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Lost Canvas Asmita Gaiden: Chapter 1


Chapter 01
He who Seek God

Chapter 54 Total

We are in the Underworld, the land of Hades. Among the desperation of the poor damned who are in that place, stands a new figure. His name is Ahimsa, a young man of Indian origin, who was tortured by the Skeleton, bothered by the fact that it does not behave like the other dead. The young man loses an arm, but everything attracts the attention of a shining figure: the Golden Knight Asmita of Virgo. Asmita gets rid of the Skeleton with a gesture and then dwell on the deceased, not only intrigued by the fact that he maintained his personality, but because he seems to know it, and in fact Ahimsa recognizes him. The setting changes, go back in time than eleven years, where a young Ahimsa was arrested for stealing food to take her sick mother. Regardless of his motives, the guards put him under house arrest in a temple of ascetics, forcing him to suffer hunger like them. Not understanding the reasons for the ascetic life and eager to return from her mother, Ahimsa is an encounter with a strange child, who reads him his fears and sorrows. This baby is Asmita: he also, through hunger, seeks to understand the sense of pain than men; amplified compared to the other ascetics as sighted.
We return to the present, with an Ahimsa increasingly confused about his status as a deceased, and the presence in that place also Asmita which should involve the death of the Gold Saint. But Asmita is present only in spirit form as in charge of a mission, the explanation of which is interrupted by a newcomer. This is the Spectre Kagehoshi that, while interposing between them is not showing interest to the Knight, because, as far the awakening of Hades, finds no reason to engage in battle. In fact, the attention of the Spectre is all for Ahimsa has awakened the Eighth Sense. Kagehoshi the claims in the name of his lord Atavaka, the Spectre closer to the gods. The Spectre is precisely the reason for the presence of Asmita in the Underworld, so try to get information from Kagehoshi. The Spectre refuses attacking, getting just a quick defeat. Aiming to find its target, Asmita is going to face the underworld, taking with him Ahimsa, being the guy object of interest of the enemy. Elsewhere Atavaka receives the news of the death of Kagehoshi and the presence of Asmita, but, not at all intimidated, order another one of his subordinates to deal with it. But this Spectre does not consider his subject: his only goal is to burn the enemies through his black flames. Kagaho Bennu is going to face Asmita of Virgo only for himself!


Scans MQ and HQ; translation and ENG FRA

Lost Canvas MiniGaiden01: The Lost Memory - fanwork


The Lost Memory

Base Crew is pleased to offer this wonderful fanmade work that enriches the storyline built by Shiori Teshirogi. In this experimental and successful mini gaiden discover an important background information related to the God Cloth of Athena. There will be new and old friends ..

We would like to thank Franco Villa and Elisa Romboli , with the hope to see the continued series!

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 222


Chapter 222
Three Together

Penultimate chapter of our beloved manga, the "true Saint Seiya." Fabula strange, but always contained very high.

Sasha, Tenma and Aaron arrive in the presence of Hades in the form of pure spirit. These are not going to give up, but now the three friends together again, I'm too determined. In the name of the promise shewn on Bracelet Flowers make the ultimate effort to drive out Hades Elysium.

Their life has been full, can vanish in a smile that reveals mutual happiness and melancholy.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 220


Chapter 220
Golden Light

Shion, thanks to his knowledge and his acumen, he wants groped a desperate move: Hades exorcise exploiting the Light of the Sun, a direct antagonist of Darkness Hell. To do this, it uses psychokinesis and its intimate relationship with the Armor to recall Zodiac Signs crossed the ecliptic, ie the Twelve Gold Cloths.

The Light that Dohko and Shion can generate from them is able to hit Hades and scatter the darkness, but only briefly, in fact Hades does not report any injuries and only his host body suffers minor burns. He falls back on the darkness and it seems to reach the end.

But when the resignation is going to have the upper hand, the spirits of the Golden Knights fell back to wear their armor for one last time. The lure of Tenma has come down to them and, led by Sisyphus, all give the ultimate fundamental contribution.

It 'a narrative moment very high: in one sentence Shiori Teshirogi can describe the entire story arc on each Golden Knight, which will inevitably marked in the hearts and memories of fans of Saint Seiya.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 219


Chapter 219
The True Darkness

Dohko and Shion from afar went crazy with the end of the War, obtained thanks to the grand enterprise of Tenma. But the clock begins to shoot an hour Star disturbing. Aaron tries desperately to convince Tenma to be killed, but before he can explain more, a tremendous wave of darkness annihilates anyone around him, reaching up to the two Gold Saints who are themselves overwhelmed.

Aries and Libra get up and find themselves in a landscape of desolation and death: their comrades are dead bodies and between them a dark figure stands. Hades has awakened by taking total control of Aaron.

Dohko tries to attack, and even if you can do nothing, is willing to sacrifice his life in order not to frustrate what was done by Tenma. But Shion stops him, has an idea that may still have a hope of victory ..

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 220 - Spoiler


Lost Canvas: Chapter 220 - Spoiler

Shion remember that Hades hates more than anything else in the sunlight and the twelve constellations of the Gold Saints are arranged on the ecliptic, or the path made by the Sun in one year: the constellations realized that his and his comrades have since time oblivious bathed by the light, the Ram recalls the 10 Gold Cloth missing. Sihon and Dhoko, aided by the energy of the other golden armor, begin to attack the god playing a glow similar to that of the sun, but, although at first it seems that they made it, moments after Hades says that the two alone will never be able to hurt him. Unexpectedly, the ten Gold Saint appear dead, ready to give the last contribution to win the Holy War: Sisiphos holding his bow while Sion, Doko, Albafika, Asmita, Aldebaran, Manigoldo, El Cid, Dégel, Cardia, Regulus and Aspros convey the essence of their cosmi on the tip of the arrow of gold. The twelve warriors are able to recreate the sunlight and sweep away the God of the Underworld. The light is also awaken Tenma and Sasha, while Sisiphus Pegasus invites to never allow the light of hope is obscured by the darkness of evil.

Lost Canvas: Chapter 214


Chapter 214

We see from the perspective of Aaron the one that seems to be the decisive battle of the Holy War. In this way we find out how, since childhood, Aaron had nightmares representatives memory of Hades; dreams in which the world and himself were saved by the Knight of Pegasus, which had recognized the eyes Tenma. The soul of the young painter was tormented, attracted by the darkness of Hades on the one hand and the vividness of Tenma on the other. Unfortunately the intervention of Pandora and the Twins and the awakening of the powers of Hades in the isolated and pushed him to follow the path of the god of the underworld to try to give salvation after death to those who had unwillingly killed. But his attempts to stop Pegasus are all failed, probably because addressing embodied in Mythological Pegasus Tenma has always been its biggest attraction. And the actual combat confirms what has already happened: Tenma gets up and continues to fight, making happy that Aaron is still avoiding giving a display of the highest power of Hades. But the decisive attack is near, Aaron wants to go along with it the fate of a Holy War: the end of the world or his.

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