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Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 12


Chapter 12



Orlando, seriously injured, is still standing after the coup Shura, while the knight lies unconscious. Orlando congratulated him for being able to wound him up to that point but in the end the victory was his. Decided to honor the opponent, Orlando draws his swords black to finish it, but lightning destroys them all; Aiolia is, come to the rescue of Comrade!
Orlando, amazed by his strength, is preparing to face it though does not like to face opponents without swords, but Aiolia stops him, saying that it is not yet time to deal with it, because Orlando is injured and not able to use the maximum of its forces, having also lost the use of his right eye. If you have to clash, will be at the limit of their capabilities.
Orlando is the kid very arrogant, but accepts the invitation, leaving a message for Shura declaring that he was very honored in facing a duel so hard.
While Aiolia recalls a still unconscious Shura that he is in debt, Yoshino called to inform her of the incident.
Yoshino, lagged behind, urges him to get back in fearful to be alone and, in fact, a strange hare the speaker appears before inviting her to drink tea. Besides she also appears a blonde girl who claims to have crossed ages and sizes to its research.
While Yoshino wonders if she is a sword fighter, you realize it already known in the past; who will?

Lost Canvas Gaiden Sisyphus: Anecdote 10


Being rolled out at home, we present here the extra volume dedicated to Sisyphus of Sagittarius, which will go to post the extra chapter.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Sisyphus: Chapter 4


Chapter 4
The Promise

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Chapter 66 total

Sisyphus is before his brother, Ilias Lion, the strongest and respected knight of the Sanctuary with the proposal to abandon all retiring in a remote and peaceful.

Sisyphus can not believe it: his brother, and his teacher, can not make such proposals. Believing another illusion Alkhes attacks him, but Ilias easily repels the attack with his Plasma, throwing the young Sagittarius ground.

Now Sisyphus is sure that that's her brother, but rejects his invitation wanting at all costs to protect others, but Ilias disagrees. Saw its oracle that Sisyphus lose himself betraying the Sanctuary and is not willing to accept it. But noting that his brother does not want to follow it hits him with a powerful Lightning Crown that also devastates the forest.

Sisyphus it is invested and feels that his own armor was injured in the soul: such is the power of Ilias that nature itself will bend to him. Even Alkhes in the distance perceives, blaming the Lion for not being able to express their feelings.

Ilias, again wearing a Sisyphus, invites him to follow him leaving the Sanctuary, but Sisyphus does not want to give in; made a promise to Aspros and Rasgado, and has plans to build the future together with them! With this promise in the heart, launches Cheiron's Light Impulse at full power, but, to his great surprise, Ilias walks among us as if nothing happened.

Blaming him for his choice, Ilias unleash all the power of his Eighth Vista, throwing the spirits of the forest of Sisyphus dilaniandogli armor. Sisyphus them suffers, but is not going to give in and, seeing a way as he had done with his dark alter ego, the take by attacking his brother. To his great surprise, however, Ilias spitting blood from his mouth, and not for a blow.

Thrilled, Sisyphus asks explanations to his brother, who responds by saying that they have tuberculosis. His fate is now written, his quest to overcome the senses has weighed on his body to the point of getting sick and no longer remain the most many years. But Earth told him he will return in another form, and is a Sisyphus who wants to entrust the new self, and it is for this purpose that put him to the test.

Sisyphus is in tears, unable to accept the fate of his brother, but Alkhes, just coming up, promises to take care of him and complimenting you pass the test, gives him the manuscript with an oracle that will be beneficial for Holy War . Sisyphus accepts him asking her if her future will be bright, the Pythia replied that the future is a ramification of events depends on our actions and he'll write it with its decisions. Conscious of this, Sisyphus is a new promise to his brother, that is, to take care of his heir and guide it into the future.

Back at Sanctuary, it turns out that the oracle shows a small Italian town, of which one does not understand the meaning for more than ten years. In the same period, while in the company of Sisyphus is Rasgado feels his armor resonate; Armor is the Lion's calling!

And while Rasgado includes that little Regulus is still alive, Sisyphus rushes to look for him to fulfill his promise!

Lost Canvas Gaiden Regulus: Chapter 7 5S + Anecdote


Chapter 05S + 7 Anecdote

As usual, in the version Tankobon dell'Anecdote dedicated to the Knight of the Lion, the Shiori gives some extra (you can find the link in the References at end of article) only offers a Chapter Extra, summarized therein.

The Way

Regulus has just received the armor and, enthusiastic, will start immediately to his new home. Has come down, stands a figure that swaps for the father, being it in his own meditation pose. But this is not his father Ilias, but the Golden Knight of the Virgin Asmita immediately rebuke him for his noise. The Young Lion did not take it and, indeed, is too enthusiastically. Asmita scolds him again about the lack of respect that should to his superior. Not at all offended, young look more closely at the Knight asking if he was stronger than him. Asmita replies that, although he never faced another Golden Rider in direct confrontation, it certainly is. Regulus understands that this is true because it sees in him the qualities of shamanic father. Asmita is struck by the new Leo, but simply remind him that is in the Sixth House, and must therefore continue its descent. While Regulus going away apologizes keeping his cheerfulness, Asmita understands to have known him who will be the cavalire Golden Lion strongest of all time.


Chapter 5S HQ Impaginato in ENG; Cover + Extra HQ dell'Anecdote 7
Publication PaniniComics for 10/24/2013

Lost Canvas Gaiden Regulus: Chapter 03



LCI staff will inform you that due to the achievement of the publication of the Italian Gaiden by PaniniComics, the Crew has suspended the full translation and layout of the original chapters Japanese.
We begin, therefore, from today to present a summary of the chapters, detailed information, consult, as always, the purchase and reading of books will be published soon in comic books :)

Chapter 03
The Shadow of the Father, the Light beyond it

Chapter 52 Total

We left our young lion while he is forced to escape from the castle of Lord Cruach, defeated by his power of darkness. Conscious of this weakness, the young knight asks Failinis to teach him to fight with what they call "magic." Failinis, albeit a warrior and not a druid, accepts attacking him with his sword of light. The results are not positive: Regulus, convinced of having a close look at this power to understand, can only bring damage to his sight. During a break, Regulus is impressed by the attitude of Conor who, despite having just lost his father, tries to force himself smiling at life.
Shortly after, the forest in which they Refugees is filled with lamentations and the two young people can see a ghostly laundress in tears by the side of a pool of water. Conor, looking more closely, you realize that it is not simple clothes, but of Failinis pierced and that the woman is doing the crying sink in water. The woman turns out to be Banshee, sent by Lord Cruach to kill them. Regulus, unable to defeat it and succubus of his attacks, flees into the forest to rescue his two new friends. But to protect them must face the Banshee, often offering the blows of the woman. Until, exhausted, recalls the teachings of his father and is finally able to see the flow of light in all things, as he had repeatedly tried to teach him Failinis. Including this, can also see the flow in the body of the Banshee, hitherto untouchable to his attacks. The new capacity shows off a new technique, the Lightning Crown, which defeats the Banshee. but on his return he found the smile of the little Conor, but Cruach Lord, come to claim the last descendant of Lugh, the Young Lion able to save her?


First Half of Chapter Impaginato by Base Crew
LQ Scans and Translation ENG

Lost Canvas Gaiden Regulus: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
The Sorcerer of Darkness and the Messenger of Light

Chapter 51 Total

Regulus wants to avenge his father's Conor, mindful of the pain he had felt at the time. But Cruach, through the power of Balor, proves a bone too hard. The young horseman Leo will have to find an unexpected help ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Regulus: Chapter 01


Chapter 01
Balor dall'Occhio Evil

Chapter 50 Total

The young Conor wants to reach his father in danger, but she is the victim of an ambush. Fortunately for the Sanctuary sent a young Golden Knight to protect ..

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