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Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 15


Chapter 15

Sacred Treasure

Shura and Shiryu are compared, with the second one is surprised to see him for a second time, wondering if it is not for want of Hades that he is still alive on earth. But when the dragon asks him why he's there, Shura replica that has not yet finished its task. In fact, the Dragon down by Shiryu gets up, attacking again with his poisonous breath. Shura is surprised of the regenerative capacity of the beast, assuming as Drago, has magical potential that only un'artefatto with as much magic can break.
While the Dragon prepares a rotating blade to attack the two, Shiryu is put into place, happy to show Shura what he learned over the years and, under his sguarda appalled, pulls Excalibur breaking the rotating blade of the Dragon and the monster itself .
Shura is amazed, realizing that you are in front of the one who will inherit his technique; Excalibur!

Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 14


Chapter 14



In the district Chukagai, Yokohama's Chinatown, a male scolds a monstrous snake, wondering if the "Faceless" are still reliable after failing twice. But the monster does not accept criticism and claims to take the matter personally.
Also in the neighborhood, Yoshino Shura asks why they came to that place with Shura that ignores the question talking about food and the fact that the girl will go soon to live with Aiolia. But Yoshino insists so Shura explains that wants to meet a male, a man who also owns a sacred sword ...
In the District, the monster spreads his poison gas to fulfill its task when a man planted himself in front of declaring that he had come to meet a person. The monster reacts by attacking with its poisonous tail, while from afar, Shura perceives move the cosmos of the man who came to meet.
He congratulated the monster that has within it the power of a Dragon, but he also has the same power if not more, and destroy the monster with his Rozan Shoryu Ha!
Such is Shiryu the Dragon, the other owner of Excalibur!

SaintiaSho Saint Seiya: Chapter 14


Chapter 14

As a Pegasus

The Galaxian Wars have entered into the heart, and Shoko, released from the hospital, he went with her friend Rumi to attend one of the clashes. That day to fight are Pegasus Seiya and Shiryu the Dragon!
Shoko knew Seiya few days before and thinks back to their meeting, when Seiya has collected the pendant sister before we lose. Shoko, still suffering for the death of her sister, she can not hide her mood, intriguing newcomer who asks what is for her that pendant. Shoko replies that it is a memory of her sister who has always protected until the end. Seiya understands, he also has a sister from which it was separated by small, but in his heart he is confident of being able to find one day, that is why it goes on continuing to fight.
Returning to the present, Shoko witnessing the fall of Seiya, infrantosi against the formidable defense of the Dragon. The rider suffered a blow to the head, and they all give up on him, but just then, in a flurry of petals cosmos, Pegasus gets up, determined not to give up! With all his strength, Seiya launches a powerful Ryuseiken that gives him the victory.
Thanks to the download of the cosmos, Shoko fully understand the words of the boy that day and, after the crowd, goes to him while they're taking away on a stretcher, promising that she will go on fighting!
Outside, Juan and Georg attended the clash on television a bar where they are eating. Juan blames those guys who already stupidly go against the laws of the sanctuary, but then, even more stupidly, risk their lives in sterile meetings. Georg replies that perceives but their determination in those fights, this can not be mad at them. Juan mocks him as being too sensitive, perhaps because he has coached a young Bronze Horseman. But Georg denies, are there on a mission because, according to the priest, evil lurks among them, and it is their duty to stop it.
Finished eating, the two come from local reuniting with Katya, who did not want to eat with them, and when Juan asks if there is time to make a turn, the Santia replies that there might be enemy everywhere, and it is therefore vital to use the slightest opportunity to hit the false Athena. As she walks away, Juan comments how nasty wondering if they are so all saintie, also because, apparently, some of them are on the side of Saori Kido. Juan asks why so two knights silver have had a saintia assist in countering its parigrado, and Geor supposed more than to help her, is to keep an eye on.
After nightfall, Saori lingers in the Coliseum watching the ring, with Mii that goes to call for starting.
Outside of the Colosseum, Shoko is coming home, thoughtfully, without listening to the words of her friend Rumi who supposedly has a crush Pagasus. But Shoko denies, but admitted to being impressed by his fighting. Rumi is agreed, wondering what to do when the saint not fight. But Shoko answers, thoughtfully, they always fight to protect Athena and justice. At that moment, lightning hits the Colosseum, surprising both, especially Shoko who understands that this is not a normal phenomenon.
In fact, the Colosseum, Saori lying in knee, defended by Mii Xiaoling and dressed in their armor. Against them stand Juan Shield and Georg of the Southern Cross that, noting the truthfulness of the statements of Katya and the youth of the three, they wonder if it's worth sticking. But a voice incites them to fight; is Katya, also dressed in his armor, ready to fight his old companions, dismayed to see her on the side of the enemy.
A new battle looms on the horizon, and Shoko seems determined to do its part!

Next Dimension: Special Chapter


Bonus Chapter came out to celebrate the release of the forthcoming film in CGI Legend of Sanctuary, these eight pages anticipate the next round of the chapters of the Next Dimension expected by the end of summer

Chapter Bonus


The oath of the goddess

Still the thirteenth house, Saori, accompanied by Shijima, rethinks the many times when the five protagonists saved her life. As at the time of the abduction of Damian Raven, when Seiya threw himself off a cliff with her to save her, appearing like a shooting star. Not only that, many times his knights have risked his life to save her, and Saori knows.

At that moment, Shijima is surprised, having a vision of Saori, here still a child, adult and armor. Saori but not by weight, and more determined than ever, says that now she will save his knights!

Next Dimension: Chapter 62


Chapter 62

Chapter Integral on Forum


The standard of rebellion

Shun and Tenma reach the seventh house, where they find a Dohko in tears holding the corpse of Suikyo arms. While Tenma also mourns the death of his master, the surplice of Garuda abandons his body, so that, under instruction of Dohko, Tenma can dress him with his real armor, the Cup!

The castle of Hades, Vermeer and Pandora have the confirmation of the death of Suikyo with the arrival of the surplice of Garuda. Found what Pandora order to Vermeer to attack the shrine with his troops. Meanwhile, the Seventh, Dohko claims to have perceived the feelings of his friend and be ready to follow in his footsteps. Stripping himself of his armor, hereby betray Athena and the sanctuary, because, as the armor of the scale shows, now the sanctuary is no longer balanced on justice, but on the strength, therefore betray other riders.

Meanwhile, the Fourth, a new visitor comes to his guardian; Ikki is Phoenix!

Saint Seiya Omega: Episode 4


Saint Seiya Ω

Episode 4
The Son of the Hero! Ryuho against Kouga!

[英雄の息子! 龍峰対光牙!]
Eiyū no musuko! Ryuho tai Kouga!


Kouga would leave the Palaestra to go directly to the Sanctuary, but the meeting with Ryuho makes him change his mind. The young man, in poor health, is the son of current and Shiryu the Dragon Knight. Fara 'everything to incite Kouga and help him to master his element, will even challenge him in combat ..

NDT: Shot Kyoka Suigetsu [鏡 花 水月] ie "Flower in the Mirror, Moon in the Water" is an expression that indicates the ineffable beauty and / or the elusiveness of something visible but inconsistent, feelings that precisely you would feel in trying to pick a flower in the mirror or, better yet, in an attempt to steal the moon reflected on the water.

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