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Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 8


Chapter 8



In Tokyo, Shun is in a bar drinking whiskey, with the barman who advised him to take it slow, and, in fact, Shun stops, declaring Starsi slowly getting used to alcohol to drink with his brother the day I will review.
The barman says that Shun has not changed over time and asks him the real reason for the visit. Shun him mentions the district of Shinjuku, asking if you really think if what has happened is only a gas leak as stated by the authorities. But the man replied that if he had not perceived the conflict between those two cosmos no longer deserves the title of Saint.
Shun agrees, and goes on to say that he met a Gold Saint of the Past; Shura of Capricorn! And he wonders what is going on and if the Sanctuary being aware.
The man said that the past is changing, and perhaps even their future. Shun then states that will go to the west, where he hears again two cosmos in battle, to control the situation and asks him what he will do, his old comrade, Hyoga!
Meanwhile in Kyoto, in the sacred land, Orlando says with satisfaction the golden glow of the armor of Shura and puts it to the test with his Holy Sword Tower, promptly saved Excalibur Shura.
Orlando is increasingly satisfied and is getting ready to show his true power by changing the shape of his right arm. Shura is surprised to feel the strength and the evil aura emanating from the swordsman.
Orlando is now ready to fight with all his might, as Orlando, the swordsman crazy!

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 5


Chapter 5

The Chain of Andromeda


Pluton, the faceless severs the lives of men, proclaims that will soon take even the lives of the three before him. But Shun planted himself in front, that he hates so much fighting and violence, decided to stop to make sure that it can not harm anyone.
Pluton mocks him because a poor man can not stop him and blocks his attack with the Evil Eye, a shot spiritico that blocks the opponent.
Shun and locked in the body, but tries to defend himself by putting his chains of the cosmos to the defense. A defense, however, too weak to counter Pluton. Shura understands soon and asks Shun why not wearing his armor, why not wearing the armor of Andromeda able to defend him.
But Shun reveals no longer in possession of such a cloth, and fought until then without reinforce enough to wear the cloth that Athena has given him; the golden armor of the Virgin!
Richiamatala, Shun the wearing posing as Shun, the Golden Knight of Virgo!
Yoshino and Shura are surprised, especially Shura that known as the armor is different from that known to him.
Only Pluton not surprised, indeed, even more deride the opponent, sure I can beat even wearing golden armor.
But a nebula blocks it, is the most powerful attack Shun; the Andromeda Nebula!
The blow annihilates the enemy, doing even more surprising Shura. That even the gold saint of virgo of this age is like Shaka, as close to the gods?

Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 4


Note; chapter is sunny twenty pages instead of forty.

Chapter 4

Silver Cord


In the darkness, a shadow moves extolling verses of an ancient poem. Elsewhere, a man becomes aware of being, realizing that his presence means the end of a life.
Yoshino finds himself in a hospital, brought by Shura to make sure of his condition after the fight. Shura apologizes, because having met even now she will be a target of the men against whom fights; assassins guild "The Faceless".
Yoshino does not understand, but suddenly materializes a silver thread tied to his neck that appeared to be from nothing trying to sever. That being part reads, Shura understands that it is Pluto, the god praised in the Divine Comedy as the one who severs the silver thread of human life. Pluton agrees, he is now a faceless, and gave up his humanity to sever lives.
Shura locks preventing sever the wire Yoshino mocking the fact to pass as a god, when it is nothing more than a murderess.
Pluton not flustered, agreeing once again, that yes he is just un'assassino and that is the task that lies there, to kill them!
A newcomer blocks the shot being new, is the doctor of the hospital, who asked politely to leave.
Shura immediately clear that this is not a male common, feeling a great cosmos come from him. The doctor confirmed him by name and declaring to have already known in the past. Shura is surprised, because they do not remember ever meeting him.
But the doctor stopping Pluton with chains of the cosmos, says that their meeting is in the past for him, but in the future for Shura, and looks like Shun of Andromeda, there rushed to his aid!
Time is apparently mixed because of the fight against Chronos, what will happen now?

Next Dimension: Special Chapter


Bonus Chapter came out to celebrate the release of the forthcoming film in CGI Legend of Sanctuary, these eight pages anticipate the next round of the chapters of the Next Dimension expected by the end of summer

Chapter Bonus


The oath of the goddess

Still the thirteenth house, Saori, accompanied by Shijima, rethinks the many times when the five protagonists saved her life. As at the time of the abduction of Damian Raven, when Seiya threw himself off a cliff with her to save her, appearing like a shooting star. Not only that, many times his knights have risked his life to save her, and Saori knows.

At that moment, Shijima is surprised, having a vision of Saori, here still a child, adult and armor. Saori but not by weight, and more determined than ever, says that now she will save his knights!

Next Dimension: Chapter 68


Chapter 68

Scans and the Forum Dialogues


The Emissaries

At the Seventh, Dohko rejects attacks Tenma and Shun, determined not to backtrack, but something else is going to upset him. His house is now, in fact, a snake, and the rider understands what it means; Suikyo fears have come true and he does not know what to do now!

Meanwhile, Ikki goes along with the Fifth Death Toll, still tangled in a ball and enjoyed the stay in that state. Even in their way intrudes a snake, carelessly eliminated from Phoenix, under the fear of cancer, who knows what that being represented.

But Ikki does not care and is presented to Kaiser, the keeper of the Fifth House, scaring her lion Goldie.

At First, in the meantime, Shion perceives that something is happening and, in fact, a snake comes even before him. He is an emissary of the Golden Knight Ophiuchus, about to return to take the head of Athena and wants the help of Aries, who refuses with disdain. But the snake insists, because the knight Ophiuchus is a god as much as Athena and will stop at nothing!

Next Dimension: Chapter 66


Chapter 66


The horrible torture of Cancer!

Death Toll is unable to move, a thread of Cosmic Marionation Vermeer has remained attached to the neck, forcing him to release the judge from the coffin in which he had locked up.

Vermeer, now free, is furious at the attempt of deception on the part of the rider and, determined to make him pay, tortures him with the Cosmic Marionation Change, torturing him in a deadly ballet where the limbs of the poor Cancer twist on themselves causing pain atrocious.

Meanwhile, the Seventh, Shun reveals the place from which to Dohko, who understands that is a companion of Shiryu, revealing the rider the arrival of his companions. But despite the scale are in the right, does not intend to go back on his decision to betray Athena, so that Tenma decides to challenge him.

In the Mouth of Hades, Death Toll finds himself in a twisted tangle of limbs and bones, revealing his secret. Vermeer mocks him in discovering wearing a wig (!) That the rider wants it back to die with dignity. But the judge did not grant it to him wants and prepares to head revolve 180 degrees as the last execution. But something intrudes in the technique of the Griffon, is a thread that does not respond to the judge but to another individual; Ikki is Phoenix, returned to the Mouth of Hades to the aid of the Golden Knight!

Next Dimension: Chapter 63


Chapter 63

Scans and Translation Integral on Forum

Deadly battle in the Underworld

Death Toll, annoyed by the presence of Ikki, because very busy, lets go, surprising the phoenix. To the question of why Ikki does go so easily, Death Toll answers to be committed and not to recognize it as an enemy. Not wanting to be in his debt, Ikki offers to help in bringing her bare Hades ...

Here the two lead many coffins, Cancer has prepared for the specter that many are trying to get after the disappearance of the barrier of Athena. And in fact some specter Death Toll attack them and imprisons them in his bare, soon helped by Ikki.

Meanwhile, the seventh, Tenma tries to reason with Dohko, who hits him violently refusing to give up the idea of ​​betrayal, as long as he is not Shun para from before.

Still Hades, Cancer thanked the Phoenix aid, continuing by saying that it will still need, because now it is the turn of the best troops of the Underworld captained by one of their giant, Vermeer's Griffon!

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