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SaintiaSho Saint Seiya: Chapter 17


Chapter 17

Good and Evil

Saori is the presence of Saga, the man weeping on his knees before her. When she asks him his identity, the man looks like the High Priest, the one who tried to kill her when he was a child. And, indeed, Saori recognizes her figure among his memories.
Tearfully, Saga pulls out the dagger gold with which he had tried to kill her, asking her to end her life. Clutching the dagger on the side of the blade, Saga adds that the scepter that is carrying is actually Nike, the goddess who always follows her to protect her, and it is with that scepter that Saga wants to be killed in order to expiate his guilt.

But Saori rejects, recognizes the good in him and therefore has no intention to eliminate it. Saga is stunned by his acquittal, but his time is up and the bad side takes over, mocking the weakness of Saori. With the bloody dagger in his hand, the dark side of Saga is ready to lift the blow, but something goes wrong; the good part is still present and succeeds with one last shot to send the Another Dimension Saori saving it and leaving the Saga evil screaming for failure occasion.

Meanwhile, the Colosseum, Katya stands in front of Mayura again, but this time do totally different. The saintia has in fact understood his mistake against Saori that ensures the Peacock to be rescued, recognizing guilty of having betrayed Athena. Wondering how last favor to the two silver believing in Saori, Katya recalls the ice crystals of Jewelic Tears in an attempt to commit suicide, but Mayura rushes to his defense saving it. She recognizes that Katya has fallen victim to their own desires, but who still has the right to be a saintia and moving away, and ordered his two silver to declare the death of Katya.

Mayura teleports under the protests of Juan who wonders what they want to do, while in Georg questions about the incident, wondering if the woman is not right and not something strange is happening to the sanctuary.

Meanwhile, Saori wanders the Another Dimension, when someone comes to his rescue; Aphrodite is Pisces, sent by the priest to make sure the girl to come home safe and sound.

Aphrodite brings Saori to his villa, and when she asks him why he did it, the knight replied that it was an order of the Priest and asks itself why not killed him. Saori can not give a clear answer, except that he wanted only to know his intentions. Aphrodite smiles not endorsing the answer. The Knight apologizes, but on his honor of Saint can not follow a person so indecisive reputing not able to protect the earth, because in this world full of war is the force to be justice. Confirming his faith in the most decided Priest, Aphrodite is preparing to leave, but added wait anxiously the moment when the Athena Saori become it deserves.

Later, Shoko wakes up in a bed villa Kido, assisted by Xiaoling, that confirms that they are all safe and sound, including Saori.

A flapping of wings attracts the attention of Shoko on the counter, where along with an eagle appears a woman in armor; Marin is the Eagle, a warrior priestess!

Marin is surprised that a Golden Knight has moved against them, but added that he did not seriously, because if he used his true demonic roses would all be dead. The news hits Shoko wondering if the newcomer is or is not an enemy. But the saint denies being one and the two saintie amazes even more. Before he left, in fact, reveals that the Marin Academy of Saintie is under attack by the Sanctuary! What will happen now?

SaintiaSho Saint Seiya: Chapter 16


Chapter 16

Mayura wearing his armor posing as Mayura Peacock, the most powerful among the priestesses warriors!
Georg and he immediately asked how is it possible that it has become a rebel, but Mayura denies attacks Katya and be guilty of having betrayed Athena and saintie.
Juan para attack with his shield, blaming the woman to attack with impunity as a girl. But Mayura not interested in sex opponent, whatever the attack. Georg insists in wanting explanations, but Mayura continues to pour out his attentions on Katya to punish her for having turned his back to Athena.
Katya confirms his loyalty to the priest, ready to fight, but Georg and Juan to bring you before, saying that the opponent is too powerful for her. We will think them to deal with it, leaving the saintia safe in a gravitational barrier created by Juan.
Subsequently, the two silver combine their shots against Mayura; Astral Gravitation Juan and Geistig Blitz Georg!
But Mayura defeats and contrasts them with his secret technique: Kenyoku Tenbushô!
Came from Katya, Mayura holds the neck by granting the last words, but Katya does not give up stating that in any case will end up in the hands of the priest Saori!
Indeed, Mayura feels a powerful cosmos closer to his mountain, breaking the barrier. Concerned about Saori is about to reach it, but Georg and Juan get up, determined not to let her get away!
To the mountain, Mirai shows the armor damaged Horse Shoko, promising to repair it and reminding her that if not yet earned and should finish his training.
Shoko agrees, recalling his impotence in the face of silver and wondering why the saint are against Athena and follow only the Priest. Saori explains that the priest is an absolute authority to the Sanctuary and which are within the saint to know the truth and to help her regain power.
Shoko then, aims to reveal his cosmos so that everyone can recognize but Mii, which is witnessing Xiaoling still unconscious, the firm stating that Saori has exhausted his cosmos in the clash against Eris and therefore can not do it.
While Shoko deep thinking on the problem, feels numb his senses, and a cloud of red petals surround the place falling asleep the other.
Resisting all'effluvio roses, Shoko sees a male beautiful and wearing golden armor, approach; Pisces is Aphrodite, Athena came to return to the sanctuary!
Shoko tries to stop him, but the petals blacks wiped out, leaving it to the ground, so that the gold can easily lead to complete his mission.
Saori later wakes up on a stone stele, under a relief that depicts. A man greets her, and when she asks him who he is, he replies that it is he who has ruled the sanctuary until then in his stead.
Saga is good in front of Saori, what will happen now?

SaintiaSho Saint Seiya: Chapter 15


Chapter 15


Mii Xiaoling and are astonished to see their old friend Katya from the priest, with Mii trying to reason with her friend reminding what the priest did. But Katya, giving notice to the two silver not to intervene, says that is what they said at the academy but who has now opened his eyes.

Xiaoling not going to feel and, determined to protect Saori, attacks immediately with his Kyokuten Shichisei Ken!

Katya para easily attack with a wall of ice, then, blaming the old friend for his weakness, the attacks with his Jewelic Tears!

Ice crystals imprison poor Xiaoling in a glass case, before he can do anything.

Katya, then, turns to Saori, but the Mii before you pour again, reminding the times of the academy and what they knew of the priest, in as he tries to resist his ice crystals.

Katya decides to answer her, telling her she was saved by a clash with a powerful Dryade from a male and infinite goodness; the High Priest!

Then she realized that he is the real protector of earth and not the girl that they believed Athena. Before Mii can argue she is imprisoned in a case of ice, freeing the way to Saori, that she too begins to suffer the blow. Katya urges her to show his powers to free himself, blaming the futile work done with the Galaxian Wars. Saori does not replicate and is not able to counter the blow, giving reason to Katya when a suddenly stops; Shoko is, come to the rescue of Saori!

Further, Juan and Georg comment what happened, sorry for the quick departure of so many young girls, and mindful of the orders of the priest who wants Saori alive. Georg also says that she just might be the pawn of someone at his back ...

Shoko is presented as the saintia of Equuleus, surprising Katya which recognizes it as the sister Kyoko. Shoko is ready to help Saori but Katya urges her asking her if she really believes that she is the goddess can protect the earth. But Shoko replies that this is not the matter, has a debt to Saori who fought and suffered for her and her sister, and for that the defend. Katya does not want to listen to it and attack with his ice crystals.

Shoko, amazingly, able to counter the blow, coming to attack with his saintia Ryuseiken.

The coup, however, is blocked by Juan. Tired of that childish clash and decided to put an end to it, the silver generates a terrible explosion inside the arena.

Shoko thinks he's a goner, but suddenly is located in a clearing, with Saori, Mii and Xiaoling, welcomed by Mirai Shinato and explaining to them that was Mayura in teletrasportarle in that place to save them, and now she will always be at take care of the enemies. Shoko is concerned in this regard to its conditions, but Shinato reassures her, the teacher was just sealing his five senses to strengthen, is therefore perfectly capable of fighting.

And, indeed, Mayura comes down to the arena from his wheelchair, raising his cosmos. Juan and Georg recognize it as the person behind Saori and prepare to deal with it. But Mayura replies that she will be to open their eyes, in the guise of the Knight of the Pavone!

SaintiaSho Saint Seiya: Chapter 14


Chapter 14

As a Pegasus

The Galaxian Wars have entered into the heart, and Shoko, released from the hospital, he went with her friend Rumi to attend one of the clashes. That day to fight are Pegasus Seiya and Shiryu the Dragon!
Shoko knew Seiya few days before and thinks back to their meeting, when Seiya has collected the pendant sister before we lose. Shoko, still suffering from the death of her sister, she can not hide her mood, intriguing newcomer who asks what is for her that pendant. Shoko replies that it is a memory of her sister who has always protected until the end. Seiya understands, he also has a sister from which it was separated by small, but in his heart he is confident of being able to find one day, that is why it goes on continuing to fight.
Returning to the present, Shoko witnessing the fall of Seiya, infrantosi against the formidable defense of the Dragon. The rider suffered a blow to the head, and they all give up on him, but just then, in a flurry of petals cosmos, Pegasus gets up, determined not to give up! With all his strength, Seiya launches a powerful Ryuseiken that gives him the victory.
Thanks to the download of the cosmos, Shoko fully understand the words of the boy that day and, after the crowd, goes to him while they're taking away on a stretcher, promising that she will go on fighting!
Outside, Juan and Georg attended the clash on television a bar where they are eating. Juan blames those guys who already stupidly go against the laws of the sanctuary, but then, even more stupidly, risk their lives in sterile meetings. Georg replies that perceives but their determination in those fights, this can not be mad at them. Juan mocks him as being too sensitive, perhaps because he has coached a young Bronze Horseman. But Georg denies, are there on a mission because, according to the priest, evil lurks among them, and it is their duty to stop it.
Finished eating, the two come from local reuniting with Katya, who did not want to eat with them, and when Juan asks if there is time to make a turn, the Santia replies that there might be enemy everywhere, and it is therefore vital to use the slightest opportunity to hit the false Athena. As she walks away, Juan comments how nasty wondering if they are so all saintie, also because, apparently, some of them are on the side of Saori Kido. Juan asks why so two knights silver have had a saintia assist in countering its parigrado, and Geor supposed more than to help her, is to keep an eye on.
After nightfall, Saori lingers in the Coliseum watching the ring, with Mii that goes to call for starting.
Outside of the Colosseum, Shoko is coming home, thoughtfully, without listening to the words of her friend Rumi who supposedly has a crush Pagasus. But Shoko denies, but admitted to being impressed by his fighting. Rumi is agreed, wondering what to do when the saint not fight. But Shoko answers, thoughtfully, they always fight to protect Athena and justice. At that moment, lightning hits the Colosseum, surprising both, especially Shoko who understands that this is not a normal phenomenon.
In fact, the Colosseum, Saori lying in knee, defended by Mii Xiaoling and dressed in their armor. Against them stand Juan Shield and Georg of the Southern Cross that, noting the truthfulness of the statements of Katya and the youth of the three, they wonder if it's worth sticking. But a voice incites them to fight; is Katya, also dressed in his armor, ready to fight his old companions, dismayed to see her on the side of the enemy.
A new battle looms on the horizon, and Shoko seems determined to do its part!

Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Chapter 13


Chapter 13

Galaxian Wars

In Central Europe, the Saint Academy, a girl gets her chest, with the duty to assist and protect Athena.
Meanwhile, in the hospital of the Foundation Degree, Shoko wakes up from a sleep that lasted three days, received from his father happy to see her safe and sound. But although physically are well, what the storm is in his heart, because it is there that knows that her sister Kyoko is gone.
At the hospital, he is visited by Saori and Mii, happy to see her again in forces. Saori apologizes for what happened to Kyoko and reveals the real reason why he gave start to the Galaxian Wars; to reveal the evil within the Sanctuary!
This will trigger a new battle, but Saori Shoko does not want the fight, has already made his and lost enough, now only has to live a normal life like Kyoko wanted for her.
Head back to the residence, Mii Saori asks whether certain of his decision, with the upcoming battle and loss of Kyoko and the disappearance of Katya, Shoko would be very helpful. But Saori is safe, the sacrifice of the Kyoko showed the true strength of men, it is enough to push it to fight for them.
Suddenly heard screams; Tatsumi is felled by a strange girl. The girl is Xiaoling Ling, the saintia Ursa Minor, rushed to assist Athena. The young man had not recognized by Tatsumi's butler Athena and apologizes for having attacked, and then presented to Saori proving to be aware of the situation and that now they need not fear, because there she will protect her.
While Xiaoling, pulls up the morale of talking to Saori Galaxian Wars, Mii wonders if the sanctuary is not already working against them and, in fact, Saga, the fake priest, has convened two silver to the Thirteenth.
They are Juan Shield and Georg of the Southern Cross. Saga speaks to them of the Galaxian Wars, where the simple bronze have betrayed the rules of the sanctuary to fight for personal reasons. But Saga has understood that behind this event there is a plot by the Foundation Degree, led by Saori Kido, the girl on which the silver will investigate. The two, however, are doubtful that a simple girl would dare so much, but a newcomer warns them; Saori pretends to be Athena and as such should be punished. These words come from Katya of Corona Borealis, a saintia, as presented by Saga, so who knows for sure who is really Athena.
Gave them the task of killing the girl and all saint traitors, Saga retires to his rooms, mulling over Saori and understanding well that she, the saint and the cloth of Sagittarius are all connected. It is certain, she is the goddess that thirteen years earlier escaped her clutches because of Aiolos. But now that he has revealed it is ready to deal with it, so he can then become the new ruler of the Earth!
Meanwhile, the hospital, Shoko comes out to get some fresh air, thinking back to the words of Saori, that now has to go back to a normal life. But the girl feels empty now that he lost his sister, so that, cadutole the precious pendant given to her by Kyoko, does not find the strength to take it before it falls into a manhole. But his rescue comes a guy with a cloth in the shoulder, which gives her the pendant realizing how important it is for her.
Shoko does not know it yet, but he is Seiya Bronze Saint of Pegasus!

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