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Saint Seiya Omega: Episode 17


Saint Seiya Ω

Episode 17
Someone to Protect! The Master Armor Repairer of the Mineral and Legendary!

[守るべきもの! 聖衣の修復師と伝説の鉱石!]
Mamorubekimono! Kurosu no Shūfuku-shi to Densetsu no Koseki!


The group gives a small deviziazione next core to escort Raki, a young practitioner of telekinesis last pupil of Master Armor Repairer ..
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Lost Canvas: Special Chapter 243


Special Chapter
243 Years Later

In the last Tankobon, 25, is a special chapter does not appear in the weekly publication by the journal. It is a few pages in which Shiori wanted to give fans an additional treat joining Lost Canvas perfectly with the beginning of the manga classic. We are sure that all the true fans of the saga will appreciate! ;)

Note the bracelet Kiki and her particular hair, that are revealing about his ancestors : D

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