Chapter 1
Golden Shadow

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Chapter 67 Total

Two and a half years before the Holy War, Deuteros surprising brother Aspros the Oracle of Delphi surrounded by the corpses of Pizie. Accusing the brother of the act, takes a hit of Aspros that makes him lose his mask. Knight hit him because annoyed that his brother believe it responsible for a similar act, when he had gone there to order the priest to collect their oracles.

Deuteros would like to believe it, but for some time now has doubts sull'irreprensibilità brother, no doubt exacerbated by the final gesture of Aspros throwing the corpses of Pizie the Another Dimension!

Deuteros is increasingly doubtful, remembering when years earlier, the two had tried to escape from the Sanctuary because of its oracle Pizie had indicated as evil. At the time, Aspros had tried to bring him to safety, although it was also feverish and, chased by men of the Sanctuary, had fallen in some ruins. There Deuteros, impressed by the determination of his brother to protect him, he decided to become stronger and to relieve the burden of Aspros protect it, both become himself able to protect his brother. But that time is far away, does not know if it's the right thing to do.

The Sanctuary a soldier is accompanied on his tour of the night patrol by Junkers Wolf who just finished his day's workouts. For fun, Junkers scares the timid soldier with the story of the ghosts of the Colosseum, that old Berseker Ares captured and then beheaded at the Coliseum, which is still being felt their complaints. Although Junkers the stories just to scare the two really feel the roar coming from the Colosseum. Junkers has decided to go check it against the advice of the soldier frightened, but not the only one interested in the sounds ..

The Colosseum, Deuteros, the author of those rumblings, is training, noting that he had already learned the techniques of the full brother of which still doubts. Suddenly, Déjel Aquarius surprises him by revealing that they are aware of its existence as informed by the High Priest. Deuteros, who lives hiding-to protect his brother, attacking him fearing retaliation, but Déjel imprisons him with rings of ice Koliso. It is not his intention to fight, but it's there to investigate the disappearance of Pizie and, doubting Aspros, wants answers from his brother. Deuteros, determined to protect Aspros, rebels freed from Koliso and attacking Déjel, who manages to avoid the first attack but not the second. Deuteros is convinced to have done, but suddenly the ice imprisons him; Freezing is the Shield, the mighty glacier that even the Golden Knights can destroy!

Unable to move, Deuteros confesses that it has fulfilled the crime, but Déjel does not believe him and perceiving its nature loyal to his brother, the ice-free still decided to get the truth.

At that moment, the ground emerge spirits beheaded; are the spirits of the Berserker, whose seal imposed by Athena was broken!

On a ship, meanwhile, Aspros, observes the scene. E 'was he breaking the seal, blaming his brother was not able to get rid of Déjel. But no matter: the Berserker will do the job, disintegrating the Knight of Aquarius for him. How will Deuteros?