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Shion Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 7


Chapter 7

The Vice


Chapter 81 total

Kairos, before the High Priest Shion, which stands in defense of the altar of Athena, mocks a mere human that nothing can against a god. But Shion moves him to put him to the test, creating a powerful Stardust Revolution!
Kairos is amazed by the force of the blow, not recognizing the priest the same boy who had faced a time, unable to hit him with his black blades. Shion, flashing armor, replies that it was not for fifteen years sitting on a throne, but has been enhanced to protect what was left.
In a flash explosion, Kairos manages to block the shot just a second before being hit with Shion who compliments for his temporal powers, adding that it will try to be faster with the second attack.
But Kairos malicious smiles, confirming that after all, he is not a man. Suddenly, the universe of Kairos swells, encompassing everything; Rewind is the World, the blow able to push back the time in the environment.
Teneo, at the foot of the shrine, seen disappear Offshore Athena and then gradually the 12 houses. Concerned about the priest, approaches to his students, but also disappear. Realizing that the cause is an attack of Kairos, Teneo rejuvenates increasingly to disappear, hoping that the High Priest to save them.
Kairos, amid the rubble, laughing, strutting his power, being able to do anything despite living a mortal body.
A voiceover, confirms his words; Shion is survived by a shot from teleporting to another dimension.
Kairos is amazed that he managed to do such a thing, wondering how he did it. Shion says she has seen in the memories of the armor of Gemini, where Aspros had moved their clash in the Another Dimension to cancel his temporal powers.
Kairos, again annoyed in remembering the knight of Gemini who had managed to imprison him, says that is not the limit of his power and, still puffing his cosmos, is finally able to hit with his Shion Rewind World.
Shion, hit, he finds the rooms of the priest, with his master Hakurei and Sage which make you enter. There Shion sees all his friends, knowing that it was they who put into his hands the future, the first of which Avenir that makes me go on.
Reassured by this sight, Shion Free Rewind World before it does regress to the fetal state and attacks from a distance with a powerful close Kairos Stardust Revolution!
Kairos, fatally shot, sees his jail time and destroyed the shrine back to its original state, but also has another vision that cheers him; the return of Athena and Tenma dressed in their armor of God.
Kairos is happy to see his son deicide and invited him to join him in attacking the Heavens, so to take revenge of the gods and, why not, to review the beloved game.
The two, however, not fiatano, but Athena raises his shield in the air and the light falls upon Kairos, uprooting his darkness forever.
Shion came, which includes the shield of Athena, able to destroy all evil, Kairos has permanently deleted, so that the Shrine is returned safely.
Reassured, reviewing Teneo and its safe and sound, Shion turns Altar, now again host the statue is Athena and with his feet on the armor of Pegasus, and thanks them hoping that now they are in a better place to rest in waiting for the new Holy War, and promising them that will prepare the shrine for their return!

Shion Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 5


Chapter 5



Chapter 79 total

The Stardust Revolution Shion defeats Kairos inside Pandora's Box. The force of the blow is visible outside and Manigoldo, including the incident, it involved taking the soul of Shion and linking it to his body that recovers quickly its age. Armor wearing, Shion looks have made it, but the portion of Kairos outside of the casket, determined not to let it go, it self-destructs.
Villain feared for their lives, but suddenly Kairos finds himself trapped in a wall of crystal, Crystal Wall! Shion stops so that it can no longer harm anyone.
Elsewhere, a picture of a tree says the death of his alter ego; Yoma is that vows to make him pay in Sion for standing in his way. And 'dangerous enemy of a god, especially one able to see the crossroads of the future and there are still many to use to get rid of the young ram.
Meanwhile, the country in which they are the three begins to disappear, failing the temporal power of Kairos, Yugo also begins to age rapidly worrying Shion that will not disappear. But Yugo reassures him, has always been their will die to be reunited with their former comrades, and after he made me promise that Shion would repair their armor, Yugo disappears thanking him one last time. Shion remained with the dust of his hand, he said that, although he has seen countless times in the memories of similar scenes cloth, really separate from a friend is truly painful. Manigoldo but stresses that, with the approach of the Holy War, must get used to such scenes, even though he knows to give a recipe to do it.
In Jamir, Hakurei perceives the disappearance of the cosmos of Avenir and the consequent release of the cloth, commenting that with Sage wonders if the knight has gathered to his comrades in the future. Sage says that it is precisely in the hope of what he had wanted to be buried in what was left of the ancient land of Mu, where he said there was even the technology for time travel.
Twenty years, and the 5 Peaks Dohko perceives break the seal of a star evil. Shocked that un'avvenimento similar happened in so few years after the war, immediately warned telepathically Shion of what happened, because the star is directed precisely to the Sanctuary. Shion receives the message and said to recognize the evil aura of the star.
At the second house, Teneo del Toro attends the fall of the star and heads straight to the training site of the knights. Here, he sees his students as stuck in time and the cause of everything; Kairos, the god of time!
Teneo is shocked to see him, knowing that God had been defeated by Aspros during the war, but Yoma not even want to hear the name of the one who imprisoned. He took years to rebuild his body destroyed nell'Iperdimensione, and even more to get free from Rosario but is now free, at the last crossroads of the future to carry out his plan of revenge against Chronos using his son Tenma. But when Teneo reminds him that Tenma perished in the Holy War, Yoma contradicts it; still perceives the cosmos of his son and will give birth to his plans!

Shion Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Turning Point


Chapter 78 total

Villain continues to fight against the projection of Kairos, hurling his Sekishiki Konsoha, taking advantage of the fact that it is only a soul before. But his technique is useless against an ancestral god and the rider asks that the situation is at Shion.
Meanwhile, in the Pandora Box of Aries Shion continues to see the memories of Avenir, while launching the attack alone against a handful of ghosts, crushing them with a Starlight Extinction. Hakurei appears behind the gold, reproaching him for not having waited for the others, Avenir responds that he did to earn their trust, but Hakurei replies that in reality it is not to be able to trust his new teammates. The Knight has a point and Avenir reveals that the Saint of Aries, as first defense, it is usually always the first to fall and, there being managed in the future, he wants to do in the past to ensure the victory of the war.
Shion perceives well the feelings of the old knight, full of regret for what he lived and unable to forgive himself nor nor Hades.
Behind Shion suddenly appears Kairos, his armor suit, asking the young man if he enjoys watching the memories of a loser.
Shion, offended by his words, he asks why it is so taken by the fate of the Knights of Aries, but Kairos replies that it is his destiny that matter, because in the future its drop will create something great that he did not want to happen. That said, Kairos attacks with his Real Marvellus investing Shion with black blades. In hitting, Kairos Khronos curses that he understood to be behind the time travel of Avenir in an attempt not to bring to pass his future, but Kairos is planning to put a spoke in the wheels of eliminating Shion way as to render unnecessary the action of his brother.
To his surprise, however, Shion gets rid of its stroke, generating a light similar to Starlight. The boy controls the armor that knows, being in her chest, the only real thing in there and says he is ready to bear the feelings of Avenir to save the future.
Outside, Manigoldo perceives the anger of Shion and growing worries that yields to the feelings enclosed in cloth.
Kairos comment that Shion's face has changed, but that will not be enough to defeat him, in fact, the coup de Sion is unable to counter the Real Marvellus Kairos and the boy is again hit by the blow of seeing the cloth Aries end up in pieces.
Among the fragments, however, Shion sees Avenir and his desire to save the future with his new teammates. Revived by that vision, Shion gets up, with Kairos is surprised to see the pieces of armor to protect it from his stroke.
Shion force may be the last wishes of Avenir and, full of them, unable to throw a powerful Stardust Revolution not only able to counter the blow of Kairos, but also to hit him. And while Kairos is surprised that a simple boy was able to go that far, Shion explains that it is thanks to the will of the Knights of Aries past that failed to do so, and thanks to them, will fight for a new future Peace!

Shion Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Cross Road


Chapter 77 total

Kairos, that is how the man dressed in a strange way the people of Mu. Kairos attacks them, in search of the cloth of Aries who wants to destroy, but his path was blocked by flames, is Yugo Centaurus that stands in the way! But Kairos not intimidated and turns the rider in a child with the Rewind Bio! Kairos did not kill him because he wants to witness the triumph of Chronos Avenir that he used for his purposes. Fortunately, the cloth of Aries is protected, so it can not be destroyed, so the Kairos blocks in time with all the inhabitants of the country, happy to have thwarted the plans of his brother.
This is the story told by the child that looks as Yugo Centaurus. Villain, to hear the name of the two deities of the time, he pulls back, saying that they are no match ancestral deities. Yugo is aware of this, but are the first to arrive there, led by a superior will, and therefore begs them to help them.
Shion believe him and, dressed in his Cristal Robe, he tries to approach the seal, rebuked by Manigoldo already imagine the reaction of Hakurei the news of the death of his pupil. But Shion does not want to give up and go into the field of gold cloth.
Suddenly, Shion starts to age more and more, the risk of dying before reaching the armor; Kairos is, that appears in front of them having left behind a portion of its power to defend its own seal.
Shion is going to die, but Manigoldo intervene and cut off the soul from the body, so that it is immune to the power of Kairos, to reach the cloth and Avenir!
His spirit disappears inside the casket, with Manigoldo preparing to pass the time of his return facing Kairos as training against the gods.
Shion meets Avenir who, while wearing the cloth, shows him her memories; Knight finds himself in a city of the future, devastated by the gods, and then sees a sanctuary on fire, with riders and experts Athena and the priest in chains and Hades approaching. A stroke of his sword, and their heads are his, until a knight and a few other survivors who mourn the loss of their goddess. Then an hourglass changes everything and Shion finds himself in the sanctuary of the sixteenth century with his teacher and Sage still young in the presence of Athena questioning Avenir. Athena asks him who he really is and why he wears the armor of the ram belonging to their buddy just fell in the holy war that is being fought. Avenir, kneeling before the goddess, claims to know to be suspect, but his intentions are real, he's a legitimate Golden Knight from the future, and even if he did not believe, ask them to allow him to finally defeat Hades and to seal two of his side, so that his future may never come true!

Shion Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 2


Chapter 2

The Messenger that transcends Time


Chapter 76 total

Immersed in the wilderness of Tibet, Manigoldo complains because they are days that run in circles without finding anything, complaining that place so desolate to remember the mouth of Hades. Shion not flustered, repeating that the mission to become a knight is not so bad and reminds him that they are looking for a forgotten land, suddenly disappeared into thin air 250 years ago; the continent of Mu.
Manigoldo includes, but is confident about its link with gold Aries to find the place, Shion replies that it is not a bond ever present, but at that moment he hears something, a voice that brings it close to a light. Before the two can understand what it is, the light surrounds them and they disappear into thin air.
In Jamir, Hakurei perceives their disappearance and tells Sage, with whom he is conversing telepathically. Brother apologizes for forcing him to send his pupil in that mission so risky, but with the advent of the holy war is too important to draw all the armor, and special power Shion was perhaps the only way to regain the cloth Avenir disappeared with the continent of Mu shortly after the last holy war. Hakurei, which itself is proud of how the student has faced, reassures his brother stating his full support to the plan and full confidence in its successful conclusion.
Meanwhile, Shion and Manigoldo find themselves in a land foreign, near a village in ruins. Villain is not surprised that his teacher saw us right again, but warns Shion on that site, which perceives dangerous and which may or may not return.
Suddenly, they are attacked by some rocks, moves like bullets by two men riding a yak. The two attackers, telling him to tell them when to come, surprising Shion. And when Manigoldo states that have come from the Sanctuary to claim the cloth of Aries, the two become angry, attacking with more force the two, dividing them.
Shion is thrown on a building where he discovers something portentous; all the inhabitants are like frozen in time!
Determined to learn more, Shion is pressing her attacker to have an explanation, but he refuses continuing to attack with increasing fury. Suddenly, though, his body turns into dust getting older suddenly, is Manigoldo that pulled the soul with Meikai-Ha, performing the same move made by his assailant. The two are more and more confused when they hear someone applauding; is a child who complimented in having seen more than two hundred years after the Meikai-Ha, albeit performed differently since he'd seen used by Sage.
Under the incredulity of the two, the child apologizes for the behavior of his companions, but being trapped in time two hundred years were very tense. The child claims to want to help carry out the last wishes of Avenir and takes them where houses the cloth of Aries. Once there, the two are rejected by a seal which imprisons, comprising by its power that it is a divine seal.
The child confirmed their feeling, explaining that two hundred years ago, shortly after the last Holy War, a man came from the sanctuary asking to see the gold of Aries; the man said his name Kairos.

Shion Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 1


Chapter 1

Those who dream of Aries


Chapter 75 total

In the darkness, the gold cloth of Aries breaks up composing him to Shion, but something happens and the guy is hit by something dark.
Yuzuriha Tokusa awaken and Shion, concerned about the companion heard him cry out in his sleep. Shion, who has already done this nightmare, reassures comrades walked away, leaving the two brothers alone to wonder what's going on, with Yuzuriha assuming that everything depends on the armor of Aries which, for some reason, the master Hakurei He continues to refuse.
Outside, Shion to calm down a bit ', he trains with psychokinesis moving rocks, feeling ready to become a knight, when someone appears complimenting his strength; is Manigoldo of Cancer, now in Jamir by order of Priest Sage.
Shion, meeting with his armor, sees the fight against Greedy Altar Black, sensing for what came to Jamir. Villain is surprised by the ability of the boy and confirmed that one of its missions is to report to the Hakurei battle against the Knights Blacks.
The tower, Manigoldo ends their relationship to Hakurei, handing down an order of Sage to his brother, his second mission.
Sage Hakurei order to confer the gold of Aries Shion in order to complete the ranks of gold in view of the holy war, but Hakurei is opposed, believing the student unsuitable. The grievances of Shion trying to reach the master, the silver altar intervenes in its protection by passing out Shion. Hakurei says a worried Manigoldo that Shion has the rare ability to see the memories and feelings of cloth, and it is just seeing those of silver that is passed could not stand her sad memories. And 'for this reason that Hakurei denies him the gold of Aries, to spare him an unfortunate fate that struck even its previous owner.
Shion, found, continues to plead his case, feeling ready to assume the role of a knight, Hakurei, irritated, hits him knocking him out of the tower.
The wise man does not want to give in and still affects the student under the concerns of Manigoldo. Even Shion, however, does not want to give in and, determined to go ahead even if it means breaking their relationship teacher / student shows what he learned by looking at the memories of the cloth.
Hakurei recognizes the laying of the boy; Stardust is the Revolution, the previous technique knight of Aries Shion spear against his teacher.
Hakurei revokes thanks to Sekishiki Meikai-Ha, which then uses against Sion and cut off the soul from the body. The timely intervention of Manigoldo resolve the situation, with the rider that the soul returns to the old Shion scolding for his excessive ways. But Hakurei replied that he was sure that the boy intervened and adds that his assent to the order of Sage. However, Hakurei reveals that his concern is not diminished, because the cloth of Aries hides a curse, a curse that struck the former owner and his companion; Avenir Aries.
Later, Shion gleans on the shoulders of Manigoldo that is taking away from Jamir, revealing that his master has finally consented to the order of Sage. Shion turns wanting to thank and greet the teacher saw him in the distance on the tower seems to notice the hint of a smile, so he too smiles, thanking him for the trust given to him.

Lost Canvas Gaiden Asmita: Chapter 2


Chapter 02
Having heard no voice

Total Chapter 55

Jamir in a young Yuzuriha perceives the awakening of a Star Maleficent and tries to counter it before it can manifest on Earth. But this power is too great for the warrior who would succumb if not for the timely arrival of Hakurei. The old master recognizes that the Star belongs to Spectre Atavaka and Asmita has already traveled to Hades to address it; but well aware of the doubts of the Knight after seeing the human nature of Athena. Conscious of this, it wonders how far Virgo is ready to fight the enemy. The Underworld Asmita and Ahimsa continue their path between the spirits of the damned: the young Indian is appalled at the agonizing state in which there are those poor souls and, shocked, unable to accept the idea that his mother might be in same conditions. Suddenly, the dead and the surrounding environment are incinerated by terrible black flames is Kagaho of Bennu, ready to do the same with the body of the Golden Rider. The attacks of the Spectre, however, crashing against the Khan of Asmita, the powerful barrier of the Knight of the Virgin. But this does not stop the Spectre that continues to attack with fury, heedless of the pain. Meanwhile, the shoulders of Ahimsa reappears Kagehoshi, surprising the guy who thought he was dead at the hands of Asmita. But the Spectre replies that he is immortal and that Ahimsa can become, if he agrees to join Atavaka; indeed, not only him, but also his mother could be freed from the horrors of hell if he accepted. The boy tried, but suddenly evil spirits stand between the two, allowing Asmita, who had called, to free his friend from the clutches of the Spectre, breaking his illusion. Kagehoshi is, in fact, Atavaka disguised, arrived there to take the soul of the young people. Asmita able to defend the soul of his friend?


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