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Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 12


Chapter 12



In his villa Saori perceives that things are getting worse in Eden and has attempted to intervene, but a firm voice; Mayura is! Apparently the two met and Mayura, confirming that the awakening of Eris is near, advises Saori, not yet able to make good use of his powers, not to meddle.
Meanwhile, the temple, the clash between Milo of Scorpio and Orion Rigel gets glowing shots of Ignis Fatuus and Scarlet Needle!
Milo congratulated the former silver because, despite receiving fewer than 14 bites is still in degrees counter it, but the next, Antares, will be fatal!
Among them, however, intrudes Shoko, determined to save his sister who still believes in itself in an attempt to retain Eris.
Milo the intimate again to get away, but on the insistence of the girl, intrudes Mii, asking the knight gold to give it a chance, because it is the will of Athena salvation host of the spirit of the goddess.
Milo asks how they can know the will of Athena, receiving an answer that they are saintie and then, as her maids, I am always near, surprising the gold that did not believe in their existence. However, the result does not change because Athena is not there, and now the time is running out.
Suddenly a light on these raging, is the cosmos of Athena speaking to Milo asking him to wait. General disbelief, Saori materializes near Shoko, promising not to give up until she will not do it and, so saying, the two enter the womb in search of Kyoko.
The found inside, still conscious, but happiness is short of Shoko. Eris, in fact, clings to the soul of Kyoko definitively took possession. However, the intervention of the goddess Athena has destabilized, that is no longer able to remain in that body, annoyed, Eris tries to go out in search of another, for example, that of Shoko!
Kyoko, however, the firm, blocking the soul of Eris him and asking Milo together to destroy them, while he is still able to block it. A worthless protests Shoko, because the will of the sister is clear, protect it at any cost.
Including this, Milo throws the decisive blow, destroying the uterus and hurling Eris and Kyoko away in the sky.
Shoko is destroyed, wondering why her sister has willed it so. Milo on seeing her, tells her to understand if we will have it forever with him and concludes that Kyoko was a very good saint.
At the villa, Saori also fell in tears for the loss of Kyoko, but Mayura reminds her that every saint is ready to die to fulfill their duty and, reminding its commitments, suggest that this is the last time I cry.
A few days later, a Saori ice convene Tatsumi, the time has come, the time to retrieve the saint around the world, now that the Galaxian Wars begin has arrived!

Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 9


Chapter 9

A heart that refuses to give up!


Produced with the help of her sister, Shoko attack Eris, but his shot does not reach the goddess. In fact, as Saori and Mii They note, Shoko is still not able to control his powers, and therefore fails to create a technique. Eris mocks her, hitting her, laughing at the fact that even if he could strike would only cause damage to the body of his sister, not his soul.
But Shoko did not give up and, rialzatasi and determined to thwart his destiny, tries to hit her again. The shot still lacks strength and Eris keeps laughing, arguing that even if the strike, they would leave without taking one of Shoko.
The new attack Eris, however, is blocked by Saori, determined not to stand idly by. Still convinced that human emotions contain a large force, Saori is determined to defend them and, combined with Shoko, spurs her to call again the help of her sister, now that she too will be supporting her.
The new attack, produced with the help of Kyoko also has the desired effect, and the shot goes straight to the soul a sign of Eris, who falls unconscious.
Seems to be made, and Shoko heads already by his sister, but from a dark vortex sectors were the goddess impendendo to Saintia to take it; is Ate, rushed to the rescue of his mother!
According to Ate, Eris is not yet fully aroused, so I was able to hit it. Determined to bring her home to revive her, but Athena threat, whose crime of having wounded the mother will not go unpunished. That said, Ate retires, but Shoko is not prepared to leave his sister again and throws himself on the branches before they disappear into the sky.
Saori and Mii are perplexity, Shoko followed Eris and Ate in the Garden of Eden and Saori knows how dangerous it is for the girl is not yet able to control his powers. Determined to save her as his saintia, Saori would like to reach, but the Mii stop. He knows that Saori has weakened in the fight and that the Galaxian Wars are imminent, so he offers to go to recover Shoko, also as a remedy for not being able to do anything. And swears on his life that will not fail!
Meanwhile, the Sanctuary, the High Priest has perceived the rebirth of Eris and decided to send three knights of argendo on patrol at Eden Gardens to check. But in the room bursts Milo of Scorpio, decided to take charge of the mission having failed in his youth to counter the resurgence of the Goddess. The priest agrees, and now the knight gold is headed to the Temple of discord, what will happen?

Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 8


Chapter 8

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Mii is determined to confront any threat to Saori and attacks the newcomer with his roundhouse kick Angel Splash! But Emony has avoided the attack and revealing his Leaf, the armor of Dryadi red as blood, looks like Emony of Malice, then attack with his Nightmare Scheme!

Hundreds of butterflies surround the body of Mii, but are not butterflies, they are actually lobelia, flowers that have taken root on its body resulting in dry energies. While Mii starts to feel the effects of his stroke, Emony mocks her to trust Athena, a goddess so weak suffer nightmares. This shakes Mii, determined to defend Saori, which, although one of its weaknesses, giving it his all to protect human love. Bearing this in mind, breaks the attack Emony and hits her with her Heaven's Maelstrom!

Meanwhile, Jabu defeated Toki and is going to finish it if it were not for the intervention of Saori which, welcoming the boy dying in his arms, apologized for the suffering he had to endure. More peaceful, Toki goes off in his arms, while his body is extinguished in dozens of flowers. Mii, just coming up, explains that there are snowdrops, and that in the language of flowers signify hope. Saori, in fact, reminiscent of the one hundred boys sent by his grandfather to become a saint, and the fact that many of them, including the sufferings, could not help but cling to hope, but because of the seeds of Eris, even one small weakness can land them in his hands as the poor Toki and this does not allow that!

But a voice mocks the air; Eris is, awakened in the body of Kyoko!

Eris Athena mocks for his weakness, remembering when sealed in golden apple in her hand confining the galaxy. But now it is back, recalled the chaotic era of men, ready to dominate on their weaknesses. Jabu tries to stop her, but is quickly brought down by the goddess, who then does the same with Saori that, because it does not yet fully awakened, can not object to his power. Eris so plan to make her a prisoner in her temple, consuming his energies thanks to the golden apple.

From the air, however, comes as an aid, unexpected meteor; Shoko is, catapulted there by Mayura who perceived the danger to Athena! Shoko has not yet completed his apprenticeship, but is now again before her sister, owned by Eris that does not recognize it. But the meeting produces unexpected fruits, the totem of Equuleus, in fact, resonate with the cosmos of Kyoko, which is awakening opposing Eris, it seems not quite awakened.

From the depths of his soul, Kyoko encourages her sister to fight and, thanks to the cosmos, it helps to wear for the first time on the armor of Equuleus!

Weakened, Eris runs, while Kyoko continues to encourage his sister, who, understanding, promises to protect Athena!

Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 4


Chapter 4

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Aiolos, the Golden Knight who managed to save Athena in bands in the cost of living, has transcended death to help once again his goddess. Saori hear him, though still weak, can not surrender if his warriors continue to fight even after death. With the help of Sagittarius, Saori Ate attacks to finally dispel it from that place. The dryad is hit by a ray of light, but has no intention to surrender; with a flick of his hand, seizes Shoko, ready to make the receptacle of his mother!
Invested by the blow, Shoko has a flashback of when she was a child; at the time was sad because he felt inferior to her sister and believed that she did not want to play with her. Thus ended in a dark garden, where a woman promised to soothe her pain giving an apple. But Kyoko came just in time, because the apple was demonic, as well as its owner, who tried to take over the body of a child, needlessly protected by her sister. Luckily for them, a Golden Knight intervened in relief; Milo of Scorpio! Thanks to him, the woman was beaten and Shoko saves, but the knight warned his sister that their fate was not concluded and Kyoko then decided to become a saintia to protect his little sister.
Back in the present, we see Kyoko fulfill its promise, being able to interfere in the rite place to undergoing the fate of his sister. Thus, under the gaze of stunned Shoko, Kyoko disappears becoming the new body of Eris!
Saori it upon himself every sin, promising to save Kyoko with all his might, but Shoko is not enough; she does not intend to wait for his sister to be saved, she will do so, as the new saintia of Equuleus!

Saintia Sho Saint Seiya: Chapter 3


Chapter 3
The dryad Ate

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Kyoko, guard, suffered the attack of the head of the dryads, finendone defeat. Inside the house, which is Shoko Mii fight dryads, with Mii that defeats thanks to the defensive barrier. Nothing can, however, against their boss, Ate the daughter of Eris, come in person to take the body of Shoko. Mii the faces but its defensive wall can do nothing against the force of Ate. Not even the arrival of Kyoko, with the greatest joy of Shoko survived the first attack, can do nothing, and the two saintie are at the mercy of the force of the opponent.

Saori comes to their aid, with his fist in the scepter of Athena, decided to give manforte to his warriors and defend Shoko. Ate is surprised, not only by his will combative, but especially by his weakness. Recognizes, in fact, in Saori doubts of human nature which limit the strength. Realizing that Athena is not yet fully awakened and the weakness of his warriors, Ate is happy because there is no better time for the awakening of his mother, who may well dominate unchallenged on the world.

For girls it seems that there is no hope, but a light rushes to their rescue. And 'the treasure chest golden armor of Sagittarius! Aiolos has once again transcended the barriers of death to defend their goddess! Will it succeed?

Saintia Sho Saint Seiya: Chapter 2


Chapter 2
The Saintie of Athena


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Sho is shocked to recognize his sister Kyoko in the warrior in armor came to her defense. Kyoko is, in fact, the Xanthias of Equuleus and easily defeats the driade with its ryuuseiken, then embrace the sister. The dryad, however, is not dead, but she thinks the timely arrival of the Mii that looks like the saintia dolphin, giving it the coup de grace. Together with her also comes Saori, presented as the goddess Athena, which is the Mii that Kyoko owe obedience. Saori sincere conditions of Shoko and invites her to spend the night at his home under their protection. As later revealed a Mii, Saori has realized that Shoko is designed to accommodate the spirit of Eris, and that his dryads attack that night for this purpose. Shoko embraces his sister, finally understanding that his period of study was actually un'addestramento to become saintia. Later, at dinner, Mii explains the real role of saintie. As the saint protect Athena from enemies, but even they do, unlike the priestesses who must hide their femininity with a mask, they are not obliged to do so. As the personal servants of the goddess, her last act as a safeguard acting over 12 homes. Shoko is surprised but every other question is stopped by the arrival of the dryads, she decided to take the girl. Mii stands in his defense, but Shoko is not going to remain on the sidelines watching and prepares to fight. Mii is surprised, not so much by a desire combative girl but from what he perceives in her; seems impossible, but Shoko seems to have awakened the cosmos!

Saintia Sho Saint Seiya: Chapter 1


Chapter 1
Shoko and Kyoko


In a dream we see the comet Repulse, prison of the spirit of Eris, flying in the sky and a winged serpent chasing a child up to the arrival of a golden knight to his aid. Shoko wakes up from the nightmare, pushing his father came into her room to wake her up. E 'in the morning and, after the usual karate training with his father, Shoko has breakfast remembering as always to her older sister Kyoko, game five years ago for a study program of the foundation Kido.

At school, Shoko finds out from a friend that Saori Kido, the founding president of the most powerful in Asia, of which the school is a part, that day arrives to attend classes, having to cover the compulsory school while studying at home. Saori, working with the organization of the Galaxian Wars, is not interested in following the lessons in the school, but compelled by law, can not do otherwise. Shoko, discovering where he is, he rushes headlong into his chambers to ask her sister, but the door is Mii, secretary of Saori, that blocks the passage and pushes it away with a martial art unknown to the girl.

Not being able to continue, Shoko, gives up for the moment coming out for lunch, thinking to find a way to bring Miss Kido. At that moment, all his companions fall asleep and a strange woman appears before him. The woman looks like a dryad, came to pick her up in his mother's name Eris, the goddess of discord, because the body of Shoko is intended to accommodate the spirit of the goddess! Shoko tries to rebel, but the dryad is too strong for her, all of a sudden, however, a girl in armor comes to his rescue. Shoko can not believe in recognizing the girl; is his sister Kyoko, Santia of Equuleus, come to defend it!

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