Saint Seiya Ω

Episode 4
Son Hero! Ryuho against Kouga!

[英雄の息子! 龍峰対光牙!]
Eiyū no musuko! Ryuho tai Kouga!


Kouga would leave the Palaestra to go directly to the Sanctuary, but the meeting with Ryuho makes him change his mind. The young man, in poor health, is the son of Shiryu and current Knight of the Dragon. Fara 'everything to incite Kouga and help him master his element, will come even to challenge him in combat ..

NDT: Shot Kyoka Suigetsu [鏡 花 水月] ie "Flower in the Mirror, Moon in the Water" is a term that denotes the ineffable beauty and / or the elusiveness of something visible but inconsistent, feelings that precisely They would try in an attempt to pick a flower in the mirror or, better yet, in an attempt to steal the moon reflected on the water.

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