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Anecdotes Lost Canvas 02 - Cardia


Anecdotes 02: Cardia

They make me just laugh! Life has a deadline from the moment it starts. It applies to all men: there is no certainty in the future. E 'for this reason that I burn my life here and now, no matter when it comes to its end!

Cardia on Living Fully

We propose Gaiden of the Cardia in tankōbon format, similar to the one released in Japan recently. In addition to the ability to read the chapters in a single volume, this edition offers an unprecedented Chapter Bonus and extra high quality, including the pattern of Nahual of Tezcatlipoca.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 04


Chapter 04
The Skinner

Chapter 13 Total

Huesuda plans seem to go as they wish, but among the ranks of the Jaguars there are those who do not like to wait, the Skinner. The Priest of the Sun then directs him to Cardia, who, meanwhile, is trying to recover and explains his situation to Sasha and Calbera ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 03


Chapter 03
The Priest of the Beasts

Chapter 12 Total

Real encounter / clash of civilizations between Cardia and Huesuda, the Priest of the Sun, the leader of the Jaguars! Their dialectical confrontation soon turns into test of physical strength, where the elderly proves to be a tough opponent even for a Golden Knight. Manages to mark Cardia, meanwhile rescue Sasha and Calbera. Their showdown is postponed for a few days ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Cardia: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
The Little Goddess

Chapter 11 Total

We begin to understand the genesis of this adventurous trip to Sasha and Cardia grace to the relationship that Sisyphus is Sage. Despite what felt Sagittarius, the High Priest sees the problem as an opportunity. Meanwhile, Sasha has the opportunity to confide in Calbera his fears about his situation and Cardia as usual .. looking for trouble!

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