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Lost Canvas Gaiden Sisyphus: Chapter 4


Chapter 4

The promise


Chapter 66 total

Sisyphus is located in front of his brother, Ilias Lion, the strongest and most respected knight of the Sanctuary with the proposal to give up everything and retiring to a remote place peacefully.

Sisyphus can not believe it, his brother, and his teacher, can not make such proposals, therefore, believing another illusion of Alkhes attacks him, but Ilias easily repels the attack with his Plasma, throwing the young Sagittarius to the ground.

Now Sisyphus assured that this is her brother, but she refuses his invitation wanting at all costs to protect others, but Ilias does not agree. He saw his oracle that Sisyphus lose himself betraying the Sanctuary and is not willing to accept it. But noting that his brother does not want to follow him with a powerful Lightning Crown that also devastates the forest.

Sisyphus it is invested and feels that his own armor was injured in the soul, such is the power of Ilias that nature itself will bend to him. Even Alkhes perceives in the distance, blaming Leo for not being able to express your feelings.

Ilias, again on Sisyphus, tells him to follow him leaving the Sanctuary, but Sisyphus does not want to give in, he made a promise to Aspros and Rasgado, and intends to build the future together with them! With this promise in my heart, launches Cheiron's Light Impulse at full power, but, to his great surprise, Ilias walks among us as if nothing had happened.

Blaming him for his choice, Ilias unleash all the power of his Eighth Vista, throwing the spirits of the forest of Sisyphus dilaniandogli armor. Sisyphus them suffer, but it is not going to give in and, seeing a way as he had done with his dark alter ego, the take by attacking her brother. To his great surprise, however, Ilias spits blood from his mouth, and not for a blow.

Thrilled, Sisyphus asked why his brother, who responds by saying that you have tuberculosis. His fate is now written, the search for ways to overcome borne on his body to the point of getting sick and no longer remain the most many years. But the Earth told him he will come back in another form, and in Sisyphus who wants to rely on the new self, and it is for this purpose that put him to the test.

Sisyphus is in tears, unable to accept the fate of his brother, but Alkhes, which occurred soon, promises to take care of him and complimented for having passed the test, gives him the manuscript with an oracle that will be beneficial for Holy War . Sisyphus accepts him and asked if his future will be bright, the Pythia replied that the future is a ramification of events that depends on our actions and that he will be with his decision to write it. Conscious of this, Sisyphus makes a new promise to his brother, promising to take care of his heir and guide to the future.

Back at the Sanctuary, it turns out that the oracle shows a small Italian town, of which one does not understand the meaning for more than ten years. During the same period, while Sisyphus is in the company of Rasgado, feels his armor ring, is the cloth of the lion to call!

And while Rasgado understands that the small Regulus is still alive, Sisyphus rushes to seek to fulfill its promise!

Sisyphus Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 3


Chapter 3

The bow and the bowstring


Chapter 65 total

The oracle revealed to Sisyphus that if he wants to read the manuscripts of the future will have to first defeat his dark side, born precisely from those manuscripts, according to which he will interfere in the plans of Athena, hurting her and her companions finally giving in to evil .

Sisyphus can not believe it, but do not have the time to refute the oracle, as the Sagittarius Dark attacks him with his arrows of darkness. Relentless, Sagittarius keep hitting without allowing a moment of breath, but Sisyphus does not want to believe he represents the future and attacked him with his Cheiron Light Impulse!

The attack appears to have effect and Sisyphus, by faith in his companions, goes oracle ready to deny it, but Sagittarius is presented in the Dark again before blaming him for his weakness due all'affidarsi always to others. Having said that flings away with the dark version of the previous shot of Sisyphus.

Sisyphus, invested by the blow, remembers when he met for the first time Ilias, discovering to be her half-brother, at the time, in an attack of the black saint, Sisyphus was going to the aid of some of his friends trapped by the fire, too weak to pull them away, but decided to protect them, had been saved from the power of Ilias. At that moment it was born in him the desire to gain strength as a knight to protect all those who were dear to him.

Strengthened by this recall, Sisyphus again faces his dark side, who still blames him for his doubts and threatens him with the black arrow of Sagittarius. Sisyphus responds with the golden arrow but hesitates for fear of not succeeding. A voice urges him to seek his own way not with the eyes but with the soul, seeking his path to follow. Sisyphus, closing his eyes, he sees it, a path punctuated by his teammates, and conscious that the path he has chosen is not difficult does not hold back, fearing that the other might be with Sagittarius in front of him. Stronger than that, he hurls the arrow defeating the dark Sagittarius, who complimented for his strength of will.

Sisyphus, however, do not have the time to enjoy it, because Ilias, the author of the entry that has spurred on, the stands before making the final question, the Sagittarius would be ready to abandon their armor to retreat to a peaceful place with him?

Lost Canvas Gaiden Sisyphus: Chapter 2


Chapter 2

The Oracle


Chapter 64 total

At the sanctuary, Sage drew just invested Sisyphus, giving him the task of going to the oracle of Delphi to ask him about the outcome of the next Holy War. But this is part of the plan for Ilias to test Sisyphus so that defeat their dark side. Sage still do not fully comprehend the choice of the lion, but he understood his illness lung demand explanations from the silent knight gold.

While Sisyphus is directed out of the sanctuary, he hears the voices of the other apprentices who are not surprised of his investiture, not so much for his abilities, but believing recommended as the brother of the knight of the lion. Annoyed by what was soon reassured by Rasgado and Aspros that compliment each other again for the result achieved, promising that they will reach you soon.

Heartened, Sisyphus reaches Delphi, where a forest is attacked by some wolves that lands unintentionally. The wolves are directed to the oracle, such as Alkes explains, the current oracle she also appeared in the guise of a wolf. Excusing the incident, Alkes offers to him the road to the oracle, he and his friends. To his amazement, in fact, Sisyphus meets Rasgado and Aspros with their armor!

The two explain to him just to be invested and have followed him in the mission, and then suddenly attack him violently. Sisyphus is astonished, wondering whether or not an illusion. But the two do not leave you time to do other, beginning to shower him with blows blaming him for his character environment, as unfit for the armor he wears.

At the sanctuary Ilias still remembers the last words of the High Priest and confirms himself the intention of helping his brother to improve in order to make the part in the Holy War that he can no longer perform.

Still in the throes of the battle with the two, Sisyphus tries to react when you find himself surrounded by so many who insist on wanting a normal life instead of a knight. Sisyphus would silence them, in while being violently attacked by two companions. Determined to prove that the pasta is done, the young Sagittarius responds with its more powerful shot canceling the illusion.

The reappearance of Alkes the confirmation that everything was an illusion to test him, and now that he has passed, is ready to show him his future.

Inside the temple, in front of the true form of Alkes, Sisyphus sees himself wearing a surplice. Why is this the vision seen by the oracle, Sagittarius past the forces of evil!

Sisyphus Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 1


Chapter 1
Younger Brother of a Hero

Discussion on the Forum


Chapter 63 total

Seventeen years before the war against Hades, we see the young Sisyphus, Rasgado and Aspros still apprentices. The three are in the form of observers in an area where the High Priest saw a star shine evil. I do not have to fight, but just waiting for the intervention of the Knight assigned, Ilias Lion, the elder brother of Sisyphus!

When, however, the centaurs bandits attack the defenseless villagers, Sisyphus and Rasgado rush to their aid, against the opinion of Aspros, loyal orders. The guys seem to have the upper hand, until the arrival of the Spectre their head that defeats them easily. The Spectre takes away their forces with his arrows and is ready to finish them off, if not for the timely arrival of Ilias, called by Aspros, defeating the enemies and then scold Sisyphus had not complied with the orders.

A few days later, Sisyphus is training with the bow under the watchful eye of his brother, who scolds him for not being able to understand even the wind and nature. In the meantime, an oracle speaks with the lion through a deer, revealing that he had seen his brother's shadow in future.

It 's been a year and Sisyphus is ready to perform the test to become a Golden Knight, that is able to wound one. His opponent is Lugonis of Pisces, which puts him in trouble with his poisonous cosmos. But Sisyphus did not train at all, and despite the wounds and pain, with all his strength, he manages to injure Lugonis a finger.

Sage appoints him as Knight but Ilias intervenes, it is not sure of the quality of his brother and wants to put it in front of another test ..

Regulus Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 7 5S + Anecdote


Chapter 05S + Anecdote 7

As usual, in the version Tankobon dell'Anecdote dedicated to the Knight of the Lion, the Shiori gives some extra (you can find the link in the References at end of article), in addition to offering an Extra Chapter, including summary.

The Way

Regulus has just received the armor and enthusiastic, you immediately start to his new home. Has come down, a figure that stands out mistakes for his father, standing it in his own meditation pose. But it is not his father Ilias, but the Golden Knight of the Virgin Asmita who suffered rebuke for its noise. The Young Lion did not take it and, indeed, presents with excessive enthusiasm. Asmita scolds him again about the lack of respect that should be in one of his superiors. Not at all offended, the young look more closely at the Knight and asked him if he was stronger than him. Asmita contends that, although he never faced another Golden Knight in direct conflict, it certainly is. Regulus understands that this is true because it sees in him the qualities of shamanic father. Asmita is impressed by the new Leo, but merely to remind him who is in the Sixth House and must therefore continue its descent. While Regulus by leaving apologizes keeping his cheerfulness, Asmita understands that he knew the person who will be the Cavalire Golden Lion strongest of all time.


Chapter 5S HQ Impaginato in ENG; Cover + Extra HQ dell'Anecdote 7
Publication Paninicomics for 10/24/2013

Regulus Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
The Sorcerer of Darkness and the Messenger of Light

Chapter 51 Total

Regulus wants to avenge the father of Conor, mindful of the pain he had felt at the time. But Cruach, through the power of Balor, it shows a bone too hard. The young horseman Leo will have to find unexpected help ..

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 197


Chapter 197
New Star

Rhadamanthys mocks Ilias for wanting to fight despite his physique was tested to the limit because of the disease and Ilias says, picking up the speech in Rasgado, that his star was already dead and therefore not in a position to shine. At the sight of his son rushed to him he realizes that Regulus is the star created by the turning off of her. Rhadamanthys however is not going to stop even if he has in front of helpless father and son, but Ilias, reassured by his epiphany, he explains that the Order of the Wyvern Heavenly decrees that Regulus will live on. The specter is ready to challenge the words of Ilias trying to gore with the Lion and his son, but Ilias parting with his attack breaks the horn that was supposed to pierce Regulus, ran away, and off a forest fire. The reasons for Ilias damage Rhadamanthys think that seems to give up the mission. After the recall, Regulus tells Rhadamanthys that he prepared for this clash constantly reliving that day and that, even if the Wyvern had now transcended the human condition, it still would have passed.

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