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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 09


Chapter 09
Coffin of Ice

Chapter 27 Total

This chapter concludes the third Gaiden, one dedicated to Dégel. The Shiori has given us a multitude of characters and a new setting and depth, giving us a story that has consecrated the Aquarium, has enriched the lives of the background to the Shrine and sowed further important clues about the Holy Wars.

Follows a fairly detailed summary of this final chapter, do not read it if you do not want to be spoiled.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 08


Chapter 08
The false bottom of the Jewelry Box

Chapter 26 Total

Mastery Energy Krest is really cold at the highest levels, it seems that nothing can be done Dégel before getting Absolute Zero. Garnet is met: the master of the centuries-old doubts about the way forward seem to disappear with the defeat of Dégel. But when Aquarius is imprisoned inside the Freezing Shield, finds a way to outdo in the name of the lessons learned from his teacher ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 07


Chapter 07
The Secret of the Garnet

Chapter 25 Total

Fluorite, alone, is not not give up and continues to look for a trail that leads from the father. Unfortunately for her the success of his research will bring tragic news. Dégel, after reaching the consulate and young friend, goes by Krest Garnet and to bring them the answers that they had requested ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 10S


Chapter 10S
Scorpion's Interlude

Chapter Bonus

The Shiori offers us an unprecedented and unexpected closing of the Chapter Extra Gaiden of Cardia recently released in the format Tankobon in Japan and soon we will offer you full. It is a short flashback of childhood Scorpio and how has taken the Knight Street after meeting a man Quincentenary ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 05


Chapter 05
The View of the Mountain of Light

Chapter 23 Total

Koh-i Nur, the Mountain of Light, Krest is none other than the legendary veteran of the armies of Athena. While showing his great skills to a Dégel disbelief, tries to explain the reason for his painful choice and what he expects from his student ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
The Jewelry Box Garnet

Chapter 20 Total

It was during the crisis of Cardia, we discover from the Sage because of the mission in France by Dégel: Krest, his teacher, as well as the legendary warrior of the Holy Wars, with an age of about 500 years, has sent a request for help to Great Temple after attending the territories of Garnet. The Vouivre meanwhile Dégel approaches, but the two are interrupted the assault of Mrs. Fraille, a widow seeking revenge. And 'the best opportunity to show off his Garnet Small Joys ..

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