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Deuteros Lost Canvas Gaiden: Chapter 1


Chapter 1

Golden Shadow


Chapter 67 total

Two and a half years before the Holy War, Defteros surprisingly brother Aspros the Oracle of Delphi surrounded by the corpses of pizie. Accusing the brother of the act, takes a hit of Aspros that makes him lose his mask. The knight hit him so annoyed that his brother believe it responsible for such an act, when he had gone there to order the priest to collect their oracles, but on his arrival he had already found it.

Defteros would like to believe it, but now the time has doubts sull'irreprensibilità fratelo, no doubt exacerbated by Aspros final gesture of throwing the corpses of pizie the Another Dimension!

Defteros is increasingly doubtful, remembering when years earlier, the two had tried to flee from the sanctuary when an oracle of those same pizie had indicated as evil. At the time, Aspros had tried to rescue him, although it was also feverish and, pursued by the men of the sanctuary, had fallen into some ruins. There Defteros, impressed by the determination of his brother to protect him at all costs, even to become a knight, had decided to become stronger not only need to be protected but to protect himself her protector, but now does not know if is the right thing to do.

At the sanctuary a soldier is accompanied on his tour by night patrol Junkers Wolf who has just finished his day's workouts. For fun, Junkers scares the timid soldier with the story of the ghosts of the Colosseum, that of the old Berserker Ares taken prisoner and then beheaded at the Coliseum, which is still being felt their complaints. Although the Junkers stories just to scare the two really feel the rumblings coming from the Coliseum with Junkers decided to check out what they are and if they are the enemy, against the advice of the soldier frightened, but someone else is interested in the sounds ...

At the Coliseum, Defteros, the author of those rumble, is training, noting that he had already learned the techniques of the full brother of which still doubts. Suddenly, Dejel Aquarius surprises him by revealing that he is aware of his existence as informed by the High Priest. Defteros, who lives, concealed to protect his brother, attacking him fearing retaliation, but Dejel imprisons him with rings of ice Koliso. It is not his intention to fight, but is there to investigate the disappearance of pizie and doubting Aspros, wants answers from his brother. Defteros, determined to protect Aspros, rebels freed from Koliso and attacking Dejel, who manages to avoid the first attack but not the second. Defteros is believed to have done, but suddenly the ice imprisons him, it is the Freezing Shield, the mighty glacier that even the Golden Knights can destroy!

Unable to move, Defteros confesses that he has fulfilled the crime, but Dejel does not believe him, sensing his true nature to his brother the ice-free, however, determined to get the truth.

At that time, emerge from the ground headless spirits, they are the spirits of the Berserker, whose seal has been broken imposed by Athena.

On a ship, meanwhile, Aspros, observes the scene. And 'he was to break the seal, blaming his brother for not being able to get rid of Dejel, but no matter, the Berserker will do the job, disfandosi knight of Aquarius for him. How will he react Defteros?

Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 09


Chapter 09
Coffin of Ice

Chapter 27 Total

This chapter concludes the third Gaiden, one dedicated to Dégel. The Shiori has given us a multitude of characters and a new setting and depth, giving us a story that has consecrated the Aquarium, has enriched the lives of background to the Sanctuary and sowed further important clues about the Holy Wars.

Follows a fairly detailed summary of this last chapter, do not read it if you do not want to be spoiled.

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 08


Chapter 08
The false bottom of the Jewelry Box

Chapter 26 Total

Mastery of Energy Krest is really cold at the highest levels, it seems that nothing Dégel can do before you get Absolute Zero. Garnet is met: the master of the centuries-old doubts about the way forward seem to disappear with the defeat of Dégel. But when Aquarius is imprisoned inside the Freezing Shield, finds a way to outdo in the name of the lessons learned from his teacher ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 07


Chapter 07
The Secret of the Garnet

Chapter 25 Total

Fluorite, left alone, is not not give up and continues to look for a trail that leads from the father. Unfortunately for her the success of his research will bring tragic news. Dégel, and after reaching the consulate young friend, goes to Krest Garnet and to bring them the answers that they had requested ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 06


Chapter 06
Tourmaline and Chalcedony

Chapter 24 Total

Tourmaline and Chalcedony, acting in tandem, they think they can win Dégel, but unfortunately for them the Gold Saint of Aquarius is the toughest opponent that could happen to them because of his powers. In fact, techniques and strategy, the student of Krest neutralize their offensive and is also ready to use the shot of the master, Ray Diamond Dust. Meanwhile, along with Carnelian, Garnet and Seraphina, we will explain some background ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 05


Chapter 05
The View of the Mountain of Light

Chapter 23 Total

Koh-i Nur, the Mountain of Light, Krest is none other than the legendary veteran of the armies of Athena. While showing his great skills to a Dégel disbelief, tries to explain the reason for his painful choice and what he expects from his student ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Dégel: Chapter 04


Chapter 04
Father and Teacher Missing

Chapter 22 Total

Dégel, easily defeated Flint, tries to understand a little more about Garnet. After much persuasion, Fluorite joins him, determined to find his father and with some clues on where to investigate the basement. But there, the Golden Knight and the young waitress found a study, a mysterious shadow, Mrs. Fraille imprisoned and a surprise ..

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