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Anecdotes Lost Canvas 01 - Albafica


Anecdotes 01: Albafica

Although you can not establish a physical contact, always continue to defend those invisible bonds that remain hidden, but that does not disappear even if you remain alone. And nothing describes this better than those who follow the path of men.

Sage on Albafica and Lugonis

We propose the Gaiden to Albafica in tankōbon format, similar to the one released in Japan recently. In addition to the ability to read the chapters in a single volume, this edition offers extra unreleased high quality, including the pattern of Surplice Dryad.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Albafica: Chapter 05


Chapter 005

We accompany Albafica in his dream journey of discovering memories in more detail the Ritual of Blood. Despite the early days are atrocious for the young Albafica, soon her body starts to tolerate the terrible poison of Lugonis, making it his own. In the long run, in fact, is his beloved Master the most tried and Albafica soon discovers what does the sad fate of Pisces. Having recovered overwhelmed by tears, she finds herself being looked after by Luco that renews bid to cure him, but at night Pefkos insists that there is something strange and urges the Golden Knight to escape ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Albafica: Chapter 004


Chapter 004
Red Tie

The Garden of Lilies of the valley of Luco hides a trap for Albafica. Overwhelmed by the effects of the plant, the Knight of the Fish begins to lose consciousness, driven by Luco to tighten a "Black Tie", so as to divert its path chosen years earlier. The young Albafica, had to choose whether to return to the normal world or continue his journey by Knight completing the Ritual of Blood. While again not to condemn his master Lugonis loneliness and because he did not know another world if not the garden of the Royal Demon Rose, the young Albafica chose to perform the ritual but the terrible led to a serious loss .. But there is too much time for the memories: Albafica lies unconscious at the foot of Luco!

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