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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 05


Chapter 05
The View of the Mountain of Light

Chapter 23 Total

Koh-i Nur, the Mountain of Light, Krest is none other than the legendary veteran of the armies of Athena. While showing his great skills to a Dégel disbelief, tries to explain the reason for his painful choice and what he expects from his student ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 04


Chapter 04
Father and Teacher Missing

Chapter 22 Total

Dégel, easily defeated Flint, tries to understand a little more about Garnet. After much persuasion, Fluorite joins him, determined to find his father and with some clues on where to investigate the basement. But there, the Golden Knight and the young waitress found a study, a mysterious shadow, Mrs. Fraille imprisoned and a surprise ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
The Jewelry Box Garnet

Chapter 20 Total

It was during the crisis of Cardia, we find from the Sage because of the mission in France by Dégel: Krest, his teacher, as well as the legendary warrior of the Holy Wars, with an age of about 500 years, has sent a request for help to Great Temple after attending the territories of Garnet. The Vouivre meanwhile Dégel approaches, but the two are interrupted the assault of Mrs. Fraille, a widow seeking revenge. And 'the best opportunity to show off his Garnet Small Joys ..

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