Lost Canvas: Chapter 220 - Spoiler

Shion Hades remembers that he hates more than anything else in the sunlight, and the twelve constellations of the Gold Saints are placed on the ecliptic, ie the path made by the Sun in one year: the constellations realized that his and his companions are times oblivious bathed by the light, Aries Gold Cloth recalls the 10 missing. Sihon and Dhoko, aided by the energy of the other golden breastplates, start attacking the god playing a glow similar to that of the sun, but, although at first it seems that we have it made, moments after Hades says that the two alone will never be able to hurt him. Unexpectedly, the ten Gold Saint appear dead, ready to give the last contribution to win the Holy War: Sisiphos holding his bow while Zion, Doko, Albafika, Asmita, Aldebaran, Manigoldo, El Cid, Dégel, Cardia, Regulus and Aspros convey the essence of their cosmos on the tip of the arrow of gold. The twelve warriors are able to recreate the sunlight and overwhelm the God of the Underworld. The light is also awaken Tenma and Sasha, while Sisiphus Pegasus invites to never allow the light of hope is clouded by the darkness of evil.