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Next Dimension: Chapter 33


Chapter 33
The Secret Daughter by Maurizio Costanzo

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 211


Chapter 211
A Person

Aspros begins to lose strength, and which closed the Superdimensione, also contained in the Dark Dimension back to his place in the Lost Canvas, where it comes from Sasha. The goddess immediately realize the serious situation of Aspros, but they do not want to be approached and tells of his betrayal by declaring Athena impossible to understand the mind of those who turn to darkness. Sasha, for his part, admits to not being able to pass the path chosen by his knight, but remember to Gemini that in all men there is a dark side along with that light and that life itself takes place within these two limits, therefore, considers Aspros, according to this point of view, no different from any other person. Aspros, now back at all Spectre for the Rewind Bio, starts to become ashes, but reveals to Sasha that, because of its great ability to remain an ordinary person, it will be worthwhile because a goddess able to embrace all human beings, in all their facets. The sacred armor of Gemini and the remains of the surplice of Gemini is to make totems, beautiful symbol of the duality of the human soul.

Meanwhile, Tenma stops his run at the sight of his mother's Game that invites him to be silent and extracts Yoma from the grain of the Rosary that held him. The vision of Mephistopheles asleep in the arms of his companion, softens even the Knight of Pegasus that allows God to believe in his love match.

But Aaron breaks, saying that it was the vision of the dream of Yoma contained in the Rosary and mocks him for his mistakes. The young man is ready to do battle with Tenma, Sasha also knowing that soon will be joining them.

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Lost Canvas: Chapter 209


Chapter 209

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Lost Canvas - Chapter 209


Lost Canvas: Chapter 209 - Spoiler

Aspros states that, as Khronos, has no intention of being beat, but God is not at all intimidated and attacked him with spears made from the hands that easily pierce the Gemini Surplice. Kairos is convinced of having immobilized Aspros, but the warrior still has a free arm and spear, the knowledge of God, the Genro Mao Ken. The second attack of Kairos breaks on the Gold Cloth Gemini, which prevents the spears to kill Aspros. Kairos reflects aloud on the absurdity of the will of the deceased Deuteros to defend his brother. In fact, according to God's fault if Aspros Deuteros was robbed of a decent life, just as happened to him because of his brother Khronos, which sentenced him to his current situation. But now Kairos is confident of being able to avenge, taking advantage of Aaron, a false god of the underworld, and the powers of the Divine Armor Pegasus. The brother of Khronos is said to be able to supplant the gods of Olympus and ready to duccidere his own brother. Suddenly, however, understand that there is something strange in his desire to confess his plans Aspros is still alive and has used the legendary demonic fist and says he is satisfied because now he knows he has a chance to delete it. Gemini explains that the weak point of Kairos is his body, and this invokes the specter of Asmita rosary, with whom he is ready to close the account with the evil god of the moment.

Lost Canvas: Chapter 207


Chapter 207
Brothers Demons

Aspros Tenma calls to abandon the field of battle to save Dohko and Shion, arguing that in order to fight against the devil must be demons in turn. Aspros Mephistopheles tells Tenma that he changed his destiny and his twin spreading his diabolical drop, which the Knight of Pegasus knows her skin having had to deal with his own mother and Aaron. Tenma, however, convinces her to leave the fighting to Aspros, only when they are remembered his words Kanon Island to become stronger to prevent others from dying.

Yoma, however, claims that Shion is left at his mercy and tries to use his watch, but Aspros, a candidate for the High Priest, shows great knowledge: to neutralize the power of his opponent, has moved the battle to the Another Dimension that, moving the speed of light, does not have a constant flow of time.

For the first time Yoma must give the direction to another, but it does not seem a problem and want to settle Aspros reciting his death sentence.

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Lost Canvas - Chapter 206


Lost Canvas: Chapter 206 - Spoiler

Tenma stands between his father, Mephistopheles Yoma, and Sihon. However, the specter seems disinterested to fight with his son and invited him to go to his fate to fight against the gods, particularly towards Aaron. Proclaiming that the war must follow the course that he has planned, he asks Tenma to drop Shion, whose role has become rather useless. Shion recognizes that, from his point of view, Yoma right, but intuitively understands that the specter conceals something beyond human knowledge. In fact, Yoma Exhibition to know the future and makes it appear before the two warriors of Athena pictures of their fates: Shion will become the High Priest, while the soul of Pegasus will be reincarnated in a young man who appears on a wheelchair. Yoma explains that it is the Knight of Pegasus 1900, Seiya, who, after many battles, will rebel against the gods and Olympus. The desire to Yoma is to distort the history of the future, eliminating the next High Priest and anticipating the clash with the gods in his time, through his son Tenma. Exposed his great project, Yoma attack Shion, who vainly tried to defend himself with Cristal Wall, and despite the help of Pegasus, Aries was defeated and trapped in the Marvelous Room. Before Tenma can hit Yoma, the dimensional door opens and it comes out Aspros Gemini, who also rescued Dohko and Sihon. The Golden Knight asks Tenma to continue, as is eager to close first-person accounts with the specter of Mephistopheles.

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