Saint Seiya Ω

Episode 7
Fist of a Friend! Hit, Pegasus Ryūseiken!

[友の拳! 打て,ペガサス流星拳!]
Tomo no Ken! Ute, Pegasasu Ryūseiken!


We see in the next phase of the Saint Fight the decisive clash against the arrogant Yuna Guney and friends Kouga and Souma. Just these to outdo each other during their fight, they will find a new force resulted in new techniques, under the watchful eye of Eden. But only one of them can emerge victorious ..

NDT: Attack of Guney by Toei is officially reported as [デルフィ ネス ボム] "Delfines Bomb". We assumed this was a typo for [デルフィ ヌス ボム] "Delphinus Bomb," as reported during the episode.
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