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Anecdotes Lost Canvas 01 - Albafica


Anecdotes 01: Albafica

Although you can not establish a physical contact, always continue to defend those invisible ties that remain hidden, but that does not disappear even if you remain alone. And nothing better than this describes those who follow the way of men.

Sage of Albafica and Lugonis

We propose the Gaiden of Albafica in tankōbon format, similar to that released in Japan recently. Besides the ability to read the chapters in a single volume, this edition offers extra unreleased high quality, including the schema of the Dryad's Surplice.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Albafica: Chapter 08


Chapter 008
Lilies of the valley Rossi

After saving Pefkos, Albafica, more resolute, wants to close the matter with Luco. But the Spectre Dryad has in hand the clash: the poison is offset by Lilies of the valley, roses Pisces are under his command. Repeatedly strikes Albafica, telling him that he first, as Pefkos, it was only a tool in the hands of his master Lugonis. His latest attack appears decisive, but Luco did not even come to terms with the Pride of Pisces ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Albafica: Chapter 07


Chapter 007

Luco is no longer that of a time and explains the reason for his choices, leaving shocked and incredulous Pefkos and Albafica. But the Spectre Dryad can be a real warrior careful: thanks to its membership has full control of floral shots of the Knight of Pisces. Albafica is helpless and mocked, but this is unlikely as a shield in Pefkos motivating ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Albafica: Chapter 06


Chapter 006

While we find the last will of Lugonis of Pisces, applications for Albafica push Pefkos to tell more in detail the reason of the leak since the first Luco is a person for anything suspicious. But the return to the island to Pefkos was the confirmation of his fears, turned themselves in despair when he realized that his action of sabotage had been in vain. Just enough time to show what happens to the Golden Knight on the Island of Healers Luco that reaches them and reveals his identity ..

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