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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dohko: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
Hui Fox with Nine Tails

Chapter 47 Total

Liu Xing is not willing to change his opinion about Dohko, until it reaches a mission to Hui Bai Ze. Eager to redeem himself with the Tiger Fierce shows its improvements that led him to reach the highest spiritual level of the Fox, the Fox with Nine Tails of being started from Wild Fox. Not only that, Hui was also able to wear the Robe Ink, called Tattoo, and can not wait to confront Dohko indossante Armor Libra ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dohko: Chapter 01


Chapter 01
The Xian Jing

Chapter 46 Total

It's been years since Dohko he returned to China, but has not yet accustomed to his new condition. His times have become longer, are now marked only by the visits of his friend Hao. But will soon have to prepare to receive guests who are not friendly, even coming from Xian Jing, Fairyland that Dohko himself considers his second home. Even more amazement hit the Knight of Libra when they see the features of their ringleader, Liu Xing-..

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