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Lost Canvas villain Gaiden: Chapter 06


Chapter 06
Black Dog Hunting

Total Chapter 33

Again Greedy does not hesitate to sacrifice his men just to stay ahead of the Knights. But the executioner, recovered the bodies of his group wants to take advantage of yet Sekishiki to pounce upon the enemy. His counter-attack seems effective, but has not reckoned with the cunning of 'ex-disciple of Hakurei. And 'so that our heroes are separated and Play finds himself facing the truth and the powers of Yudo without any help ..

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Lost Canvas villain Gaiden: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
The Black

Total Chapter 29

Torturer wants to obtain information from the spectrum of Snail on the site of Nero, but before he can answer is devoured by the flames of Kisouen, launched from a distance. The news for play are not finished yet, because the eccentric villain sees an icy Albafica added: two Gold Saints are on a mission to defeat the Black, which is nothing but a criminal organization formed by Blacks Knights. We are given a glimpse of life at their hideout, which gives us the opportunity to begin to know them: their boss is an avid and his face is not the only similarity I can see ..

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Lost Canvas villain Gaiden: Chapter 01


Chapter 01
Facade / Reversal

Total Chapter 28

Scenario one selected from the more familiar Shiori Gaiden for the villain of Venice. The brilliant author is never a given, it wants to offer the flip side of the city of Carnival. Play Meet, skilled pickpocket, who chooses to empty their pockets at the Golden Knight wrong .. Villain. But Cancer will be just to save him and his companions from the harassment of Snail, alleged representative of a mysterious criminal organization called Black.

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