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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 03


Chapter 03

Chapter 21 Total

Dégel, decided to stay the night at Palazzo Vouivre to discover the fate of his Master, dismisses Seraphina. After a reminder of the teachings of Krest, is tackled by Flint. The Golden Knight has an easy life, so it hides behind Flint Fluorite. Dégel, however, is a fighter out of his reach and was able to get some information ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 01


Chapter 01
The Magician of Ice

Chapter 19 Total

New Gaiden and new adventure! We leave the exotic places to dive in the previous Gaiden Court of France in the eighteenth century. Residenza Vouivre holding the birthday party of Madame Garnet, attended by the international aristocracy. From the story of Fluorite, a waitress event, we find that there is a special guest, Dégel.

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