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Lost Canvas - Chapter 209


Lost Canvas: Chapter 209 - Spoiler

Aspros states that, as Khronos, is not going to let fly, but God is not at all intimidated and attacked him with spears made from the hands that pierce easily Surplice Gemini. Kairos is convinced of having immobilized Aspros, but the warrior still has a free arm and spear, the knowledge of God, the Genro Mao Ken. The second attack of Kairos breaks on the Gold Cloth Gemini, which prevents the spears to kill Aspros. Kairos reflects aloud on the absurdity of the will of the deceased Deuteros to defend his brother. In fact, according to God's fault if Aspros Deuteros was robbed of a decent life, just as happened to him because of his brother Khronos, which sentenced him to his current situation. But Kairos is now convinced that he could avenge exploiting Aaron, a false god of the underworld, and the powers of the Divine Armor Pegaso. The brother of Khronos is said to be able to supplant the gods of Olympus and ready to duccidere his own brother. Suddenly, however, understand that there is something strange in his desire to confess his plans: Aspros is still alive and has used the legendary demonic fist and says he is satisfied because now he knows he has a chance to delete it. Gemini explains that the weak point of Kairos is his body and this invokes the specter of Asmita rosary, with which it is ready to close the account with the evil god of the moment.

Lost Canvas: Chapter 208


Chapter 208
The God of the moment

Thanks to its scientific knowledge, Aspros finds a way to circumvent the manipulation of space-time Yoma and mocks him. But Yoma is far from having shown all his cards and use the Rewind Bio, a technique that allows you to reverse the internal clock of an individual to take it before his birth. Aspros can not endure the attack and Armor of Gemini comes off the back of arranging a totem. But, to the surprise of Yoma, Aspros is still there wearing the Surplice Gemini. In fact, being already dead, he was reborn as a Spectre Immortal and therefore not subject to time. This time to undergo the Galaxian Explosion is Yoma, but despite the damage received continues to increase its cosmos dramatically revealing himself to be a god content from multiple seals! Aspros speculates that it may be Khronos, but is Yoma himself to talk about his true identity, he is Kairos, younger brother of Khronos and supplanted from these. His intention is to take revenge of his elder brother, whose haughtiness revised in Aspros from the beginning and this has changed the destiny dropping the drop. Aspros however is not going to give way finding infantile vengeance of God.

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