Yoma, the boy understood the return of an old friend and she is horrified at the words of the father who does not understand his past sufferings. But Yoma laughs, saying that the human suffering are nothing more than a diversion for the deities. Now furious, Teneo attacks with rays of light, but Yoma avoids mocking even more. But the young knight of gold did not strike at random and has seven spheres of light, ready to strike. Yoma is amazed, especially since the attack is similar to the Stardust Revolution of Aries, and Teneo admits that he learned the round under the teachings of the priest. That said, throws the balls of light forming the Pleiades's Nova on Yoma, but para attack by stopping time.
The grin of god does not last long, because Teneo clobbering, this time with a Titan's Nova investing altogether Kairos.
Panting, Teneo observes the remains of his shot, trying to regain her composure after the anger resulted in knowing the nature of the evil god.
Under clouds of black blades, however, Kairos returns to the attack, blaming the boy's innocence and attacking all around him.
Teneo realizes Yoma aims to Renner and the other students, still stuck in time, and rushes to their defense getting the shot.
Kairos mocks him again, to be so easily fallen into the trap, but Teneo, still conscious, thinking of the losses incurred in the holy war, as the young Saro, reiterates that Tenma and others have entrusted the Sanctuary and he will not let you so easily !
Unfortunately, the blow was too hard, and the young knight stands still standing. Yoma praises his willpower and start thinking of using it for its own purposes lordandola with a drop of Darkness.
A sudden light, however, stopped the god saving the knight; Shion is that Teneo thanks for the work done and apologized for the delay.
Reassured the young Shion teleports Yoma altar of Athena, an orphan of his statue, to deal with it personally. Kairos, not at all intimidated, says that is a perfect stage for it to end. Shion, however, easily blocks the attack of the god, replicating that brought him there only to prepare the return of Tenma and Athena, those who judge him for his crimes!

Shion Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 5


Chapter 5



Chapter 79 total

The Stardust Revolution Shion defeats Kairos inside Pandora's Box. The force of the blow is visible outside and Manigoldo, including the incident, it involved taking the soul of Shion and linking it to his body that recovers quickly its age. Armor wearing, Shion looks have made it, but the portion of Kairos outside of the casket, determined not to let it go, it self-destructs.
Villain feared for their lives, but suddenly Kairos finds himself trapped in a wall of crystal, Crystal Wall! Shion stops so that it can no longer harm anyone.
Elsewhere, a picture of a tree says the death of his alter ego; Yoma is that vows to make him pay in Sion for standing in his way. And 'dangerous enemy of a god, especially one able to see the crossroads of the future and there are still many to use to get rid of the young ram.
Meanwhile, the country in which they are the three begins to disappear, failing the temporal power of Kairos, Yugo also begins to age rapidly worrying Shion that will not disappear. But Yugo reassures him, has always been their will die to be reunited with their former comrades, and after he made me promise that Shion would repair their armor, Yugo disappears thanking him one last time. Shion remained with the dust of his hand, he said that, although he has seen countless times in the memories of similar scenes cloth, really separate from a friend is truly painful. Manigoldo but stresses that, with the approach of the Holy War, must get used to such scenes, even though he knows to give a recipe to do it.
In Jamir, Hakurei perceives the disappearance of the cosmos of Avenir and the consequent release of the cloth, commenting that with Sage wonders if the knight has gathered to his comrades in the future. Sage says that it is precisely in the hope of what he had wanted to be buried in what was left of the ancient land of Mu, where he said there was even the technology for time travel.
Twenty years, and the 5 Peaks Dohko perceives break the seal of a star evil. Shocked that un'avvenimento similar happened in so few years after the war, immediately warned telepathically Shion of what happened, because the star is directed precisely to the Sanctuary. Shion receives the message and said to recognize the evil aura of the star.
At the second house, Teneo del Toro attends the fall of the star and heads straight to the training site of the knights. Here, he sees his students as stuck in time and the cause of everything; Kairos, the god of time!
Teneo is shocked to see him, knowing that God had been defeated by Aspros during the war, but Yoma not even want to hear the name of the one who imprisoned. He took years to rebuild his body destroyed nell'Iperdimensione, and even more to get free from Rosario but is now free, at the last crossroads of the future to carry out his plan of revenge against Chronos using his son Tenma. But when Teneo reminds him that Tenma perished in the Holy War, Yoma contradicts it; still perceives the cosmos of his son and will give birth to his plans!

Lost Canvas Gaiden Aldebaran: Anecdote 9


Just come out at home, here are the extras of the new volume of Gaiden dedicated to the sign of Taurus! Because of the large number of pages, however, is not this time present an extra chapter.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Aldebaran: Chapter 5


Chapter 5
Seeds are the Future

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Chapter 62 total

Rasgado raised the promise of Cor Tauri and, full of his desires, attacks with a terrible new technique, the Titan's Nova! Cor Tauri and the Giant are buried inside the volcano, with Enceladus who meditates revenge. Among the ruins, Rasgado has a vision of a flowery meadow: it is the soul of Cor Tauri who shows him the flowers that he has protected for generations and who entrusted him before rejoining to Europe. Rasgado accepts, deciding at that moment that he would live as a Giant Star, as the star Aldebaran!

Selinsa ends his story by saying that subsequently Rasgado had taken care of her and the other children, regretting, however, to his death in battle and fearing the same fate for Teneo.

The young bull is, in fact, first to Enceladus. Although the body of the Giant has been sealed, the coup failed to do the same with his spirit that, using the power dell'Ichor heart Cor Tauri, has built a new body with the remains of automata. Dell'Ichor decided to use the power of Zeus to free his body and become stronger, he faces the young bull tempestandolo of shots, in retaliation for the previous Knight who had sealed. Teneo is at the mercy of the enemy, failing to counter his incredible strength, but does not want to give up, even if it meant losing their lives. At that moment, the armor shows the spirit of Rasgado praising him and urges people to give their best. Reinforced by the spirit of the master, Teneo will charge forward with all the force at its disposal, managing to hit the giant and tear the heart of Cor Tauri and Ichor which had revived. Without it, Enceladus is lost and the victory of the young Knight.

At the sanctuary, Selinsa awaits the return of his friend, Shion joins giving the news of his victory. As she runs to welcome the friend, Shion says how Teneo has approached the strength of the teacher and, it is safe, able to match him certainly one day become a great knight.

Lost Canvas Gaiden Rasgado: Chapter 1


Chapter 1
The Star Giant Two Men


Chapter 58 total

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We see images of a volcano and a knight facing a giant: it is a dream. To do so is Teneo, which became the new Gold Saint Taurus! Six years have passed since the end of Holy War and Teneo, having attained the strength to get the armor, is engaged in the reconstruction of the shrine, feeling unfit armor that was his teacher. The people of Rodorio help in reconstruction and, at that time, we see a cart hosted by our other old acquaintances. At the wheel of the wagon, in fact, we see a grown Selinsa, who now takes care of orphans in the country, and at his side Agasha, the daughter of the florist, leading herbal medicines for the sanctuary. The girls are surprised by a landslide, but a knight comes to their rescue with protecting his Great Horn! Selinsa is happy and surprised to see Teneo wearing the armor of their old master, but the greetings are sent back, because the area is still in danger and they should leave.

Later, Shion, the new High Priest, convenes Teneo to entrust a mission. He, in fact, received a letter from the Pope informing him that the seal on Etna, which imprisons Typhon and his Giants, is weakening. Shion therefore decides to send Teneo on site. The boy, although scared of facing an opponent as powerful, agrees. The next day, before we left, he visits the grave of Rasgado, finding Selinsa that has been able to Shion of his mission. She begins to tell him that fourteen years ago, also Rasgado faced the same mission and she knew about it because I knew at that juncture. At the time, Selinsa lived on the island of Crete, protected by Cor Tauri, who Rasgado faced before visiting Sicily.

Lost Canvas: Chapter 223


Chapter 223
The Future Begins

Spending words to give proper greeting this manga is not easy. Probably the best way is to let you enjoy the chapter .. bearing in mind that this is only for the Lost Canvas goodbye.

Thanks for everything Shiori Teshirogi, all of us fans we owe you. ;)

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