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Next Dimension: Chapter 62


Chapter 62

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The standard of rebellion

Shun and Tenma reach the seventh house, where they find a Dohko in tears holding the corpse of Suikyo arms. Tenma while also mourning the death of his teacher, the surplice of Garuda abandons his body, so that, under instruction of Dohko, Tenma can dress him up with his real armor, the Cup!

At the castle of Hades, Vermeer and Pandora have the confirmation of the death of Suikyo with the arrival of the surplice of Garuda. Noting that Pandora orders Vermeer to attack the shrine with his troops. Meanwhile, the Seventh, Dohko claims to have perceived the feelings of his friend and he is ready to follow in his footsteps. Stripping himself of his armor, hereby betray Athena and the sanctuary, because, as the armor of the scale shows, now the sanctuary is no longer in equilibrium on justice, but on the strength, therefore betray other riders.

Meanwhile, the Fourth, a new visitor comes to his guardian; Phoenix Ikki is!

Lost Canvas Season 2 - Character Song Album


Character Song Album
Lost Canvas - Season 2

We propose a special Audio CD released with the second season of Lost Canvas OVA where there are songs dedicated to some characters performed by their respective voice actors. The archive contains the full track list and cover everything in HQ!

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 223


Chapter 223
The Future has Started

Spend the right words to give greeting to this manga is not easy. Probably the best way is to let you enjoy the chapter .. keeping in mind that this is only for Lost Canvas goodbye.

Thanks for everything Shiori Teshirogi, all us fans we owe you. ;)

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 204


Chapter 204
However in Side

After witnessing the desperate act by Rhadamanthys last chapter, the scene shifts to Cait Sith and Sasha. The friendly specter of Cheshire, having got caught by doubts and he swore on Yoma, resolves to take advantage of the situation and kill Athena who is unconscious and without his powers. But just then the effects of the destruction of the framework of Aaron they show: Sasha recovers his divine powers, together with its thick foliage. At this point, the chapter returns to look back at the lab, where we find that Pandora confesses to what remains of Rhadamanthys his feelings. Aaron, however, is not going to forgive what was done by his former General and wants to give him eternal damnation, nor does it show any scruples when Pandora is willing to share their fate. Before the shot is thrown, the Wyvern, with the last spasm of life, is opposed to the attack and pushes Pandora to save the woman's life as well as being important for the Army Infernal, was personally dear to the Spectre. Pandora, revived after the glow of the shots on Earth, it is discouraged to be left alone again but in the name of sacrifice and zeal of Rhadamanthys want to trust that he will come back to see the colors of the world.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 203


Chapter 203
What you should do

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Lost Canvas - Chapter 203


Lost Canvas: Chapter 203 - Spoiler

Aaron welcomes the unwavering determination of Rhadamanthys, arrived in time to save Pandora from the attack of the boy. The reincarnation of Hades known as the specter of the heart and even private so divine powers, also try to hinder it. Admitting that the obstinacy of Rhadamanthys is equal to his own sadness, Aaron draws a cross on the painting of his subject and, instantly, the body already tried the Giant iIfernale is sliced ​​into two parts. Despite everything, Rhadamanthys claims his only reason for living, that serve the god of the underworld, and in this case, delete Aaron, an impostor who plays with the powers of Hades. Pandora please the specter of abandoning the struggle, while Aaron, while impressed by the fervor of the enemy, does not have any fear. Rejecting a loud voice, Salvation to which the artist claims to be the bearer, the Wyvern says it will fight again in the next Holy War as a Spectre of Hades, then launches a desperate attack which, surprisingly, is facing the painting with which they were sealed the powers of Athena.

Lost Canvas: Chapter 202


Chapter 202
Love and Sadness

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