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SaintiaSho Saint Seiya: Chapter 16


Chapter 16



Mayura wearing his armor posing as Mayura Peacock, the most powerful among the priestesses warriors!
Georg and he immediately asked how is it possible that it has become a rebel, but Mayura denies attacks Katya and be guilty of having betrayed Athena and saintie.
Juan para attack with his shield, blaming the woman to attack with impunity as a girl. But Mayura not interested in sex opponent, whatever the attack. Georg insists in wanting explanations, but Mayura continues to pour out his attentions on Katya to punish her for having turned his back to Athena.
Katya confirms his loyalty to the priest, ready to fight, but Georg and Juan to bring you before, saying that the opponent is too powerful for her. We will think them to deal with it, leaving the saintia safe in a gravitational barrier created by Juan.
Subsequently, the two silver combine their shots against Mayura; Astral Gravitation Juan and Geistig Blitz Georg!
But Mayura defeats and contrasts them with his secret technique: Kenyoku Tenbushô!
Came from Katya, Mayura holds the neck by granting the last words, but Katya does not give up stating that in any case will end up in the hands of the priest Saori!
Indeed, Mayura feels a powerful cosmos closer to his mountain, breaking the barrier. Concerned about Saori is about to reach it, but Georg and Juan get up, determined not to let her get away!
To the mountain, Mirai shows the armor damaged Horse Shoko, promising to repair it and reminding her that if not yet earned and should finish his training.
Shoko agrees, recalling his impotence in the face of silver and wondering why the saint are against Athena and follow only the Priest. Saori explains that the priest is an absolute authority to the Sanctuary and which are within the saint to know the truth and to help her regain power.
Shoko then, aims to reveal his cosmos so that everyone can recognize but Mii, which is witnessing Xiaoling still unconscious, the firm stating that Saori has exhausted his cosmos in the clash against Eris and therefore can not do it.
While Shoko deep thinking on the problem, feels numb his senses, and a cloud of red petals surround the place falling asleep the other.
Resisting all'effluvio roses, Shoko sees a male beautiful and wearing golden armor, approach; Pisces is Aphrodite, Athena came to return to the sanctuary!
Shoko tries to stop him, but the petals blacks wiped out, leaving it to the ground, so that the gold can easily lead to complete his mission.
Saori later wakes up on a stone stele, under a relief that depicts. A man greets her, and when she asks him who he is, he replies that it is he who has ruled the sanctuary until then in his stead.
Saga is good in front of Saori, what will happen now?

Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 05


Chapter 05
Black Raven

Chapter 32 Total

Just when Alegre is going to reveal something important about the past of Play, Ruse comes to silence him by giving him the final blow. The Knight of the fallen Black Raven is an esthete and holds particularly to excel in the field of beauty, but must admit that Albafica is superior and therefore wants to confront him. Ruse knows her: with his techniques can take out some of the techniques of the Knight of Pisces. But just when it believes that its strategy is leading to an easy victory, he will discover the warlike pride of Albafica.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 04


Chapter 04
Black Whale

Chapter 31 Total

We enter the heart of the mission of Manigoldo and Albafica. To try to stop them is Alegre, decayed Whale Black Knight, whose credo is to approach the divine indulging in the pleasures more instinctive .. in your case to the drink, as its name suggests. Despite the gap of caste, the Black Knight manages to frustrate the Sekishiki and, surprisingly, seems to know the past of Play. But Manigoldo has many tricks up its sleeve ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 03


Chapter 03
The Knights Blacks

Chapter 30 Total

Play is not the type to give in easily and is able to track down the two Gold Saints who can not see that his ability and use it to keep track of Nero. Meanwhile Greedy is a choreographic visit to the Great Temple, disturbing the first meeting between Sasha and Hakurei ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
The Black

Chapter 29 Total

Manigoldo want to get information from the spectrum of Snail around the headquarters of the Black, but before he can answer is devoured by the flames of Kisouen, launched from afar. Announcements for Play are far from over, in fact the extravagant Manigoldo sees added an icy Albafica: two Gold Saints are on a mission to defeat the Black, which is nothing more than a criminal organization formed by the Knights Blacks. We are being offered a glimpse of life at their hideout which gives us the opportunity to begin to know them: their leader is Greedy and his face is not the only similarity that can be seen ..

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Anecdotes Lost Canvas 01 - Albafica


Anecdotes 01: Albafica

Although you can not establish physical contact, always continue to defend those invisible bonds that remain hidden, but that does not disappear even if you remain alone. And nothing better than this describes those who follow the way of men.

Sage on Albafica and Lugonis

We propose the Gaiden of Albafica in tankōbon format, similar to that released in Japan recently. Plus the ability to read the chapters in a single volume, this edition provides extra unreleased high quality, including the pattern of Surplice Dryad.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Albafica: Chapter 09


Chapter 009
Ties of Men

After winning, Albafica urges the Spectre one last time so that the Healer explain the real reasons that led him so far from his ideals. Luco, shiny and near the end, says the reason for his tremendous compromise played and tried by Death, he behaved so well Pefkos, the dearest person rimastagli, was spared. Before disappearing can save people turned into Skeleton and acknowledges his mistakes including the route taken by his brother Lugonis. The Sage Sage closes this melancholy Gaiden with a very touching speech.

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