Chapter 13

Galaxian Wars

In Central Europe, the Saint Academy, a girl gets her chest, with the duty to assist and protect Athena.
Meanwhile, in the hospital of the Foundation Degree, Shoko is awakened from a sound sleep which lasted three days, received from his father happy to see her safe and sound. But although physically feeling well, what ails it is in his heart, because that's where he knows that his sister Kyoko is gone.
At the hospital, he is visited by Saori and Mii, happy to see you again in force. Saori apologizes for what happened to Kyoko and reveals the real reason he is giving rise to the Galaxian Wars; to reveal the evil within the Sanctuary!
This will trigger a new battle, but Saori Shoko does not want the fight, he has already made his and lost enough, now he has to just live a normal life like Kyoko would have wanted for her.
Head back to the residence, Mii asks Saori whether certain of its decision, with the upcoming battle and the loss of Kyoko and the disappearance of Katya, Shoko would be very helpful. But Saori is safe, the sacrifice of Kyoko has shown the true strength of men, and it is enough to push her to fight for them.
Suddenly hear the screams; Tatsumi is brought down by a strange girl. The girl is Ling Xiaoling, the saintia Ursa Minor, rushed to assist Athena. The young man had not recognized by Tatsumi's butler Athena and apologizes for attack, and then show up at Saori proving to be aware of the situation and now they need not fear, because there she will protect her.
While Xiaoling, pull up the moral Saori talking about the Galaxian Wars, Mii asks whether the sanctuary is not already working against them and, in fact, Saga, the fake priest, called two silver at the Thirteenth.
They are Juan and Georg Shield of the Southern Cross. Saga speaks to them of the Galaxian Wars, where the simple bronze betrayed the rules of the sanctuary to fight for personal reasons. But Saga understood that behind this event is a plot hatched by the Foundation Degree, led by Saori Kido, the girl on the silver which will investigate. The two, however, are doubtful that a mere girl could dare so much, but a newcomer warns them; Saori Athena pretends to be and as such should be punished. These words come from Katya's Corona Borealis, a saintia, as presented by Saga, so who knows for sure who he really is Athena.
Gave them the task of killing the girl and all the traitors saint, Saga withdraws to his rooms, mulling over Saori and understanding well that you, the saint and the cloth of Sagittarius are all connected. It is certain, she is the goddess who thirteen years before he escaped his clutches because of Aiolos. But now that turned out to be ready to deal with it so he can then become the new ruler of Earth!
Meanwhile, at the hospital, Shoko out to get some fresh air, recalling the words of Saori, the fact that we now have to return to a normal life. But she feels empty now that he has lost his sister, so that, cadutole the precious pendant given to her by Kyoko not found the strength to take it before it falls into a manhole. But his rescue comes a guy with a cloth on his shoulder, which gives her the pendant realizing how important it is for her.
Shoko does not know it yet, but he is Seiya Bronze Saints Pegasus!