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Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 5


Chapter 5


Mount Togakushi

Mii is greeting Shoko, decided to leave to become a Saintia. Mii sends to Mount Togakushi, where he is a master of the saint and cautions; the path to become a knight is very hard and potentially deadly, more usually it takes five years to become one, while Shoko it will have to do in a very short time. But the girl is decisive and not down, waving smiling Mii, which continues to be worried about her.

Shoko comes to the mountain, feeling the peace that reigns there and complaining about the weight of the chest armor, to be entrusted with the task of Saori earn it. During the walk is surprised by two guys, and Mirai Shinato, students of the teacher that bar the passage. Apparently, the teacher does not form knights and the boys do not understand how can she, not a saint, owning a casket. Shoko reveals that was Saori, that Athena to give it to him. But kids do not believe her, Athena is the sanctuary and do not recognize this Saori as such, so the attack taking away the casket. But Shoko climbs the stairs from which they hurled, determined to take back what is his!

Saori meanwhile, receives Jabu, just back from Algeria where he got the chest Unicorn, ready to show his skills to the upcoming Galaxian Wars!

Even Mii, which occurred, meets him and asks Saori if he is one of a hundred children sent around the world. Saori nods, revealing then that has no news of ninety of them, when the Mii then informs the departure of Shoko, she is concerned for his safety given the enormous difficulties in becoming a knight. But could not refuse the request of the girl, because he heard that came from the heart, and this humanity Saori can not deny himself.

Meanwhile, at the foot of the mountain, Shoko confronts Mirai, who is determined to remove the casket denying the passage. The girl did not give up despite being undermined again away from the blows of the two boys.

More over, the temple, and Mirai Shinato brought with them a treasure chest of Equuleus, wondering if they have not exaggerated with the girl, but Shinato is not worried, even a weak one has heard of the cosmos inside her, and it is certain not to have killed her Although still wondering how he could have a casket.

To their great surprise, Shoko has come to the temple, although prostrate from the wounds and, even more surprisingly, comes their master, decided to give a chance to the girl. Shoko succeed to become a saintia?

Next Dimension: Volume 8


Being rolled out at home, we summarize here the chapters on the last volume of the Next, remembering that in Italy has just released the fifth volume published by J Pop.


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Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 4


Chapter 4

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Aiolos, the Golden Knight who managed to save an Athena in bands in the cost of living, has transcended death to help once again her goddess. Saori hears it, though still weak, can not surrender if his warriors continue to fight even after death. With the help of Sagittarius, Saori attacks Ate to dispel it definitely from that place. The Dryad is hit by a ray of light, but it is not going to give up; with a flick of the hand, takes hold of Shoko, ready to make the repository of his mother!
Invested by the blow, Shoko has a flashback of when she was a child; time was sad because he felt inferior to her sister and believed that she did not want to play with her. Thus ended in a dark garden, where a woman promised to soothe his pain giving an apple. But Kyoko came just in time, because the apple was demonic, as well as its owner who tried to take over the body of the girl, unnecessarily protected by his sister. Luckily for them, a Golden Knight intervened to their rescue; Milo of Scorpio! Thanks to him, the woman was beaten and Shoko saves, but the knight warned his sister that their destiny was not concluded and Kyoko then decided to become a saintia to protect his little sister.
Back in the present, we see Kyoko fulfill its promise, managing to meddle in the rite suffering the fate of her sister instead. Thus, under the gaze appalled Shoko, Kyoko disappears becoming the new body of Eris!
Saori it upon himself any guilt, promising to save Kyoko with all his might, but Shoko this is not enough; the girl does not intend to wait for his sister to be saved, she will do it, as the new saintia of Equuleus!

Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 3


Chapter 3
The dryad Ate

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Kyoko, guard, suffered the attack of the head of the dryads, finendone defeat. Inside the house, which is Shoko Mii fight dryads, with Mii that defeats thanks to defensive barrier. Nothing can, however, against their leader, Ate the daughter of Eris, came in person to take the body of Shoko. Mii faces it but his defensive wall is no match for the strength of Ate. Not even the arrival of Kyoko, survived with great joy Shoko the first attack, can do nothing, and the two saintie are at the mercy of the strength of the opponent.

Saori comes to their aid, with fist in the scepter of Athena, determined to give manforte his warriors and defend Shoko. Ate is surprised, not only by his will combative, but above all by his weakness. Acknowledges, in fact, in Saori doubts of human nature that limit the force. Realizing that Athena is not yet fully awakened and the weakness of his warriors, Ate is happy because there's no better time for the awakening of his mother, which can then dominate the world unchallenged.

For girls it seems that there are no hopes, but a light rushes to their rescue. And 'the casket of gold armor of Sagittarius! Aiolos has again transcended the barriers of death to defend their goddess! Will it succeed?

Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 2


Chapter 2
The Saintie Athena


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Sho is shocked to recognize his sister Kyoko in the warrior in armor come to his defense. Kyoko is, in fact, the Santia of Equuleus and easily defeats the dryad with his ryuuseiken, then hug his sister. The dryad however, is not dead, but she thinks the timely arrival of Mii, which looks like the saintia dolphin, giving the coup de grace. Together with her also comes Saori, presented as the goddess Athena, who is Mii Kyoko must obedience. Saori sincere conditions Shoko and invites her to spend the night at his home under their protection. How then to prove Mii, Saori realized that Shoko is designed to accommodate the spirit of Eris, and that his dryads attack that night for this purpose. Shoko embraces his sister, finally understanding that his period of study was actually un'addestramento to become saintia. Later, at dinner, the Mii explains the true role of saintie. As the saint protect Athena from enemies, even they do but, unlike the priestesses who must hide their femininity with a mask, they are not obliged to do so. As personal servants of the goddess, his last act as safeguards acting beyond 12 homes. Shoko is surprised but every other question is stopped by the arrival of the dryads, he decided to take the girl. Mii stands in his defense, but Shoko has no intention of staying on the sidelines watching and preparing for combat. Mii is surprised, not from the will combative girl but from what she perceives; it seems impossible, but Shoko seems to have awakened the cosmos!

Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 1


Chapter 1
Shoko and Kyoko


In a dream we see the comet Repulse, the prison of the spirit of Eris, flying in the sky and a winged serpent chasing a child until a golden knight to his aid. Shoko is awakening from the nightmare, pushing his father entered his room to wake her. And 'morning and, after the usual karate training with his father, Shoko has breakfast thinking as always to sister Kyoko, game five years ago for a study program of the foundation Kido.

At school, Shoko discovered by a friend that Saori Kido, the president of the foundation's most powerful Asia, of which the school is a part, will come that day to attend classes, having to cover the compulsory school while studying at home. Saori, engaged with the organization of the Galaxian Wars, is not interested to follow the lessons in the school, but forced by the law, can not do otherwise. Shoko, discovering where he is, he rushes headlong into his chambers to ask her sister, but the door is Mii, secretary of Saori, that blocks the passage and pushes it away with a martial art unknown to the girl.

Not being able to continue, Shoko, gives up for now coming out for lunch, thinking to find a way to bring Miss Kido. At that moment, all his companions fall asleep and a strange woman appears before him. She looks like a dryad, came to pick her up in his mother's name Eris, the goddess of discord, because the body of Shoko is intended to house the spirit of the goddess! Shoko tries to rebel, but the dryad is too strong for her, suddenly, though, a girl in armor comes to his rescue. Shoko can not believe in recognizing the girl; is his sister Kyoko, Santia of Equuleus, come to defend it!

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Saint Seiya Omega: Episode 13


Saint Seiya Ω

Episode 13
The Message of Seiya! I entrust to you the care of Athena!

[星矢のメッセージ! お前たちに,アテナを託す!]
Seiya no messēji! Omaetachi ni, Athena or takusu!


Kouga and the others reach the core of the Wind, ready to stop him with his Guardian, the Fly Musca. At the end of this first important mission receive the inheritance of Seiya, the same as the Knight of Pegasus received years earlier by Aiolos ..
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