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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dohko: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
Hui Fox with Nine Tails

Chapter 47 Total

Liu Xing is not willing to change his opinion about Dohko, until it reaches a mission to Hui Bai Ze. Eager to redeem himself with the Tiger Fierce shows its improvements that led him to reach the highest spiritual level of the Fox, the Fox with Nine Tails of being started from Wild Fox. Not only that, Hui was also able to wear the Robe Ink, called Tattoo, and can not wait to confront Dohko indossante Armor Libra ..

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Saint Seiya Omega: Episode 4


Saint Seiya Ω

Episode 4
The Son of the Hero! Ryuho against Kouga!

[英雄の息子! 龙峰対光牙!]
Eiyū no Musuko! Ryuho tai Kouga!


Kouga would like to leave the Palaestra to go directly to the Sanctuary, but the encounter with Ryuho him change his mind. The young man, in poor health, is the son of current and Shiryu Dragon Knight. Fara 'everything to encourage Koga and help him master his element, will even challenge him in combat ..

NDT: The Shot Kyoka Suigetsu [镜 花 水月] ie "Flower in the Mirror, Moon in Water" is an expression that indicates the ineffability of beauty and / or the elusiveness of something visible but inconsistent, feelings that just we prove in an attempt to pick a flower in the mirror, or better yet, in an attempt to steal the moon reflected on the water.

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