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Saint Seiya Episode GA: Chapter 17


Chapter 17

Dragon Tattoo

The man just Came To complain of the failure of the Faceless, which forces him to intervene personally. The man draws a sword that does recognize the two as a gladiator. The man confirmed, presenting his sword, born from the fragments of Gungnir, the sword of Odin. The sword rebuilt and filled with anger, is also un'ammazzadraghi, having eliminated in the past the dragon Fafnir. It is the sword Gram Odin, then passed from hand to Siegfried and finally to his son Sigurd; that is how the gladiator wearing his armor.

Shiryu is surprised at once cosmic man, recognizing him as a cosmos certainly divine. Sigurd again generates a myriad of spears that come together in a single shot, like the scaly tail of a dragon. Shiryu arises again in front of Shura to protect it with his shield, but the Capricorn points out that a shield of the cosmos is not enough to stop such an attack. Then Shiryu prepares to get serious stripping and showing his tattoo to the gold dragon.

Shura understands the tattoo that he who before is not an ordinary man, but someone who can act as a pivot between good and evil; a feature typical of a single knight gold ...

Shiryu drew his armor; what will?

Saint Seiya Episode GA; Chapter 15


Chapter 15

Sacred Treasure

Shura and Shiryu are compared, with the second one is surprised to see him for a second time, wondering if it is not for want of Hades that he is still alive on earth. But when the dragon asks him why he's there, Shura replica that has not yet finished its task. In fact, the Dragon down by Shiryu gets up, attacking again with his poisonous breath. Shura is surprised of the regenerative capacity of the beast, assuming as Drago, has magical potential that only un'artefatto with as much magic can break.
While the Dragon prepares a rotating blade to attack the two, Shiryu is put into place, happy to show Shura what he learned over the years and, under his sguarda appalled, pulls Excalibur breaking the rotating blade of the Dragon and the monster itself .
Shura is amazed, realizing that you are in front of the one who will inherit his technique; Excalibur!

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