Chapter 21

The deadly clash of the Twelve Houses


For the Bronze Saints were the twelve hours long and intense ever ... because those twelve hours were all that separated the golden arrow to the heart of Athena.
So the five Bronze Saints fought in single combat, against the twelve Gold Saint to protect the Houses of the Zodiac. Burning his Cosmo at most, and bringing their lives to the limit, finally they managed to reach the rooms of the Priest. Here, a knight exhausted fighting against a wicked, raised the golden shield of Athena and its light changed everything.
Saori, freed from the golden arrow, awakens among his knights, including the knights of gold remained that swear allegiance.
But Saori, worried, he rushes to the Thirteenth, greeting Bronze who fought and suffered for her. On top of the 12 houses, located Saga, finally free from the darkness, who commits suicide in front of her to atone for their sins. Saori mourns his passing, while Mur, just came, explains the dual personality of the rider that has caused so much suffering to him most of all.
Meanwhile, in space, just cast a dark spirit wanders in the dark until it collides against something making him fall to the ground.
Near the shrine, Mayura perceives the misfortune just happened, and requires the saintie to move away, while evil spirits stir more. Before they can do anything, a meteorite strikes the ground, creating something dark behind him.
While Shoko perceives a cosmos of her family, even Saori turns amazed; a new threat on the horizon.