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Saintia Sho Saint Seiya: Chapter 8


Chapter 8

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Mii is determined to confront any threat to Saori and attacks the newcomer with his roundhouse kick Angel Splash! But Emony has avoided the attack and revealing its Leaf, the armor of Dryadi red as blood, looks like Emony of Malice, then attack with his Nightmare Scheme!

Hundreds of butterflies surround the body of Miis, but are not butterflies, they are actually lobelia flowers that have taken root on its body prosciugandole energies. While Mii begins to feel the effects of his stroke, Emony mocks her to trust Athena, a goddess so weak suffer from nightmares. This shakes Mii, determined to defend Saori, which, although one of its weaknesses, giving it his all to protect human love. Armed with this awareness, break the attack Emony and hits her with her Heaven's Maelstrom!

Meanwhile, Jabu defeated Toki and is going to finish it if it were not for the intervention of the Saori which, welcoming the boy was dying in his arms, apologized for the suffering he had to endure. More peaceful, Toki goes off in his arms, while his body is extinguished in dozens of flowers. Mii, which occurred just says that they are snowdrops, and that in the language of flowers signify hope. Saori, in fact, reminiscent of the one hundred boys sent by his grandfather to become a saint, and the fact that many of them, including the sufferings, could not help but cling to hope, but because of the seeds of Eris, even one small weakness can land them in his hands as the poor Toki and this does not allow that!

But a voice mocks the air; Eris is, awakened in the body of Kyoko!

Eris Athena mocks for his weakness, remembering when sealed in golden apple in her hand confining the galaxy. But now it is back, called chaotic era of men, ready to dominate on their weaknesses. Jabu tries to stop her, but is quickly brought down by the goddess, who then does the same with Saori that, as yet not fully awakened, can not object to his power. Eris so plan to make her a prisoner in her temple, consuming his energies thanks to the golden apple.

From the sky, however, it comes as a helping hand unexpected meteor; Shoko is, catapulted there by Mayura who perceived the danger to Athena! Shoko has not yet completed his apprenticeship, but is now again before her sister, owned by Eris that does not recognize it. But the meeting produces unexpected fruits, the totem of Equuleus, in fact, resonate with the cosmos Kyoko, who is awakening opposing Eris, it seems not quite awakened.

From the depths of his soul, Kyoko makes her sister to fight and, thanks to the cosmos, the help for the first time to wear the armor of Equuleus!

Weakened, Eris runs, while Kyoko continues to incite the sister who, understanding, promises to protect Athena!

Saintia Sho Saint Seiya: Chapter 7


Chapter 7

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Vice and Virtue

Saori has a dream about his past lives as Athena, which reigned in the sanctuary on the knights, but in this dream intrudes Eris, suggesting that it is useless to warn the humans because they will always be in conflict, then we might as well enjoy the show from Heaven. Saori replies that she will always fight alongside them, but Eris mocks her, because in fact his hands are dripping with the blood of the dead knights for her.

Saori wakes up from the nightmare, exhausted and thoughtful about his fate.

Elsewhere, Shoko is still captive of the seeds of evil in bloom thanks to his wishes. Mayura, to stop her, hits her with his technique Hisen Hajakuchôsen, with which exorcises the evil. But, as a result of his destiny, Shoko may still end up prey to evil imprisons her in Bangôsenseki, a rock seal of evil.

Inside Shoko suffers, wondering why they can not have desires, here the skulls greet each other, because they recognize it as an evil spirit to their peers. Shoko is there and, remembering the sacrifice of his sister, he realizes that his destiny is not written, and she will do it. With these sentiments in his heart, sweeps away evil spirits and gets rid of the rock.

Mayura congratulates her for being able to use one from the Cosmos, this is because you want to turn into positive conviction, that can give men a great power. Including this, even for Mayura Shoko can reverse its own destiny and help you do it!

A villa Kido Saori Mii cares who sees very tired, asking whether it is for the preparations of the upcoming Galaxian Wars, but Saori is not responding.

Outside the small Emony notes Saori, wanting to see the sworn enemy of his mother. Not considering it a big danger decides to pass the time by playing a little 'with her, thanks to a seed of evil that is about to bloom.

At the entrance of the villa, Jabu stopped a guy who was entering, recognizing him as Toki, one of the hundred children who like him were sent around the world to become knights. Jabu greets him happy to see him and asked him where he got armor. But Toki got no armor, and full of hatred for the Foundation so that it did suffer converted to the goddess Eris reborn as his ghost!

Jabu, then attacked him to defend himself, but Toki gets up easily, saying that he had obtained a higher power than that of a saint.

Meanwhile Emony you're enjoying the show, when behind him appears Mii who discovered it. Emony not flustered at finding herself against a maid, but Mii shows off his armor ready to fight with all his might!

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