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Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 05


Chapter 05
Black Raven

Total Chapter 32

Just when Alegre is going to reveal something important about the past of Play, comes ruse to silence him by giving him the final blow. The fallen knight of the Black Raven is a perfectionist and takes especially to excel in the field of beauty, but must admit that Albafica is superior and therefore wants to confront him. Ruse knows her: with its techniques can take out some of the techniques of the Knight of Pisces. But just when it believes that its strategy is leading to an easy victory, he will discover warlike pride of Albafica.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Albafica: Chapter 07


Chapter 007

Luco is no longer that of a time and explains the reason for his choices, leaving shocked and incredulous Pefkos and Albafica. But the Spectre Dryad can be a real warrior careful: thanks to its membership has full control of floral shots of the Knight of Pisces. Albafica is helpless and mocked, but this is unlikely as a shield in Pefkos motivating ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Albafica: Chapter 002


Chapter 002
Son of the Garden, Son del Campo

The mission of Albafica begins with him a companion unexpected Pefkos! The young man had escaped from the island of Healers own to seek help from the Great Temple .. Sage has seen fit to "gift" it to the Knight of Pisces. But there is more to this that unites these two opposite characters: their origins. While this affinity is discovered, the dangers out there and you arrive on the island, where Luco turns out to be an individual not entirely unknown to the brave Albafica ..

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