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Lost Canvas Gaiden Sisyphus: Chapter 2


Chapter 2

The Oracle


Chapter 64 total

At the sanctuary, Sage drew just invested Sisyphus, giving him the task of going to the oracle of Delphi to ask him about the outcome of the next Holy War. But this is part of the plan for Ilias to test Sisyphus so that defeat their dark side. Sage still do not fully comprehend the choice of the lion, but he understood his illness lung demand explanations from the silent knight gold.

While Sisyphus is directed out of the sanctuary, he hears the voices of the other apprentices who are not surprised of his investiture, not so much for his abilities, but believing recommended as the brother of the knight of the lion. Annoyed by what was soon reassured by Rasgado and Aspros that compliment each other again for the result achieved, promising that they will reach you soon.

Heartened, Sisyphus reaches Delphi, where a forest is attacked by some wolves that lands unintentionally. The wolves are directed to the oracle, such as Alkes explains, the current oracle she also appeared in the guise of a wolf. Excusing the incident, Alkes offers to him the road to the oracle, he and his friends. To his amazement, in fact, Sisyphus meets Rasgado and Aspros with their armor!

The two explain to him just to be invested and have followed him in the mission, and then suddenly attack him violently. Sisyphus is astonished, wondering whether or not an illusion. But the two do not leave you time to do other, beginning to shower him with blows blaming him for his character environment, as unfit for the armor he wears.

At the sanctuary Ilias still remembers the last words of the High Priest and confirms himself the intention of helping his brother to improve in order to make the part in the Holy War that he can no longer perform.

Still in the throes of the battle with the two, Sisyphus tries to react when you find himself surrounded by so many who insist on wanting a normal life instead of a knight. Sisyphus would silence them, in while being violently attacked by two companions. Determined to prove that the pasta is done, the young Sagittarius responds with its more powerful shot canceling the illusion.

The reappearance of Alkes the confirmation that everything was an illusion to test him, and now that he has passed, is ready to show him his future.

Inside the temple, in front of the true form of Alkes, Sisyphus sees himself wearing a surplice. Why is this the vision seen by the oracle, Sagittarius past the forces of evil!

Lost Canvas Gaiden Rasgado: Anecdote 9


Just come out at home, here's the extra volume of the new Gaiden dedicated to the Taurus! Because of the large number of pages, however, is not this an extra chapter this time.


Sisyphus Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 1


Chapter 1

The younger brother of a hero

Chapter 63 total

Seventeen years before the war against Hades, we see the young Sisyphus, Rasgado and Aspros still apprentices. The three are in the form of observers in an area where the High Priest saw a star shine evil. I do not have to fight, but only awaits the intervention of the knight assigned, Ilias Lion, the elder brother of Sisyphus!

When, however, the centaurs bandits attack the defenseless villagers, Sisyphus and Rasgado rush to their aid against the wishes of loyal Aspros orders. The guys seem to have the upper hand, until the arrival of their leader specter that defeats them easily. The specter off their forces with his arrows and is ready to finish them off, if not for the timely arrival of Ilias, called by Aspros, defeating the enemies and then scold Sisyphus had not complied with the orders.

A few days later, Sisyphus is training with the bow under the watchful eye of his brother, who scolds him for not being able to understand even the wind and nature. In the meantime, an oracle speaks with the lion through a deer, revealing that he had seen his brother's shadow in future.

It 's been a year and Sisyphus is ready to perform the test to become a knight of gold, that is able to wound one. His opponent is Lugonis of Pisces, which puts him in trouble with his poisonous cosmos. But Sisyphus did not train at all, and despite the wounds and pain, with all his strength, he manages to injure Lugonis a finger.

Sage appoints him as a knight but Ilias intervenes, it is not sure of the quality of his brother and wants to put it in front of another test ...

Lost Canvas Gaiden Rasgado: Chapter 5


Chapter 5

The seeds are the future


Chapter 62 total

Rasgado has collected the promise of Cor Tauri, and full of his desires, he attacks with a terrible new technique, the Titan's Nova! Cor Tauri and the giant are buried inside the volcano, with Enceladus meditating revenge. Among the ruins, Rasgado has a vision of a flowery meadow, is the soul of Cor Tauri that shows the flowers that he has protected for generations and who entrusted him before rejoining to Europe. Rasgado agrees, deciding at that moment that he would have lived as a giant star, as the star Aldebaran!

Selinsa ends his story by saying that, subsequently, Rasgado had taken care of her and the other children, regretting, however, to his death in battle and fearing the same fate for Teneo.

The young bull is, in fact, begin to Enceladus. Although the body of the giant has been sealed, the shot could not do the same with his spirit that, using the power of the heart dell'Ichir Cor Tauri, has built a new body with the remains of automata. Decided to use the power of Zeus dell'Ichor to free his body and become stronger, facing the young bull tempestandolo of shots, as revenge for the previous rider who had sealed. Teneo is at the mercy of the enemy, failing to counter his incredible strength, but does not want to give up, even if it means losing one's life. At that moment, the armor shows the spirit of Rasgado praising him and urges people to give their best. Reinforced by the spirit of the master, Teneo will charge forward with all the force at its disposal, managing to hit the giant and tear the heart of Cor Tauri and Ichor with which he had revived. Without it, Enceladus is lost and the victory of the young knight.

At the sanctuary, Selinsa awaits the return of his friend, Shion joins her by giving her the news of his victory. As she runs to welcome his friend, Shion says how Teneo has approached the strength of the master, and it is safe, certainly able to match him one day becoming a great knight.

Lost Canvas Gaiden Rasgado: Chapter 4


Chapter 4

The Guardian

Chapter 61 total

The two entered nell'Etna and between the lava and the ruins of ancient automatons used to create the seal, they find themselves in front of Enceladus, brother of Typhon and its vanguard. The giant is eager to liberate their brothers and to return with them to the conquest of the earth, to avenge the gods who have them imprisoned, and shows his incredible strength to the two intruders. Rasgado try to stop him, but the giant is too powerful. Cor Tauri comes to his aid and together they attack with their powerful strokes. But Enceladus replies with his Gigan Loud, canceling their shots and throwing them against the rock. The giant is really beyond the scope of the two and, now sure of his victory, is ready to soar out of the volcano and to revise the sky again. Electric shock, however, stop him, Cor Tauri is that with all his body tries to stop him. Cor Tauri has unleashed all the power dell'Ichor enclosed in his heart and is ready to sacrifice themselves to reinforce the seal. With this decision, urges the knight to strike, to bury both in the depths of the volcano. Rasgado hesitates, knowing that there are people who await the return of the automaton. But Cor Tauri is not worried, because he knows that there will be a bull rider for them. By accepting this promise, Rasgado, is preparing to attack in order to honor the sacrifice of her partner!

Rasgado Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Those that must be protected


Chapter 60 total

Rasgado takes full direct Cor Tauri, resisting the coup. It 'his intention to convince the giant to help him and he'll stop at nothing! Cor Tauri, for its part, is the prey of his own power, beginning to generate lightning uncontrolled. Rasgado arises in defending Selinsa, surprising both the child that the automaton, then, firm in his conviction, launches a powerful Great for Horn at the heart of the giant. The blow has the desired effect and Cor Tauri has flashbacks of his past life, when he had begun to defend the island of Crete. At the time, the island was ruled by Europe, who took care of the people like her three children, but not only them, she also took care of Cor Tauri, considering it a mere automaton but not part of their family. This had filled my heart with Cor Tauri it was decided that more than ever to defend the seed of Europe, of the children of Crete. Remembered this, and thanks to the coup d'Rasgado, Cor Tauri unable to regain possession of their own power, containing an electric shock.

On the surface, the automaton reveals his decision to his children, saying that he intends to follow the knight to protect the last time the children of Crete. The children do not want to stop them but Selinsa, having understood the feelings of the teacher, promises that it will continue to live as he taught.

Encouraged by this, Cor Tauri Rasgado follows the slopes of Etna, the entrance to the lair of Typhon, the two will be able to reconstruct the seal?

Rasgado Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 2


Chapter 2

The punch of honesty

Chapter 59 total

At the sanctuary Aspros Sisyphus and they talk about the possible revival of the giants and the fact that Rasgado has been sent on a mission to stop it. Aspros doubts knight when two years ago he could not even save Ilias and Regulus in America. But Sisyphus has confidence in the rider of the bull, and is sure that will complete its task.

Rasgado compares with the giant Cor Tauri, twice the size of him, under the shouts of children who hail the giant. Rasgado is frustrated, not only by the taunts of the children, but the fact that Cor Tauri not want to hear it. The rider is not, in fact, there to deal with it but to ask for his help. Annoyed, he tries to stop the opponent with his Titan Break, which seems to invest the giant. Among children, a small Selinsa pounced against blaming the defeat of their patron, but Cor Tauri is not defeated and replies with his Ichor Nova, knocking the ground on the two.

Rasgado finds himself in the famous labyrinth of the Minotaur in the company of a contrary Selinsa. The child, in fact, believes that Rasgado is bad having engaged battle with his master, who in the past has saved you from this labyrinth where her parents had abandoned her. But all Rasgado has other intentions, and its mission is, in fact, reinforce the seal of Typhon, and to do that, he needs the help of Cor Tauri. As the little girl says, Cor Tauri is actually an automaton created by Daedalus to protect the ancient island of Crete, and to give his life was the Ichor of Zeus enclosed in his heart, and it is just this' Ichor that Rasgado need to reinforce the seal of Typhon. Suddenly, Cor Tauri burst onto the scene in search of Selinsa, the automaton looks shabby and prey to sudden flare-ups. Selinsa Rasgado explains that the automaton is old and no longer able to manage his own power, this avoids fights. Rasgado has now understood the feelings of the automaton, and more determined than ever to convince him to his cause, he takes a fist full of giant!

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