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Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 21


Chapter 21

The Land of the Future

Shura rescues Shiryu, passed out after the last attack, praising him for his bravery. Before him stands Sigurd, dripping blood and hatred for the rider who has reduced by then breaking his sacred sword. The rider says of having to perform a dance to save his sword, catching the attention of Shura that would like to learn more. But Sigurd mocks him for his ignorance and disappears meditating revenge.
Shura, still doubtful, replica of nowhere that he is a warrior of hope, ready to fight even to defend the land of the future.
Later, Shiryu awakens, while a boy pressed the vital points to heal. Shiryu, wondering whether or not it was able to show its value in Shura, thanked the guy showing up. The boys answered that already Shura had saved him and explained that he had intervened to ask him to participate in the tournament between swordsmen to carry him as to the instruction given by Athena. Shiryu asks his name, but he said only to be under the orders of Athena, and he will fight in the tournament along with Shura.
Elsewhere, Shura meets in Yoshino and Shun, the doctor wants to know if he met his friend and how he found it, but Shura does not respond, preferring to give way to the dinner, but in his heart, praising the new defenders of Justice.

Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 20


Chapter 20

The spirit of the face


Near the shrine, stand the ruins of the Temple of Eris, Mayura here, along with his students, and Mirai Shinato, observes the gathering of malevolent spirits. Mirai asks the teacher if those spirits are the survivors of the army of Eris, but Mayura responds that only the malignant feelings of humans that push them to meet there. However the spirits are always more and more and more agitated, so much to try to attack the three. When suddenly, dozens of meteors stop them; Shoko is, come to them ready to fight!
Mayura, amazed with his presence, asks why is there when Saori is now about to leave for the Sanctuary.
Shoko replies that it is the will of Saori that is there and think back to the conversation with her days before.
A villa Kido Saori upheld the three saintie noting their improvement due to training with Marin. But when the three say they are ready to accompany her to the Sanctuary, Saori ordered them to go to the aid of Mayura to the ruins of the Temple of Eris, because it does not want the growing spirits damaging his mission to the Sanctuary. The three did not want to obey, preferring to defend it in this difficult mission, but a new voice reassures the three; Shun is Andromeda, guaranteeing they will take care of Saori with his brothers.
Saori is quieter, more he adds that it does not intend to fight, but talk to the knights of gold to convince them to be Athena, as it did with Aiolia of Leo and Pisces Aphrodite.
Recalling that moment, the three will have to Mayura who agrees to be their nanny, to ensure that young and inexperienced as they are, do not hurt. But Shoko, wearing their armor, remembers that he exchanged with Saori a promise, a promise to return both safe and sound from their respective missions.
Meanwhile, Saori came to the sanctuary accompanied by the four horsemen. Here he is approached by the set of the Great Priest, sent to drive it up to him. But something goes wrong, and Saori falls pierced by an arrow in the chest. Elsewhere, Shoko Saori perceives that something happened; how it will evolve the story now?

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 19


Chapter 19

Heroes of Tomorrow

Sigurd, unconcerned that it faces a gold saint, attacking again with his sword Shura now be known as the claws of a dragon.
Shiryu avoids fatigue with the attack, and was partially affected, but to the surprise of Sigurd, the rider can hit him in turn. Sigurd understands; the rider is able to attack without the need of sight!
Sigurd asked him since he is blind, and Shiryu says he's an old injury that comes and goes, but it is not because of what hit him, but thanks to the promptings of their friends.
Shiryu hears them; Shun urges him to get up, to go on and on Hyoga, Ikki to incinerate the enemy, and finally Seiya reminds him of when they were young, when they fought for justice and sorpattutto to become the heroes of tomorrow!
With their words to heart, Shiryu attacks with a powerful Rozan ShoryuHa!

Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 18


Chapter 18


Sigurde warns the two riders, because now he wore his armor, the battle will not last long. While Shiryu not budge, Sigurd prepares his stroke again, with Shura which still amazes its power, but the gold is also known that a shot will not work twice against a knight.
Unexpectedly, however, the dozens of blades launched Sigurd, begin to rotate so swirling on themselves, becoming faster, more lethal and making it difficult to determine their trajectory. Under the astonished eyes of Shura, the blades should be scored against Shiryu disappearing amid the rubble. Now Sigurd is ready to eliminate the other opponent, but Shura stops him; not yet his turn.
Meanwhile, Yoshino remained in the city, complaining of how Shura has disappeared suddenly and thanking Dr. Shun to be there in his place. Shun says he was Shura himself to ask him to be her escort in his absence, and as a saint who never rests. Yoshino praises him as a representative of justice, but Shun replies that any human being is someone who is committed to a representative of justice as much as him, while having no power.
Returned to the battlefield, Sigurd is surprised to revise Shiryu again stand before him, protected by a new, shining armor; the armor of Libra!
Shura is always safer qualities of the man who sits in front of the Golden Knight of Libra!

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 8


Chapter 8



In Tokyo, Shun is located in a bar drinking whiskey, with the barman who advised him to go slow, and, in fact, Shun stops, declaring Starsi slowly getting used to alcohol to drink with his brother the day it will review.
The barman says that Shun has not changed over time and asks him the real reason for the visit. Shun mentions the district of Shinjuku, asking if you really think if what has happened is only a gas leak as stated by the authorities. But the man replied that if he had not perceived the conflict between those two cosmos no longer deserves the title of Saint.
Shun agrees, and goes on to say that he met a Gold Saint of the Past; Shura of Capricorn! And he wonders what is going on and whether it is aware of the Sanctuary.
The man said that the past is changing, and maybe even their future. Shun then states that will go to the west, where he hears again two cosmos in battle, to control the situation and asks what he will do, his old comrade, Hyoga!
Meanwhile, in Kyoto, in the sacred land, Orlando says with satisfaction the golden glow of Shura armor and puts it to the test with his Holy Sword Tower, promptly saved Excalibur Shura.
Orlando is increasingly satisfied and is going to show its real power by changing the shape of his right arm. Shura is surprised to feel the strength and the evil aura emanating from the swordsman.
Orlando is now ready to fight with all his might, as Orlando, the swordsman crazy!

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 5


Chapter 5

The Chain of Andromeda


Pluton, he severs the faceless men's lives, proclaims that will soon take the lives even of the three before him. But Shun him para before, that he hates so much fighting and violence, he decided to stop to ensure that it can no longer harm anyone.
Pluton mocks him as a poor man can not stop him and blocks his attack with the Evil Eye, a shot spiritico blocking the opponent.
Shun and stuck in the body, but tries to defend itself by putting its chains of the cosmos to the defense. The defense, however, too weak to counter Pluton. Shura understands soon and asks Shun why not wearing his armor, why not wearing the armor of Andromeda able to defend it.
But Shun reveals no longer in possession of such a cloth, and he fought until then to strengthen themselves without enough to wear the cloth that Athena has given him; the golden armor of the Virgin!
Richiamatala, Shun the wearing posing as Shun, the Golden Knight of Virgo!
Yoshino and Shura are surprised, especially that known as the Shura armor is different from that known to him.
Only Pluton not surprised, indeed, even more so deride the opponent, sure I can beat even wearing golden armor.
But a nebula blocks it, is the most powerful attack of Shun; the Andromeda Nebula!
The blow annihilates the enemy, doing even more surprising Shura. That the gold saint of virgo of this age is, as Shaka, as close to the gods?

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 4


Note; the chapter is only twenty pages instead of forty.

Chapter 4

Silver Cord


In the darkness, a shadow moves extolling verses of an ancient poem. Elsewhere a man becomes aware of being, realizing that his presence means the end of a life.
Yoshino finds himself in a hospital, brought by Shura to make sure of his condition after the fight. Shura apologizes, because having met even now she will be a target of the men against whom fights; the killers of the guild "The faceless".
Yoshino does not understand, but suddenly materializes a silver thread tied to his neck that appeared out of nowhere to be seeking to sever. That being part reads, Shura understands that it is Pluto, the god praised in his Divine Comedy as the one who severs the silver thread of human life. Pluton agrees, he is now a faceless, and gave up his humanity to cut lives.
Shura locks preventing sever the wire Yoshino mocking him for the fact of passing himself off as a god, when it is nothing but a murderess.
Pluton not flustered, agreeing again that yes he is only un'assassino and that is the task that lies there, to kill them!
A newcomer blocks the shot being new, is the doctor of the hospital, who asked him politely to leave.
Shura immediately clear that this is not a male common, feeling a great cosmos come from him. The doctor confirmed him by name and saying I already knew in the past. Shura is surprised, because he does not remember having ever known.
But the doctor stopping Pluton with chains of the cosmos, says that their meeting is in the past for him, but in the future to Shura, and looks like Shun of Andromeda, there rushed to his aid!
Time is apparently mixed because of the struggle against Chronos, what will happen now?

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