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Lost Canvas Degel Gaiden: Chapter 09


Chapter 09
Coffin of ice

Total Chapter 27

This chapter concludes the third Gaiden, one dedicated to Degel. The Shiori has given us a multitude of characters and setting a new and deeper, giving us a story that has consecrated the Aquarium, has enriched the lives of the background to the Sanctuary and has planted more important clues to the Holy Wars.

The following is a summary of some detail of this last chapter, do not read it unless you want to be spoilerati.

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Lost Canvas Degel Gaiden: Chapter 08


Chapter 08
The false bottom of the Jewel

Total Chapter 26

The mastery of cold on energy Krest is really at the highest levels, it seems that nothing Degel can do before you get Absolute Zero. Garnet is met: the centuries-old teacher's doubts about the way forward seem to disappear with the defeat of Degel. But when Aquarius is trapped inside the Freezing Shield, finds a way to overcome in the name of the lessons learned from his teacher ..

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Lost Canvas Degel Gaiden: Chapter 07


Chapter 07
The Secret of the Garnet

Total Chapter 25

Fluorite, alone, is not giving up victory and continues to look for a trail that leads from the father. Unfortunately for her, the success of his research will lead to tragic news. Degel, after reaching and consoled the young friend, goes to Garnet Krest and to bring them the answers they had requested ..

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Lost Canvas Degel Gaiden: Chapter 04


Chapter 04
Father and Teacher Missing

Total Chapter 22

Degel, easily defeated Flint, trying to understand something more about Garnet. After much persuasion, joins him Fluorite, determined to find her father and some clues on where to investigate: the vaults. But there, the Golden Knights and the young maid, a study found, mysterious shadow, Mrs. Fraille imprisoned and a surprise ..

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Lost Canvas Degel Gaiden: Chapter 03


Chapter 03

Total Chapter 21

Degel, decided to stay for the night at Palazzo Vouivre to discover the fate of his Master, dismisses Seraphina. After some memory of the teachings of Krest, is discussed by Flint. The Golden Knights have it easy, so it hides behind Flint Fluorite. Degel, however, is a fighter out of his reach and is able to obtain some information ..

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Lost Canvas Degel Gaiden: Chapter 02


Chapter 02
The Garnet Jewelry

Total Chapter 20

It was during the crisis of Cardia, from Sage discover why the mission to France by Degel: Krest, his teacher, as well as the legendary warrior of the Holy Wars, with an age of 500 years, has sent a request to help Great Temple after attending the territories of Garnet. The Vouivre while Degel approaches, but the two are interrupted by the onslaught of Lady Fraille, a widow seeking revenge. It 's the best chance to show off her Garnet Small Joys ..

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Lost Canvas Degel Gaiden: Chapter 01


Chapter 01
The Magician of Ice

Total Chapter 19

New Gaiden and new adventure! Let us abandon the exotic locales of previous Gaiden to dive into the Court of France in the eighteenth century. At Residence Vouivre held the birthday party of Madame Garnet in which it participates international aristocracy. Fluorite from the story, a maid of the event, we find that there is a particularly invited, Degel.

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