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Next Dimension: Chapter 65


Chapter 65


Funeral Procession

Ikki wakes up in the house of Cancer, surprised. Apparently Death Toll has only pretended to send it to another dimension, instead of sending it back to the Fourth House, and the Phoenix realizes that the knight has done to save him from Gryphon.

Meanwhile, in the Mouth of Hades, Death Toll waits for a response from the judge, however, approaches Omerta closing with a kick. The judge is in fact aware of the fact that the knight was found locked inside a coffin and asks that his intentions were.

Cancer then complains that she was just resting in one of the coffins he built, asking what harm was there. The judge shrugs, annoyed by his attitude and urges him to escort him to the 12 houses, but Death Toll stops. Among the ranks of the dead, in fact, he saw someone who was amazed; Suikyo!

While Cancer is moved to find dead, Vermeer mocks him, never having believed in his betrayal, he is happy that he died at the hands of his old comrades, a miserable end worthy of him.

At these words, the Cancer furious, arguing that Vermeer did not understand the true feelings of Suikyo, a real man will never be like the judge!

Now the judge is to be angry, so much promise revenge, but instead fell into the trap of the rider, which reopened Omerta explaining his special powers, while in the judge gets sucked inside.

Happy to have repaid the debt with Suikyo, Death Toll goes away, but something holds him back, it is a wire attached to his neck from Omerta. How will the knight to save?

Next Dimension: Chapter 64


Chapter 64


Shabadabada (....)

Vermeer's Griffin and his hosts are ahead of the two Saint, and Cancer already knows what to do to change the flag by passing again on the side of Hades!

Ikki is shocked and does not accept the explanation of Cancer who prefers to be on the side of the strongest, for so is getting ready to face the specter, easily wiping out six in the wake of the court. Vermeer is amazed by the strength of the rider, but does not believe him when he says he is from the future and imprisons him in his Cosmic Marionation ready to break his neck! But Death Toll intrudes, seeking to deal with the knight as a test of loyalty and send it to another dimension with his shot, Shabadabada ...

Vermeer is satisfied and ordered to escort him to the twelve houses of Cancer. Death Toll consent before asking us to judge what should Omerta with the coffin .... the court will fall into the trap?

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