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Anecdotes Lost Canvas 02 - Cardia


Anecdotes 02: Cardia

They make me just laugh! Life has a deadline from the moment it starts. It applies to all men: there is no certainty in the future. E 'for this reason that I burn my life here and now, no matter when it comes to its end!

Cardia on Living Fully

We propose Gaiden of the Cardia in tankōbon format, similar to the one released in Japan recently. In addition to the ability to read the chapters in a single volume, this edition offers an unprecedented Chapter Bonus and extra high quality, including the pattern of Nahual of Tezcatlipoca.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 07


Chapter 07
I have no more Cold

Chapter 16 Total

Huesuda Cardia explains its mission: the world is periodically destroyed and rebuilt so that the man himself is not the cause of an irretrievable disaster and since industrialization began in England is spreading around the world, the time has come to find destroy civilization and then restart it. Worn Nahual of Tezcatlipoca, engages in battle with the Scorpion to be able to absorb heat through the brand tlacotli. When Elder orders Nahualpilli skinning Sasha to ignite the maximum heart of Scorpio, he discovers that the young man had already been released from the blows of the Golden Knight that she thought were unsuccessful and that Nahualpilli was no longer willing to obey. .

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 05


Chapter 05
Acute Pain and Sensations Royal

Chapter 14 Total

Nahualpilli confirmation of a character to be interesting from several points of view. Thanks to him, has been an official entrance on the scene a new category of armor, Nahual (for more details read the notes in the chapter). His sudden attack seems to surprise Cardia, but Skinner has poorly thought to be able to put to compete with the Golden Knight in a race of sadism. Sasha intervenes to protect the integrity of Cardia, but only then discover the true intentions of the Scorpion in the meantime began to suffer from the Fang ..

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