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Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 09


Chapter 09
Thoughts of a Master and his Disciple

Chapter 36 Total

Following is a more detailed summary of this final chapter, you should not continue reading if you do not want to be spoiled.

The Meikaiha of Manigoldo was a devastating power, Greedy is found battered to walk the Hirasaka. Before realizing where he is, though, has an opportunity for a last meeting with his former master Hakurei. The Silver Knight hopes his old student has achieved at least some truth along the dark path he has chosen. For its part Greedy fails to make even a step back and actually re-launches its position definitively taking away from the teacher, accused once again of sloth. We think Manigoldo then, complete with a Play and Mask as witnesses, to ensure that the proud spirit of Greedy precipitate in Yomotsu. After many vicissitudes it is time to leave Venice and return the mask on Death Queen Island; Play now accepted her femininity and the role which his lineage so that it proposes to return to the presence of the mask as soon as able to do with his means. Manigoldo the waiting, wishing to grow well ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 07


Chapter 07
Spiritual Fortress

Chapter 34 Total

Thanks to the mask, his pendant and his lineage, Play manages to resist Yudo. Sara 'Albafica to stop completely after working even Laimargos. Meanwhile Greedy and Manigoldo begin their battle confronting not only the mastery of Sekishiki, but also on the strength of their principles ..

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Lost Canvas Gaiden Manigoldo: Chapter 06


Chapter 06
Black Dog Hunt

Chapter 33 Total

Once again Avid does not hesitate to sacrifice his men in order to keep ahead of the Knights. But Manigoldo, recovered the bodies of his group wants to take advantage of yet Sekishiki to pounce on the enemy. His counterattack seems effective, but it has not come to terms with the cunning of the 'ex-disciple of Hakurei. It 's so that our heroes are separated and Play finds himself facing the truth and the powers of Yudo without any help ..

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